The Father Of A United States Marine On The Death of bin Laden

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Most of the people of the world are rejoicing over the news of the death of Usama bin Laden.

I am one of them.

The man that many consider to be the mastermind of the September 11th attacks is gone.

Contrary to the views expressed by some, the death of bin Laden does not signal the end of the War On Terror, or even a brief respite from it.
Rather, America and the rest of the world will be facing an escalated risk of terrorist attacks.
Radical jihadists have already vowed retaliatory strikes in retribution for the death of bin Laden.
The risks to the world, and to the U.S. military in particular, are about to increase dramatically.
That is what is causing the increase in my anxiety.

I, like millions of others around the world, was (and still are) deeply disturbed by the horrific events of 9-11.

I was working at an electronics store.
A group of us had arrived early that day to perform some task, and most of us were outside taking a break when someone came running out of the building and said “A plane just crashed into the World Trade Center.”
My subconscious must have thought that this was beyond the realm of possibility, because I remember saying “Yeah, there’s a big monkey on top of the building and he knocked it out of the sky.”

We ran back into the store and watched the second plane smash into the south tower of the WTC.
We were all stunned by what we had just witnessed, and we had no idea what in the world was going on.
Later on, when I heard of the plane crash in Pennsylvania and the jet that slammed into the Pentagon, it became clear.

I remember thinking, “This morning, I saw the beginning of World War Three.”

As the world learned of the details behind this act of terrorism, and when I first heard the phrase “War On Terror”, I knew this would be a prolonged struggle, as we were not fighting a nation, or troops in uniform, but “religious” zealots sworn to bring death to “infidels.”

And many Americans believe that the events of September 11th were the first time that Americans were struck by a terrorist attack.

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