How to Keep Your Freedom in a Progressively Left Leaning World

Posted on Sat 03/03/2018 by


Aarghh, After reading the New York Times article, I need duct tape to keep my brain from exploding.

You can read this tripe here, if you want to subject yourselves to this mind numbing garbage.

NYT’s Stephens Compares Anti-Trump Republicans To Anti-Communist Cold War Leaders

To paraphrase the old communist propaganda instructions:
If you tell LIES long enough and loud enough it becomes the truth to the masses.

Remember this; Your Freedoms, your livelihood, your well being, and maybe even your life depends on fighting against these propaganda lies.

In addition many politicians on both sides of the aisle want to continue with the “Old Boy” mindset; you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours.

They want a larger, more encompassing GOVERNMENT!

More control over our lives, and businesses; more regulations, more taxes more money for them to use and abuse.

Ultimately more money for themselves

This affects everyone’s health and well-being, but mostly the middle-class to the very poor.

For examples on how bad it can get for the lower to middle class look at England or Canada.

How about no ambulance when you need one or no hospital beds or waiting months for surgery.

Here’s one example, from the horses mouth.

The cold reality of our NHS – Grandmother’s three hour wait for ambulance after serious leg breaks

Here’s another about Government controlled Health Care failing, again: