The Global Non-Pandemic

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How ‘bout some Covid-19 data.


Five countries: the US, Brazil, Mexico, India and Peru (Peru???) account for over 45% of the global C-19 cases and deaths.

That does not impress me as a GLOBAL pandemic.

Seems these five have some kind of special talent the rest of the world does not.

Maybe keeping the elderly long past their due date in crappy health care systems.

Japan has the highest global percentage of 65+ yet only 16,690 deaths.

The US

89% of the C-19 CASES are among those UNDER 65 years of age.

75% of the C-19 DEATHS are among those over 65 years of age, 17% of the population. Over HALF of C-19 DEATHS are among those OVER 75 years of age with only 7% of the population!

Under 18 years of age account for over 45% of the cases, but only 0.8% of the deaths!!!!! Sure looks like some young, healthy, natural herd immunity to me.


Half of reported C-19 deaths involved comorbidities. i.e heart disease, COPD, renal failure, obesity, death’s doorstep, etc.

Underlying C-19 deaths were about 10% of the total US deaths. Looks much like the disappeared seasonal flu


30% of the C-19 deaths occurred outside a hospital setting, i.e. nursing home, hospice, residence, DoA.

Mother Nature and her good buddy Grim Reaper are just doing their duty, culling the herd of the too many, too old, too sick, too crammed together as Medicare/Medicaid cash cows in badly run (BLUE) elder care facilities.

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