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Wikileaks – Freedom of Speech?

Sun 12/12/2010


Julian Assange believes that he has the right to release cables that were obtained illegally through Bradley Manning (and others I suspect) as a right to freedom of speech. Der Spiegel for example wrote an article on the subject relating to the actions taken by PayPal, VisaCard and MasterCard, as well as Amazon in their […]

A Rebuttal to You Can Touch my Junk pt 2

Thu 11/25/2010


Once again it is necessary to rebut the case for the use of procedures that are unnecessary for the vast majority of the travelling public. I live in Australia and we do not employ the x-ray machines that are now being used in the USA, neither do we have to remove our shoes to go […]

A Rebuttal to “You can touch my Junk”

Mon 11/22/2010


As a result of a video being placed on YouTube from a man who had a bad experience with the bully-boy TSA, there now seems to be a campaign whereby posters are claiming that the new pat down procedures as well as the intimidation of the TSA is so necessary that the travelling public must […]

Outcome of the Australian election

Wed 09/01/2010


Australia held an election on the 21st August, but the result has shown that we are heading for a hung parliament.  At present the Coalition has 73 seats compared to the ALP who has 71 seats with 1 doubtful seat.  However Julia-the-Red Gillard (she is a Marxist) is so desperate to cling to power that […]

On James Lovelock IPCC author

Mon 03/29/2010


James Lovelock IPCC author thinks that humans are too stupid to handle the complex situation of climate change. In an interview with the UK Guardian’s Leo Hickman, Lovelock opined that it is necessary to suspend democracy in order to fight climate change. In part, he stated: “I don’t think we’re yet evolved to the point […]