Annie’s Rant – Problems and Solutions

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Annie’s Rant ~ 

I could just scream!!!

Here’s my ideas on how Obama can help with some of our Countries problems (Even the ones he is responsible for).

Illegal Alien Children

He wants to place illegal alien children in US homes.

Well since  he nets over 7 plus million a year; He and Michele can take in a dozen or so of these poor gang bangers and raise them in a “good” home (theirs), teach them morals, self esteem, put them though private schools, and college. They can keep them out of trouble or at least out of jail (like most spoiled rich kids).

Since he wants so many to get a chance at the good life, instead of taking money out of the system (foster care), he pays for them out of his own pocket. (Such a novel idea since every vacation, golf trip and fund raiser, and who knows what else, has been paid for by us, the taxpayer).

Here’s another thought, lets pack up all these kid and drop them at the appropriate embassy door step. I bet a few hundred kids dumped on them and they will put an end to this fiasco real quick.


If I were them I’d tell Obama if he wants them to stop firing on Gaza, all he has to do is get Hamas, Hezbollah, and the rest of the terrorist to stop first


Common sense law, my version.

All Republicans, Moderates and Conservatives are automatically given a gun permit if they want one (no switching parties for this one).

Moderate and conservative democrats have a 3 year waiting period.

Democrats in public office must have there ‘heads examined’ by a shrink; If declared legally sane then they and their body guards will be issued cell phones with 911 on speed dial in case some one starts shooting at them.They may also choose the option to update their Twitter and/or Facebook account automatically with a ‘selfie’ and hashtag “help I’m being shot at”

Pay of Our Elected Officials.

For all States and Federal Government – Governors, Legislators, Congress, Judges (elected or appointed) and the President and Vice President. Should get no more then the average wage of the state populaces that they govern. In case of the Federal it would be the average wage of the whole country.

The same goes for the benefits; health care, vacations and retirement. What the average person gets they get. No raises unless the average wage goes up; if the average goes down so does their pay, no cost of living raise unless the entire state or country gets one.

State and Federal Budget

For every day the budget is late the people involved; Legislators, Governors, President, etc., will lose a day’s pay plus they will have to 50% of their yearly pay put into a fund to help employees that  have to suffer without a pay check. The fund would be administered by banks to see that it handled as fairly as possible so the employees would not miss mortgage and rent payments and would have food on the table. Any leftover fund would be put into CDs or money market or some other safe investment to be used next time there was a budget impasse. If its not used in say ten years it would be given to a charity of the employees choice. Once the budget is passed they DO NOT get back pay, unlike the employees.

Well that’s my take on solving some of our problems.

Hope this give you a smile and maybe something to think about.

Have a great day.


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