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2024: A Competent, Pro-American POTUS?

Sun 09/11/2022


Originally posted on Stately McDaniel Manor:
I had the happy opportunity recently to speak with my sister-in-law.  A very bright and honorable woman—it runs in her family–she asked whether Donald Trump would—should–run again in 2024.  That’s a question many Americans are considering. Before we examine the possibilities, a few disclosures.  I am among those I…

On This September 11, 2022

Sun 09/11/2022


Originally posted on Stately McDaniel Manor:
credit: express On this day, this hallowed day of terror, genuine unity and triumph, we should remember, we must remember, there are those in this fallen world that would gladly kill us, each and every one, for no reason other than that we are American. It is this remembrance,…

Breaking News: Queen Elizabeth II dies at age 96

Thu 09/08/2022


Breaking News Queen Elizabeth II dies at age 96. She reigned for 70 years. Our prayers go out to her family and her country. Charles becomes King as UK honors Queen 👑 Elizabeth. Our prayers also go out to King Charles III for wisdom and guidance in leading his kingdom through these perilous times. Too […]

Made for Battle

Sun 08/28/2022


RON HELLE  ~ The reality is that we were made for battle. In the Old Testament many of God’s chosen men were warriors. Some years ago, our men’s group did a video series based on John Eldridge’s book, Wild at Heart. It was an exceptional study. Session five is titled “A Battle to Fight.” Now think […]

Biden’s Bilk Back Better Boondoggle

Thu 08/18/2022


ROGER HELLE  ~ You have to ask yourself: Whose side is Joe on? Just kidding. That’s not a question; it never has been.  ~ Joe Biden has been in politics for over 50 years. He’s amassed an incredible record of accomplishing absolutely nothing noteworthy during his entire career! I don’t know if that’s some sort […]

Honoring the Service and Sacrifice of Those Who Have Earned It

Thu 05/19/2022


Mark Alexander  ~ “Never take for granted the people God places along your path.”  ~ “When we assumed the Soldier, we did not lay aside the Citizen; and we shall most sincerely rejoice with you in the happy hour when the establishment of American Liberty, upon the most firm and solid foundations shall enable us […]

‘I Am Not a Role Model’

Mon 04/12/2021


Willie Richardson  ~ Charles Barkley’s thoughts on politics should make everyone stop and think. In the early 1990s, Nike still held a chokehold in the shoe industry with teenage males, but it had seen its numbers drop as Reebok was making a lot of noise. Nike was feeling the pressure and wanted to shake things […]

A Fond Farewell to Rush Limbaugh

Fri 02/19/2021


Douglas Andrews   ~ The Golden EIB Mic has gone silent, and the likes of its master won’t pass this way again. “The day’s gonna come, folks, where I’m not gonna be able to do this. I don’t know when that is. I want to be able to do it for as long as I […]

Video: Bad Lip Reading of Trump in Asia

Sat 07/13/2019


Trump pals around with world leaders at the G20 Summit before popping over to North Korea.  ~ Media Editors  ~ View and read more videos and articles at The Patriot Post:

CNN Purchases Industrial-Sized Washing Machine To Spin News Before Publication

Sun 03/04/2018


The Babylon Bee ~ Your Trusted Source For Christian News Satire. ~  ATLANTA, GA—In order to aid the news station in preparing stories for consumption, popular news media organization CNN purchased an industrial-sized washing machine to help its journalists and news anchors spin the news before publication. The custom-made device allows CNN reporters to load […]

How to Keep Your Freedom in a Progressively Left Leaning World

Sat 03/03/2018


Aarghh, After reading the New York Times article, I need duct tape to keep my brain from exploding. You can read this tripe here, if you want to subject yourselves to this mind numbing garbage. NYT’s Stephens Compares Anti-Trump Republicans To Anti-Communist Cold War Leaders He’s using communist tactics (socialist) calling something good as evil […]

What Canada just AWARDED this jihadist who murdered a U.S. soldier DISGUSTS me

Sat 07/08/2017


by LTC Allen West (US Army Ret.) ~ This story is so unbelievable there’s no real way to explain it. As a matter of fact, it took me some ten minutes to find a link to the story – bet it’s not being mentioned on any liberal progressive media outlets. This one is just incomprehensible […]

MEMORIAL DAY Reflections

Mon 05/29/2017


Now that the festivities of Memorial Day is coming to an end, I wonder how many fully realize what this day is really about. I just read the following and wanted to share this with you. It’s good to pause for an insightful reflection of the significance of this day, no matter what country you […]

Remembering Christ’s Resurrection this Easter

Sun 04/16/2017


By Jay Sekulow ~ This Holy Week, as I gather together with my family, we celebrate the risen Savior, Jesus Christ, who died on the Cross on Good Friday and resurrected three days later on Easter Sunday, overcoming sin and death for each of us. He was the ultimate Passover lamb. With Easter, we celebrate life, […]

Good Friday (Passover), Feast of Unleavened Bread and Resurrection Sunday /Easter (Feast of First Fruits)

Fri 04/14/2017


The Good News In observance of Good Friday and in celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, we offer this brief focus on an eternal message. Normal editions return Monday. To our readers of faiths other than Christianity, we welcome you to consider reading, and we hope that these meditations serve to deepen your understanding […]

Update on U.S. EpiPen Recall: Replacing Devices and Info on Potential Defect

Thu 04/06/2017


Important information for many people

13 Reasons to Declare the Muslim Brotherhood a Terrorist Organization

Tue 04/04/2017


Did President Trump actually listen to Obama’s minions on this crucial issue. by ACT Staff President Trump has decided not to designate the Muslim Brotherhood as a foreign terrorist organization, at least for now, according to published reports citing pressure from the U.S. State Department and the King of Jordan. Anonymous sources told the Washington […]

Angel Baby : RIP Rosie Hamlin – A once and future wonder

Mon 04/03/2017


[Angel Baby] … This is by a 15 year old girl from National City California named Rosie. This is going to be a hit Guys and Gals’ – DJ Alan Freed on K-Day Radio, November 1960. ‘This here is one of my all time favourite songs. Send my love to Rosie – wherever she may […]

CAIR Smears and Tries to Silence an IPT Fellow

Sun 04/02/2017


Using misleading claims and engaging in rank hypocrisy, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is waging a campaign to silence an Investigative Project on Terrorism senior fellow. CAIR issued a news release Wednesday announcing its efforts to pressure the United States Air Force Special Operations School (USAFSOS) into dropping Patrick Dunleavy as an instructor in […]

Mid-Day Digest · March 30, 2017

Thu 03/30/2017


IN TODAY’S EDITION •It’s almost like Democrats forget that their previous statements were on the record. •The GOP’s odd move on Internet privacy. Who benefits? •North Carolina is on the cusp of reversing its bathroom law under pressure. •Daily Features: Top Headlines, Cartoons, Columnists and Short Cuts. THE FOUNDATION “The truth is, that, even with […]

This Time It’ll Work!

Mon 03/20/2017


Originally posted on Stately McDaniel Manor:
The proponents of socialism—communism-lite—when they are willing to admit its failings—virtually never—always claim this time their brand of socialism will be better. This time it will be the perfection socialists have always claimed it must inevitably be. Why? Because they’re much smarter than previous socialists, because they are more…

President Trump Delivers a Fantastic Speech, Democrats Too Selfish To Care

Thu 03/02/2017


I didn’t see on the big news propaganda companies the important items that are mentioned in this article. If your media also avoided informing you, you’ll be better informed after reading this article in it’s entirety. Five weeks into his presidency, Donald Trump delivered his first address to a joint session of Congress and for […]

UAE approves of Trump Immigration Ban

Tue 02/07/2017


Isn’t this interesting? A Muslim country has more sense than our “news” media. The United Arab Emirates, one of the most influential Arab states, has come out in support of President Donald Trump?s temporary ban on immigration from seven nations with terrorism problems. Via email; read more at:  

#Breaking144Update – German Prosecutors Issue Arrest Warrant for Tunisian National Suspected of Involvement in Berlin #Christmas Market Attack – Persecutors’ Office – #AceNewsDesk reports – @AceBreakingNews

Wed 01/04/2017


#Breaking144Update – Jan.04: 15:28: 04/01/17 German Prosecutors Issue Arrest Warrant for Tunisian National Suspected of Involvement in Berlin #Christmas Market Attack – Persecutors̵… Source: #Breaking144Update – German Prosecutors Issue Arrest Warrant for Tunisian National Suspected of Involvement in Berlin #Christmas Market Attack – Persecutors’ Office – #AceNewsDesk reports – @AceBreakingNews