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  1. backwardnikomahs

    Wed 04/29/2009

    I am interested in exchanging thoughts and ideas with others who care about the future of our people. I am a single father of two who doesn’t like the course our so-called leaders have steered our country over the past couple of decades. We can’t count on them so its up to us’ we the people to reclaim our own destiny. We have no choice!

    Please email your article whether short or long to gompgm (at) gmail (dot) com. After your 1st posted submission you will be given a login. Substitute @ for (at) and . for (dot)


  2. ron zombie

    Mon 09/15/2008

    just fyi:there is a shenandoah boro council meeting tonight at 7:30.I understand that the mayor has invitedanti-IIRA opponents to attend.should be interesting.

    Thanks Ron. The meeting is at 7pm, I believe. We’ll be arriving before then anyway. There’s no way to be against fixing towns with an IIRA, or a crime watch, or 287(g). I hoep the mayor enjoyed his job, because he’s not going to have it much longer.

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