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I’m a Rambling Man

Sun 09/14/2014


It’s been a hectic summer since I last wrote 2 articles about ISIS/L quickly moving into Iraq and the release of Bowe Bergdahl. I wrote those pieces during the first half of June. While the Bergdahl story has all but disappeared as we await the decision by military investigators on whether or not to court […]

The Rise and Fall of the Biden-Obama Policy on Iraq

Sat 06/14/2014


Within 96 hours the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) or the Islamic State of Iraq and the Sahel (ISIS) or the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, depending on who you are talking to, went from being an active player in Syria and controlling Fallujah and Ramadi to taking over Mosul, Tikrit […]

PFC Bowe Bergdahl – AWOL or DESERTER

Sun 06/08/2014


I got a call on Friday from Dave Rutherford, who last year retired from hosting his own radio show in Canada. I was a regular guest speaking about various security incidents and issues around the world and always felt he was a stand-up guy for a journalist, which is not a profession I have a […]

MSM Gone Mad

Sat 06/11/2011


It would truly appear that the MSM has gone mad…during a time when the economic numbers from every possible angle continue to come in below expectation we have two stories dominating the news. First CNN’s Headline News spends all day covering the Casey Anthony murder trial while the rest of the MSM is dedicating more […]

Are We Really Willing to Wage War to Protect Civilians?

Sun 04/24/2011


Is the West truly ready to commit to fight wars on the premise of protecting human life? The UN office for the protection of civilians UNPC has reiterated that article 4 of the Geneva Convention was adopted in 1949 yet we have most often failed to live up to that article. Indeed after the numerous […]

When Presidents Get Idealistic in the Middle East

Sun 01/30/2011


George W. Bush’s speeches during his primary run and then as the nominee show us a man very focused on domestic issues. When it comes to foreign policy some of his initiatives were to be ending the idea of nation building and getting out of Bosnia and Kosovo…why because President Clinton had US forces there […]

Sarah and CNN

Mon 01/03/2011


So what’s up with the CNN political ticker headlines? At first I thought it must have just been me but after I really started paying attention I’d realised that over the past month Sarah Palin has been the headliner for all but about 4 days and every single one of the headlines on the main […]