Greenhouse Theory Goes Kerbluey

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1/3: By reflecting away 30% +/- of the incoming solar radiation the albedo, which could not/would not exist without the atmosphere/GHGs, makes the earth cooler not warmer much like that reflective panel behind a car’s windshield. Remove the atmosphere/GHGs and the albedo goes with it, i.e. no water vapor or clouds, no snow or ice, no vegetation, no oceans, the Earth becomes a barren, airless, celestial rock. And much like the Moon having an albedo of 10% with 20% more incoming kJ/h, hot^3 lit side, cold^3 dark. Nikolov, Kramm (U of AK) and UCLA Diviner mission all tacitly admit this scenario refuting the RGHE/NOAA claim that the naked Earth would become an average 255 K/-430 F frozen ball of ice.

2/3: The downwelling “back” radiated energy of the GHG warming loop must first be removed from the terrestrial system. Removing this “extra” energy would short-change & disrupt the balance at ToA so it must be promptly balanced by some kind of “extra” upwelling energy.

LoT absolutely, positively, emphatically PROHIBITS “trapped” and/or “extra” energy.

3/3: The “extra” upwelling LWIR comes from an assumption that the Earth’s surface radiates as an ideal black body which, by THEORETICAL definition, with unitary emissivity absorbs ALL and emits ALL.

However, because of the non-radiative heat transfer participation of the contiguous atmospheric molecules, radiation becomes accountable only for (ALL – non radiative) which renders “extra” upwelling LWIR impossible. Emissivity is not 1.0 or .95 but (ALL – non-radiative)/ALL.

In the case of the ubiquitous K-T power flux budget/balance graphic: theoretical ε=63/396=0.16 or per the actual balance ε=63/160=0.39.

There is no “extra” upwelling LWIR, no “extra” energy for the GHGs to “trap” and “back” radiate and no downwelling LWIR. As demonstrated by experiment, the gold standard of classical science.

1/3 or 2/3 or 3/3 = 0 RGHE + 0 GHG warming + 0 CAGW

Btw a 1.5 C rise in the GMST anomaly over 140 years out of a min/max range of 150 C is a statistical aberration and not a meaningful number let alone a significant warming trend.

For the experiment write up see:

“The principle of science, the definition, almost, is the following: The test of all knowledge is experiment. Experiment is the sole judge of scientific “truth.””

Richard P. Feynman, “Six Easy Pieces”

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