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Cyclone Marcia – Rockhampton Queensland Australia (Part Four)

Mon 03/02/2015


THE CLEANUP AND START OF THE RECOVERY There is one thing we can be thankful for during the passing of the Cyclone, and that was it all happened during daylight hours as I just could not imagine going through something like this in the dark It was frightening enough in the light of day, but […]

Sunday Music – Second Hand Store (Any Way The Wind Blows)

Sun 03/01/2015


Today’s music video is ‘Second Hand Store’ from the legendary American guitarist Joe Walsh. Link to Video at You Tube This video was posted to You Tube by thejoewalshchannel While the title of today’s featured video is Second Hand Store, it is probably better recalled by those who appreciate this genre of music as Any […]

Cyclone Marcia – Rockhampton Queensland Australia (Part Three)

Sun 03/01/2015


THE DAY OF THE CYCLONE On the morning of the Cyclone, that fateful Friday, after I turned on the computer, the only thing I was looking for was information, all of it on the now approaching Cyclone. At 8AM, outside, it was almost eerie. Totally still, not one breath of wind at all. I recall […]

Cyclone Marcia – Rockhampton Queensland Australia

Sat 02/28/2015


On Friday 20th February 2015, Tropical Cyclone Marcia approached the Queensland Coastline. It made landfall and then passed directly overhead of the city of Rockhampton in Queensland, and that is where I live, so we were right in it. In the U.S. these systems are called Hurricanes, and other than the difference in names, the […]

Cyclone Marcia – Rockhampton Queensland Australia (Part Two)

Sat 02/28/2015


Yesterday, I started on a series of Posts about the impact of Tropical Cyclone Marcia, which passed directly over the Central Queensland city of Rockhampton, and that’s where I live with my good lady wife. That preliminary Post is at the following link. Cyclone Marcia – Rockhampton Queensland Australia (Part One) I’m using the facility […]

Cyclone Marcia – Rockhampton Queensland Australia (Part One)

Fri 02/27/2015


This is the first Post in this series. I’m going to use the facility of our blog site to write down as much as I possibly can about this major event, but as we are still busy here, this Post will just be a preliminary Post with just some early notes about the event. I […]

Oz (Australia) Tropical Cyclone Marcia

Fri 02/20/2015


TROPICAL CYCLONE FORECAST TRACK MAP Severe Tropical Cyclone Marcia Issued at 3:06 pm EST Friday 20 February 2015. Refer to latest Tropical Cyclone Advice. Click on the following for moving image. Gladstone Radar Loop View image | GOLD COAST, AUSTRALIA – FEBRUARY 19: Surfers head out Snapper Rocks as Cyclone Marcia approaches the coast of Queensland on […]


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