MOTHER’S DAY is not for Moms

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Dearest Mom,

Mother’s Day is not for mothers.

Mother’s Day is for guys like me to be reminded that there are such wonderful mothers in the world like you!

Mothers Day gives me the formal opportunity to tell you just how much you are loved and admired. Granted, every day of the year should be given as “Mother’s Day” for one so loved as you, and sadly I so often neglect to tell you just what a wonderful mother you are and have been throughout the years. Gratefully, some wise man or woman invented “Mother’s Day” for their own Mom and has passed it on down to me, and all the other thankful children of the world so I and they can remind ourselves just how lucky we are to be blessed to have someone as dear as you for a Mom.

You have taught me the most valuable of lessons through your example of kindness, generosity, caring and love–standards which someday I hope to live up to.

Until then, I can only be grateful there is a Mothers Day to remind me that I am so lucky to have a Mom like you!

You are always in my heart, and never far from my thoughts, and I’m so happy to call you Mother!

With much love, your son


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