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Waxman Net Neutrality Plan: Internet Regulation Lite, Anybody?

September 30, 2010 by


By James Gattuso Just days before Congress recesses for the upcoming elections, House Commerce Committee chair Henry Waxman stepped into the debate over Internet regulation yesterday, releasing draft legislation to impose certain “neutrality” rules to providers of broadband Internet service. Hammered out in negotiations over the past few weeks with the active participation of Google, […]

Visiting Media Moguls Agree: Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s Broadband Could Be A White Elephant

September 30, 2010 by


By Andrew Bolt This is a hot button item in Australia at the moment. The Labor Government plans to lay fibre optic cable, to the home, across the whole Country, and connect every individual home. That proposed cost of $43 Billion is the base price only, and is expected to balloon from that. Currently, the […]

Fake-Profile Bill Could Squelch Parodists

August 24, 2010 by


By Wendy Davis In what appears to be an effort to tackle online harassment, the California legislature has passed a bill that makes it illegal to impersonate someone else on the Web. The problem is, the measure also could ensnare people who create parodies or otherwise mock corporations online.Specifically, the statute, now awaiting signature by […]

Must Read: We Must Teach Ourselves To See…

August 9, 2010 by


“We have now sunk to a depth at which the re-statement of the obvious is the first duty of intelligent men.” – George Orwell As a natural heretic and part-time iconoclast, it has become increasingly frustrating to me that no matter how often or how clearly the ‘masters of the game’ tell us, well in […]

Shameful: Google’s Search Engine Discriminates Against Conservative Blogs!

July 24, 2010 by


I wrote a heartfelt comment after reading the following article:   Why Google Loves Democrats So Much . Well, Ed read it and asked me to post it as an article. So here it is with some additions, plus here’s a little background information from the above article, just in case you’re too lazy or rushed to […]

News And Views 02-06-10

February 6, 2010 by


A sometimes compelling, often interesting, and always informative wrap up of news and information brought to you courtesy of  The Freedom Medium. Wonderful, now we have two unqualified nitwits preaching the gospel according to Gore:  Britain’s Prince Charles Joins Forces With Al Gore To Fight Global Warming George Orwell was right, Big Brother IS watching: The FBI […]

The President Might Soon Have Chinese Style Control Over The Internet

September 12, 2009 by


It’s long been the practice of the Chinese Government to block or shut down any sites it deems a threat to their national security.  Soon our government may have the power to do the same thing. Senator Jay Rockefeller has introduced a bill in the Senate giving the President the power to, “may declare a […]

The Reading Wars Continue: Here’s What People Are Fighting About

September 8, 2009 by


(Today’s article is by a guest author, and it’s a damn shame that the President’s talk to schoolchildren wasn’t addressed instead to America’s teachers.) (Mr. Obama would be performing a greater service addressing topics such as this rather than delivering a political propaganda speech to young kids.) Fifty years after Rudolph Flesch wrote the blockbuster […]

The UN Declares: Do Not Say Anything Critical Of Islam. And Obama Agrees

June 23, 2009 by


If this isn’t the damndest thing I have ever come across!! Although with so-called diplomats and statesmen nowadays having the common sense of the Three Stooges, it really shouldn’t surprise me. At the end of this article I will place a link to a United Nations resolution entitled “Combating Defamation Of Religions.” This recommendation was […]

My Nomination For Media Pinhead Of The Year…And No, It’s Not Letterman

June 20, 2009 by


(Preface: Congrats on the half a million milestone, that is a heck of an accomplishment by anyone’s standards, and you should be proud to see your hard work paying off. The article I’m submitting today kind of ties in with your piece.)   On second thought, maybe David “Zippy The Pinhead” Letterman wins by default. […]

Small Voices Milestone

June 20, 2009 by


We hit Half Millions Readers and we're still growing! Thanks to you our Loyal Readers who made this possible. Many of our readers Bookmark us or use the RSS Feed or the Share Function at the top Right. We bring you the news that the MSM keeps from you! PAPundits International, Searchers of Truth.

Ten Years After Napster, Court Lets File-Sharer Argue Fair Use

June 15, 2009 by


By Wendy Davis, The Daily Online Examiner It was 10 years ago this month that Napster officially debuted, marking the beginning of the end for the record industry — or at least for its business model. Today, the Pew Internet & American Life Project released a new report that looks back over the changes to […]

Internet Control By Government

November 30, 2008 by


NET NANNY IS SLOW AND MYOPIC Andrew Bolt TonyfromOz prefaces ….. This is a buzz topic here in Australia at the moment. The Government came to Office with the promise of installing high speed Broadband Internet access to every house in Australia, something that has not eventuated yet, and expressions of interest for the huge […]

George W. Bush Farewell Address

November 16, 2008 by


By Marlin6 From several anonymous emails: Here is the speech George W. Bush should give as his last speech from the Oval Office Normally, I start these things out by saying ‘My Fellow Americans.’ Not doing it this time. If the polls are any indication, I don’t know who more than half of you are […]

Online Divorcee Jailed After Killing Virtual Hubby

October 23, 2008 by


By Ditzy Dee Now I’ve seen everything!!! By MARI YAMAGUCHI, Associated Press Writer TOKYO – A 43-year-old Japanese piano teacher’s sudden divorce from her online husband in a virtual game world made her so angry that she logged on and killed his digital persona, police said Thursday. The woman, who has been jailed on suspicion […]

Blogging The Election

September 29, 2008 by


Why is it that this election has aroused so much interest? Why are we being told that the numbers who will actually vote at this election will be the largest in history? Why is it that in the run up to this election, people have become more aware of how the media is manipulting things […]

Sarah Palin E-Mail Hacker Found!

September 18, 2008 by


Surprise, he’s the son of a Democratic State Represenative. Get the details here.

Gone Phishing

May 21, 2008 by


GONE PHISHING Global Ring Gets Rather Slick They had quite a gig going, until a coalition of feds and foreign partners busted it up. In a pair of related cases announced on Monday, a total of 38 people with links to global organized crime-mostly working out of Romania and the U.S., but also operating in […]


May 19, 2008 by


Five days ago, I had a catastrophic failure of my computer’s hard drive. As much as we think we might be prepared for such an occurrence, we never really are. As it happened, the sensation is one of puzzlement, thinking that, yes, this is a minor glitch, and I can recover. Then, a form of […]

Governor Signs “Libel Terrorism Protection Act” Into Law

May 5, 2008 by


Press Release By American Center for Democracy First-in-the-Nation Legislation Will Protect American Journalists and Authors From Overseas Defamation Lawsuits – Albany, NY [May 1, 2008] – Governor David Paterson announced today that he signed into law the “Libel Terrorism Protection Act” [A.9652 <> /S.6687 <> ], sponsored by Assemblyman Rory Lancman [D-Queens] and Senate Deputy […]

Fitna Video Pulled From Liveleak

March 30, 2008 by


Please note: We are NOT encouraging a Witch Hunt aimed at the majority of Muslim Believers. We are aiming at the 5% to 10% Worldwide that condone terrorism – the Radical Islamists! Please see our recent post: “Safe at Home” Interviews Dr. M. Zuhdi Jasser He is a moderate Muslim who has been fighting against […]

Olympic Flame

March 27, 2008 by


Olympic Flame Just about everything you’d like to know about the Olympic Torch Relay can be found at the Official Website of the Beijing 2008 Torch Relay. You could protest China’s occupation of Tibet by not clicking on the above link. But do you think that some Communist Chinese official is checking their hits? How […]

Update on PA Voter Registration

March 20, 2008 by


Dear Friends of Democracy Rising PA, After sending last night’s alert about voter registration, we received an email from Leslie Amoros, spokeswoman for the PA Department of State, which houses the Bureau of Commissions, Elections and Legisation (BCEL). Amoros said that we were wrong: No one could change the name on the forms filled out […]

URGENT – Trouble With PA Voter Registration

March 20, 2008 by


Dear Friends of Democracy Rising PA, Top Line VotePA, , has issued an important alert. If you registered to vote online this year, your registration may not be valid. The only way to guarantee that you can vote on April 22 is to check with your county voter registration office. That office must have […]