Shenandoah Teens Federal Arraignment

Posted on Tue 12/22/2009 by


I have said before that “Emperor” Ed Rendell used his political clout to run these boys into the ground by way of his close relationship with the Usurper-in-Chief Obama. I was informed that the Allentown, PA federal office had declined to pursue indictments against the teenagers due to lack of evidence. I was further informed that Rendell, having previously admitted to having no knowledge of the case and in the same letter stating that it was obviously “a hate crime,” pushed to have charges filed through the Philadelphia office. Well, low and behold, the media admits the double jeopardy-violating charges come directly from United States Attorney General Eric Holder, who also happens to be an Obama sycophant.

So, what did Holder do about those racially-intimidating black panthers who were slurring caucasian voters during the 2008 election? Oh that’s right – that case was dropped. No hate crime there, right? Move along, nothing to see.

Of course, the brown Nazis (MALDEF) are peeing their pants, they’re so excited to see American teenagers treated this way.

Digger has a nice post up about the double jeopardy clause and how it is being violated.