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The Know Nothings

Sat 11/14/2015


Originally posted on PA Pundits - International:
By Edward Cline ~ So, there you are, a Muslim male, age 25, in the prime of life, ready to settle in Europe. Specifically and preferably, in Germany, or in Sweden. You had a lively debate with your fellow travelers the other night in the barracks-like marshaling center…

“Leave no one behind” in Iran #FreeAmirNow!

Thu 07/16/2015


Release of a United States Military Personal held captive in the country benefitting from this closely watched nuclear agreement with a corrupt government of despotic rule. The release should be nothing more than a minute detail, a mere sentence in the hundred and some page agreement. No-way this would infer kidnapping as lucrative as was implied by Obama’s smoke and mirror response to excellent reporting. Thank you Major Garrett sir, I salute you!

7 years ago today…In Memory of Anthony Minieri Jr.

Sun 06/14/2015


The photo below is one of Tony’s many win photos at the then Pocono Downs racetrack. Today it is the Mohegan Sun Pocono - casino and racetrack.

The Grief of Pain

Thu 06/11/2015


Originally posted on A Lifetime's Training:
1.  Every time I teach a course, I end up learning something from my students. I don’t think I’m alone in this, and—in fact—this intellectual give-and-take is part of what drew me to the profession in the first place. So it was no surprise to me when I…

Why Do Women Want a Corrupt, Moody, Botox Granny For President?

Tue 04/21/2015


By Pat Pacer  ~ I recently read Tom Blumer’s article: Rubio’s Age Is Problematic, But Hillary Being Post-Menopausal Makes Her ‘Perfect’? Living here in the deep vein thrombosis of corrupt Dem0crats in Pennsylvania, it is not the moody Botox granny we have to worry about. It is the likes of her backers’ such as the […]

I am NOT Charlie Hebdo

Thu 01/15/2015


Originally posted on Saving Grace at Guantanamo Bay:
I am NOT Charlie Hebdo. I am an American Christian Soldier. I believe the Global War on Terror in the modern era started on November 21, 1979, with the wanton killing of U.S. Marine CPL Steven Crowley, guard at the U.S. Embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan, by militant…

Rant & Raves of this #rsd #crps #chronicpain #warrior Disabled Veteran

Thu 05/22/2014


Sadly these words are so very true… even if you are not usually into Hip Hop please listen to these words of truth in this fine, fellow Veterans video.          #My Veteran Veteran Theme Song- “Why” Why do twenty-three Veterans kill themselves a day? When money comes first…over veterans lives This is […]