The Puppet of The Platform

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November 3, 2008, 2:17 PM

The Puppet of The Platform

Reality Report #003

By: Doc’

Filed: 11/02/08

In this edition of The Reality Report, I will attempt to explain the origins and depths of the tragedy that has befallen Our Great Nation. It is my firm belief that we are now witnessing the culmination of a very long and insidious process which began long, long ago. What is becoming more visible to some of us now, is merely the surface, the recent events, the current preoccupation of our concerns. What lies behind and before the current state of affairs, is not so easily seen, not so easily recognized, it has long been hidden and is even still today, cunningly disguised. To truly understand the present, we must truly understand the past. For some, the assertions and claims contained within this report will seem implausible, bordering on preposterous, but if those skeptics will simply take into consideration the current events actually occurring across this country as you read, you will soon see,

“Reality…Is Rarely What It Seems To Be”.

Let us begin with the present. At this most critical time in our history, only hours before the election of our nations 44th President, many are asking; “How did this happen? How has it come to this”? We are now facing the very real possibility of a man many Americans view as a socialist, becoming President of the most powerful nation and military on earth. This election has stirred fervor and concern like no other ever has in this country.

Even other countries around the world are paying close attention, and some have even “endorsed” their choice of the candidates.

These are indeed very strange times, many sense an air of danger, a profound riff has formed throughout our land. We are now in many ways, a Nation divided. Our greatest danger, lies within.

Although our country has seen trying and stressful times associated with elections in the past, these are truly unprecedented events. Never before, and never again will the world witness what is happening right now before our very eyes.

America is a country founded on the principles of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, these fundamental principles run completely contrary to the entire precept of socialism. How is it possible that socialism could even be considered, much less accepted in this country? Why are so few aware of what socialism actually is? Why do so many readily believe the empty promises of “change” even though they have no idea what that “change” will be, nor how it will be accomplished? Why would so many blindly place their faith in a man whom they know virtually nothing about? I believe the answers lie in the pages of history itself. As you read further, keep in mind, what we are now witnessing is merely the surface of the current events, the “Final Act” if you will. We must put into context the long history of events which brought us to this point in time. We will start by trying to understand the focus of our current concerns; Barack Hussein Obama.

Examining The Puppet Candidate:

Of late, I have heard many sources describe Obama as “The Manchurian Candidate”. In many ways, this is in part a very realistic analogy. As we will discover in the following sections of this report, Senator Obama is literally tailor made to perfectly fit the agenda of the radical, far-left, “liberal” Democratic Party.

From his earliest beginnings, Obama has been shaped, educated, encouraged and indoctrinated to adopt and promote the fundamentals of socialism. Born to a woman who herself had clearly already rejected the traditional standards and principles of 1960’s America, he was destined to be exposed to a long list of anti-establishment radicals throughout his entire life. To compound the situation, by virtue of having been born bi-racial, his life would be further complicated by deep-seated feelings of inadequacy and identity crisis.

All of this made him extremely susceptible to any influences he might encounter, whatever they might be. Confused, insecure, unstable, any child in his position would inevitably seek attention from almost any possible source, especially any that he felt might be able to relate to him. In due time, he would indeed encounter just such people. From his earliest beginnings, Obama was destined to be controlled by the psychological patterns established in his childhood. Virtual putty in the hands of anyone who chose to take advantage of his weaknesses. And many did.

{Importantly, other psychological damages were caused in those formative years which will be discussed in later sections of The Reality Report.}

Puppet of Putty

Following his difficult childhood and High School years, Obama soon headed off to attend several colleges. It was in these colleges he would receive his most persuasive and radical influences. Of those colleges, Harvard Law School was no doubt the institute which exposed him to the most radical elements of socialist indoctrinations. Although Obama and his classmates were unaware of what was happening for the most part, their introduction to organized socialism had formally begun, and it was not by accident.

Long before Obama’s arrival at Harvard, a well thought out and deliberate plan to infiltrate the educational institutions of this country had been set in motion. This lofty plan was conceived and conducted by subversive infiltrators originating from long standing and well established “societies” and “organizations” which primarily found their beginnings in England decades earlier. In essence, they were the next generation evolution of communism.

In their own words they declared that they, “Allied themselves with the Communist Manifesto of 1848“. As we all know, the Communist Manifesto, written by the “Father of Communism” Karl Marx, is the literal blueprint for the design of Communism.

This “new generation” of communists had learned much from the failures of previous communist governments. They well knew that the American people would never willingly accept socialism, and they made well informed decisions to, from the start, disguise their motives and operations whenever and however possible. Hence, the term “Liberal” was attached as part of the disguise. They viewed the United States Constitution as the primary obstacle of their overall plan, the great wisdom and forethought of the Founding Fathers had ensured the separation of the powers, this made it impossible for their plan to succeed by “conventional” means. With that knowledge, they devised a brilliant and devious way to in effect, circumvent the Constitution by flooding the legislative branch with pro-socialism minded representatives. As an integral part of that primary objective, they wisely chose to achieve that objective by “winning the hearts and minds” of Americas unsuspecting youth.

They were extremely patient, methodical, and very effective. They considered themselves to be pacifists and preferred to approach matters in a more subtle and “intellectual” fashion. Therefore, the educational system was the most logical and effective means to ultimately achieve the primary goal. That goal of course, was to covertly establish socialism in America by means of slow, subtle and persistent infiltration. Their motto was, “make haste slowly”.

And thusly, they did.

It is important to remember that at that time, other parts of the world had been practicing various forms of socialism for a very long time. In many countries, the term “socialism” did not carry with it negative connotations like it did in America. Add to that, the people involved with this deceptive and devious plan of subversion were not soldiers carrying guns. They were not an invading army bent on violence and destruction.

They were the “Elite”, the “Upper Crust”, the “Intellectuals” of their day, and they deemed themselves to be “acting in the best interest of mankind”. They were, and still are, the Ultimate Idealists. This was indeed a “new generation”, a “subtle invasion”, but in reality, they were simply carrying on a process of destruction that began from the very foundations of time.

The Fellowship of New Life, first established in New York around the turn of the century, was probably where organized socialism got it’s first foothold in America. Eventually, the membership of that original organization, evolved into The Fabian Society. Although other socialist movements were also operating at that time, these two organizations were the apparent primary force responsible for establishing organized socialism in America.

{An entire book could be written in trying to explain the details and documentation of subversive socialist groups operating in America around the turn of the century. I will leave it to the reader to investigate the facts referenced in this report.}

After decades of slow but very effective infiltration of the staffs of almost every university and college in America, the stage was now set for Obama and all other students of that time, to be literally educated in the main tenets of socialism. Gone were the previous curriculums of formal education that had stood for so long.

Now the universities focused more on subjects like civil liberties, and the liberal arts in their place. Within the span of the prior forty years or so, our entire educational system had been transformed into the primary “weapon” of the covert socialist agenda right under our own noses. Obama and his generation, were the first full-fledged products of a truly socialistic indoctrination program implemented many years before. Virtual putty, eager and ready to be shaped in any way the radicals in control of the classrooms so chose.

Since that time, many thousands have been churned out by the same subversive means. Each generation progressively worse, until the average Ivy League Graduate of today could scarcely be recognized as anything other than a “liberal socialist”.

The methods used are so effective, so well disguised, that the victims themselves truly have no idea they have been manipulated. For them, the educational system is as it has always been. They see nothing wrong with their own viewpoints, nor those of the Professors they were indoctrinated by. They boldly express praise of the socialistic fundamentals they have adopted under the newest label of “political correctness”. They have absolutely no understanding of what has been stolen from them, nor what the United States Constitution guaranteed them….Freedom!

The process involved in producing such malleable and compliant minds, has indeed become a “refined science” unto itself.

The science of producing……. Willing Slaves.

Over the decades and years, the “products” of this “refined science” have by design, found their way into literally every sector of our government and society. From the United States Congress, to the Supreme Court, the Military, our Churches, Banks, Manufacturers, Distributors and even the Office of the President.

We have literally been invaded from within.

The “new generation” of socialists, have effectively succeeded in achieving their ultimate goal. The “subtle invasion” that began long ago, has slowly but surely, firmly established socialism in The United States of America. What we are witnessing right now in Our Once Great Nation, is the Crowning Achievement of the deliberate subversion of “the hearts and minds” of the people of America. Barack Hussein Obama is no “Messiah”, he is not “The One”, he is not the bringer of “Change”. The real “change” secretly took place long ago and has steadily increased since that time. What we are witnessing right now is the ultimate “product” of that “change”. Simply put;

Barack Hussein Obama is…..The Puppet of The Platform.

I now remind you the reader; The methods, tactics and motives described within this report are not new, nor were they created by the participants of these recent historical events. The sum total of the events described in this Reality Report, were originally created by the True Author of Confusion, The Great Deceiver…Lucifer.

As has always been true;

“Reality…Is Rarely What It Seems To Be”