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Remembering America’s Fallen This Memorial Day

May 30, 2022 by


By Jackson Clark and James Di Pane ~ Many Americans today cannot explain the origins or reasons why we commemorate Memorial Day, though they know it involves a long weekend and hot dogs. The significance of the national holiday is lost amid the distractions of daily life. It’s often associated more with barbecues, swimming pool openings, […]

Memorial Day — The REAL ‘Inglourious Basterds’

May 28, 2022 by


Mark Alexander  ~ “I did my job, and that’s all that really mattered. I didn’t do it to get a medal.” ~   “Our obligations to our country never cease but with our lives.” —John Adams (1808) Yes, Quentin Tarantino intentionally misspelled “Inglourious Basterds,” the title of his 2009 fictional film about the recruitment of Jews […]

ANZAC Day – 25th April 2022

April 25, 2022 by


By Anton Lang ~ Why is ANZAC Day so important in Australia? At 4.15AM on Sunday the 25th April 1915 an untried Corps of Australian soldiers waded ashore from the longboats that had brought them there from the large troopships further out to sea. As they came ashore in the dawn’s half light they were […]

America’s Real Heroes — Models of Service and Sacrifice

March 24, 2022 by


Mark Alexander  ~ “For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity … at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty.” ~   “There is a certain enthusiasm in liberty, that makes human nature rise above itself, in acts of bravery and heroism.” —Alexander Hamilton (1775) In a recent column, I noted that, despite all […]

Patriots, Inspiration Is Always Nearby!

March 10, 2022 by


Mark Alexander  ~ There is much good and right across our nation, despite the divisive Beltway haters. “I have lived, Sir, a long time; and the longer I live, the more convincing proofs I see of this Truth, that God governs in the Affairs of Men. And if a Sparrow cannot fall to the ground […]

The Secretary’s Six Woke Objectives for America’s Army

February 21, 2022 by


B.B. Bell  ~ Unfortunately for America, it’s just what China and Russia wanted to hear. Last week, the Army released a scathing assessment of Joe Biden’s actions when retreating from Afghanistan — an honest assessment of that deadly and disgraceful debacle. That was a straightforward and much-needed evaluation, which reflects well on the Army leadership’s […]

Biden Wasted the Blood of American Patriots in AFG

February 14, 2022 by


Mark Alexander  ~ Power does not tolerate a vacuum, nor an inept and vacuous appeaser. In an update to our extensive report on Joe Biden’s deadly surrender and retreat from Afghanistan — still deadly today for all those we left behind — the just-released 2,000-page Army assessment of that disastrous exfil is an unmitigated indictment […]

On The Shoulders Of Giants: A Veteran Reflects

November 11, 2021 by


By Roger Helle ~ I still believe when things look the bleakest, the next generation of “giants” will rise up. About halfway through my tour of duty in Vietnam, I was picked by the Battalion CO of First Battalion, 4th Marine Regiment (¼) to be his personal driver and bodyguard. I was taken out of […]

‘Wounding Warriors’ Authors Highlight Flawed VA Model That Is Letting Veterans Down

October 28, 2021 by


By Frederico Bartels ~ Daniel Gade and Daniel Huang’s recently released book “Wounding Warriors: How Bad Policy Is Making Veterans Sicker and Poorer” can be summed in one simple sentence: Veterans respond to incentives, just like every human on this planet. The book addresses the veterans benefit system, which is managed by the Department of […]

Heritage’s Index Of US Military Strength Finds Marines ‘Strong,’ Air Force ‘Weak,’ Army And Navy ‘Marginal’

October 21, 2021 by


By Fred Lucas ~ The U.S. military is only “marginally” prepared to defend America’s interests at a time when adversaries are ramping up military capabilities, according to The Heritage Foundation’s 2022 Index of U.S. Military Strength released Wednesday. Heritage’s analysis examined each branch of the military, as well as America’s nuclear capability. (The Daily Signal […]

Despite Controversies, We Need To Encourage Voluntary Military Service

July 3, 2021 by


By James Carafano ~ Just in time for July Fourth, The Heritage Foundation released a citizen’s guide that encourages youth to consider serving in America’s armed forces. Voluntary military service has never been more important to keeping American democracy alive and well. It safeguards all Americans’ freedom, liberty, and prosperity. Parents might wonder, particularly now, […]

Biden Administration Is Forcing The Navy To Make A False Choice

June 15, 2021 by


By Brent Sadler ~ The executive branch showers the federal government with easy money. It seems odd, then, that the federal government is making the Department of Defense choose between a false set of budget options when investing in defense—especially the Navy and cybersecurity—yields high returns. Consider the following events that have taken place over […]

An Orphan’s Medal of Honor

May 31, 2021 by


Mark Alexander  ~ From humble beginnings to heroic service and ultimate sacrifice. ~ “Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.” —John 15:12-14 In recent weeks, I have written about the loss of two friends, T/Sgt. Charles Coolidge and Lt. Col. Chuck Hagemeister. They were members of, and […]

Memorial Day Vow: ‘Never Again Will One Generation Of Veterans Abandon Another’

May 31, 2021 by


By Robert Wilkie ~ There have been times when America has forgotten why we sent Americans overseas—and the duty we have to care for those who carry this nation’s freedom on their backs. After Vietnam, there were no “welcome home” parades. As a youth, I saw senior officers in America’s most decorated combat division refused […]

ANZAC Day – 25th April 2021

April 25, 2021 by


By Anton Lang ~ Why is ANZAC Day so important in Australia? At 4.15AM on Sunday the 25th April 1915 an untried Corps of Australian soldiers waded ashore from the longboats that had brought them there from the large troopships further out to sea. As they came ashore in the dawn’s half light they were […]

Honoring How Our Deployed Troops Keep Us Safe

December 30, 2020 by


By Thomas Spoehr ~ Like a zombie, the notion that America is fighting “endless” or “forever” wars in the Middle East refuses to die. It’s a theme not reserved to a single political party: President Donald Trump, a Republican, in his 2019 State of the Union address stated that “great nations do not fight endless wars” […]

Veterans Day Patriot Profile: ‘Dozer’

November 11, 2020 by


Mark Alexander ~    A fighter pilot in the Alaska State Senate is targeting the status quo. “I am well aware of the Toil and Blood and Treasure, that it will cost us to maintain this Declaration, and support and defend these States. Yet through all the gloom I can see the rays of ravishing Light […]

Why Vets’ Service Is Worthy Of Reflection On Veterans Day – And The Rest Of The Year

November 11, 2020 by


By Janae Diaz and James Di Pane ~ This Veterans Day, we have great reason to thank our many veterans and reflect on the immeasurable value of their service. Celebrated every year on Nov. 11, what we now know as Veterans Day was originally called Armistice Day, for the day the Treaty of Versailles was signed […]

On 73rd Anniversary, Air Force Flies Higher Than Ever

September 20, 2020 by


By John Venable ~ Sept. 18 marks the birthday of the U.S. Air Force and, at the ripe old age of 73, it has enjoyed a journey like few others. Born out of the Army, the Air Force became a separate service in 1947 with a mission that looked just like the one it executed […]

For More Security At Less Cost, Buy More F-35s

September 12, 2020 by


By Steven Bucci and Philip Bucci ~ Since its conceptual inception, the F-35 fighter jet has been known as an extremely expensive aircraft that can fill multiple roles. This high-priced “Swiss Army knife” of fifth-generation fighters is intended to replace fighters in the Air Force, Navy, and Marine Corps. The down side always has been […]

‘Great Nightfall’ Provides Extraordinary Overview Of Military Challenges Facing America

August 20, 2020 by


By Thomas Spoehr ~ Americans who want to better understand the complex threats the United States faces might assume that they need to read at least several books to get the full picture. Indeed, the landscape is complicated. The range of threats today includes cyber, space, nuclear weapons, artificial intelligence-guided weapons, and robots; not to […]

On Purple Heart Day, How A Medal Rewards Acts Of Love

August 7, 2020 by


By Daniel Gade ~ The first time I was wounded, I bled little and required no serious treatment, but the soldier next to me, who bore the full brunt of the rocket-propelled grenade that struck our tank, was killed instantly. He volunteered—begged, in fact—to be on the mission that became his last because he loved […]

Memorial Day — Lest We Forget

May 25, 2020 by


Remember those on the frontlines of freedom who stand ready to put their lives on the line. ~ Roger Helle ~     It’s that time of year again. A long holiday weekend with cookouts, picnics in the park, and blockbuster commercial sales. At least that’s what many think Memorial Day weekend is all about. As […]

ANZAC Day – 25th April 2020

April 25, 2020 by


By Anton Lang ~ Why is ANZAC Day so important in Australia? At 4.15AM on Sunday the 25th April 1915 an untried Corps of Australian soldiers waded ashore from the longboats that had brought them there from the large troopships further out to sea. As they came ashore in the dawn’s half light they were […]