Writers Views Are Their Own…

Writers Views Are Their Own

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  1. ron zombie

    Mon 09/15/2008

    just fyi:for those who are interested,there is a shenandoah boro council meeting tonight at 7:30,I have heard that the mayor invited some pro immigration/anti-illega immigration proponents to speak.

    Ron, the meeting is at 7pm, as far as I know. The MAYOR who thinks everyone in Shenandoah belongs to the KKK invited people to speak for illegal immigration? That’s rich!
    Thanks for the heads up!


  2. I will be voting for Obama because of people like you. The Bush administration has made the Republican Party the laughing stock of the world. Yet, I don’t see you listing all the bad and unlawful things that this administration has done. This will be the first time in 72 years that I will vote for a Democrat. Mike Noone

    Well that’s a shame indeed. And so I guess the Democrat-controlled Congress means no nevermind to you eh? The president can only do so much without Congressional approval, so stick THAT in your pipe and smoke it, Noone.