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“We have now sunk to a depth at which the re-statement of the obvious is the first duty of intelligent men.” – George Orwell

Golden IdolAs a natural heretic and part-time iconoclast, it has become increasingly frustrating to me that no matter how often or how clearly the ‘masters of the game’ tell us, well in advance, what their plans are (which they always do, just not ‘how’), we still fall too easily for their diversionary tactics, which they know work so effectively to keep us from thwarting them.  Nothing is as it seems and never was.

It is like trying to play a chess master who is always at least 5 moves ahead. Right when you think you have them cornered — capture a bishop — they checkmate you in two moves.

They keep the tension and focus where they want it, and like a bull in the corrida we predictably charge where the matador dangles his cape without recognizing it’s not the real target or the cause. By attacking the orchestrated provocations they create to divide and rule, we run right into their trap, giving them yet another opportunity to further restrict and ultimately revoke our liberties.

The tactic is well tested and proved — basically, to use Freud disciple Eric Berne‘s line, “let’s you and him fight.’

The name of the game is control, and the manipulators’ moves are well covered. The trick is to learn to see that we are being played — then watch the what, how and where. First, of course, we must want to see (past our conditioned beliefs).  Be prepared for what is revealed. Once we see through the deception, we stop reacting as they wish: game over.

Any who dare to question or challenge obvious anomalies in the official dogma of any protected subject are confronted with pernicious ridicule, labelled lunatic “conspiracy theorists” and socially shunned, regardless of their expertise or validity – even dividing the various movements against themselves by deliberately infiltrating such groups with cunningly disguised disinfo sites, agents and agitators; e.g. some Newspeak epithets from the Thought Police: “truther”, “birther”, “teabagger”,  “revisionist”, “denier” , “Islamophobe”.

“As we all know, the principle of inertia is not confined to the field of physical phenomena but also represents a fundamental law of human thought. As such it is an even more powerful factor in the world of history than stupidity.”
~ C. G. Jung

When you begin to critically examine the dynamics, you may notice there is a significant difference between certain subjects, groups etc. that are simply defended by their own supporters/members if criticized and those that are ‘officially’ protected. Rule of thumb: when any politically charged subject is hyped in the media, be aware and alert (if it’s not an ‘approved’ part of the strategy, it would not be broadcast.)

For confirmation, just read Cass Sunstein & Adrian Vermeul’s Research Paper on Conspiracy Theories 1/15/08 (suggesting various strategies to use against such “threats”)

I discovered recently how easily the psy-ops works to deter sensible people from finding legitimate research into “taboo” subjects by the number of nuts, shills and “useful idiots” parroting standard paradigm slogans and other emotionally charged polemics — with some creepy pseudo-intellectual New Agey ‘honey pot’ sites thrown in for good measure.

Most still don’t realize that whatever is implemented by successive governments has very little, if anything, to do with who the President (front man) is at the time – the goals having been planned and set in motion years in advance. The endemic corruption in Congress should answer the next obvious question. SSDD, Same Sh*t Different Dude. Even FDR reportedly said, “Presidents are not elected, they are selected.”  Sounds about right, since the evidence is now clearer than ever. “Gradualism” has to eventually achieve ‘critical mass’ .

It takes a while to navigate through the set-ups and side shows to the genuine stuff — but definitely worth the effort. Once you know the tell-tale signs to look for, you can avoid the trip-wires.

There are some real gems of info, from years of dedicated investigative analyses, posted on the net by intelligent, sane people — but usually found where few venture to look (which is as ‘they’ hope it will remain).

So, forget “Wikileaks”, that is a cunning set-up, “leaking” only what maintains and serves their pre-determined purpose. Remember, if it were genuine you’d never hear of it on any news programs. Period.

For clues to understand and recognize who ‘they’ are and what is really happening now, I would recommend hearing it directly from an inside source by listening carefully to an ominously enlightening speech from Zbignew Brzezinski, in its entirety, [link to videos below] regarding his views on the Globalization agenda, “to unify, enlarge, engage and pacify” :-

5 x 10 minute videos:
The Whitehead Lecture Nov 17, 2008
“Major Foreign Policy Challenges for the Next US Presidency”
Chatham House London, November 17, 2008

Zbigniew Brzezinski, CFR member, Trilateral Commission co-founder (with David Rockefeller), and National Security Advisor to five US presidents.

Introduced by John Whitehead, Chairman of the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation, former Deputy Secretary of State, former Senior Partner at Goldman Sachs.

From the video page article:

“Zbigniew Brzezinski, a senior adviser to President-elect Barack Obama on matters of national security and foreign policy, was the featured speaker at Chatham House in London on November 17, 2008. The title of his lecture was Major Foreign Policy Challenges for the Next US President. Although Chatham House events are known to attract the great and the good of England’s political, financial, and academic elites — as well as many of its top media representatives — there has been virtually no word as to what Brzezinski had to say in any of the worlds press.

As you’ll hear on the tapes, Brzezinski says he has “high respect” for the Chinese leadership, having personally dealt with them for 30 years.  Referring to China and its approach to international affairs as “a cautious, patient, revisionist power”, he quotes his favorite words of  Deng Xiaoping, “Observe calmly; secure our position; cope with affairs calmly. Hide our capacities and bide our time. Be good at maintaining a low profile, and never claim leadership.

[Note last 2 minutes of 2nd video, re Joe Biden, “known by the elite”]

To hear the smug confidence of such master manipulators’ ‘visions’, convinced they not only know what is good for us and the world, but that they need to find ways and whatever means to make us accept it, is so disturbing. The hubris is palpable.

Click the link  for a pdf of his book, The Grand Chessboard
more chilling Brzezinski quotes like these:

“This regionalization is in keeping with the Tri-Lateral Plan which calls for a gradual convergence of East and West, ultimately leading toward the goal of one world government. National sovereignty is no longer a viable concept.”

“The technotronic era involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled society. Such a society would be dominated by an elite, unrestrained by traditional values. Soon it will be possible to assert almost continuous surveillance over every citizen and maintain up-to-date complete files containing even the most personal information about the citizen. These files will be subject to instantaneous retrieve/review by the authorities.” — Zbigniew Brzezinski

A wise saying repeated often by my grandparents was, “Don’t believe anything you hear and only half what you see.” (I should have remembered to apply it more literally 9 years ago.) Although it may now need updating to, “..and only half of what you see in person.

But we were all warned long ago…
“For false Christs and false prophets will arise and show great signs and wonders, so as to lead astray, if possible, even the elect. Lo, I have told you beforehand.”
Matt. 24:24

“There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to Truth;
not going all the way, and not starting.” ~ Siddharta Gautama [the Buddha]