The Nightmare Began – Rhoades and Senavitis

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From the blog of fightingback1:

On the morning of Friday, October 17, 2008 Mr. Senavitis awoke excited knowing that on this evening him and his wife were going to go away alone for the first time in a very long time. Mr. Senavitis, making sure all the loss ends were tied up before they left, had breakfast and immediately went with his son-in-law Christopher to fix a friends car that needed some repair.

Returning home around 11:00 am they had lunch and sat for a little while at which time Mr. Senavitis had drank one beer.

They then drove to Christopher’s grandmothers to pick up a lawn tractor in which Mr. Senavitis lent her to get her grass cut so he would be sure his grass would get cut while he was away.

Around 2:00 pm they returned home from there. Mr. Senavitis got his second beer, had a few sips and put it in the refrigerator to take a nap so he would be rested for their journey.

Mrs. Senavitis was making calls and packing to get ready for the trip. Just after 5:00 pm, she woke him so he could go to work, pick up his pay and get it cashed. Mrs. Senavitis and her daughter left at the same time to run some errands.

As Mrs. Senavitis and her daughter returned and Mr. Senavitis wasn’t home yet, she kept calling his cell phone to get no answer. Later that night to find his cell phone was left home.

The more time that went by the more upset Mrs. Senavitis was getting calling everyone they knew to see if anyone had heard from him or seen him to no avail. Late that night with extreme worry and stress finally fell asleep. She was awaken early the October 18th with a call from her sister letting her know to put on the news that her husband was found, he was in a serious car accident.

Mrs. Senavitis not being contacted by the State Police or the Hospital and going on the news story called the hospital they claimed he was taken to right away to be told he was not there. Calling several hospitals before finding the right one was told he was in surgery. The family including his mother-in-law from an hour and a half away got there as soon as possible to find he was still in surgery.

As Mr. Senavitis coming too asked if he remembered what happened. He told everyone he was driving home and the next thing he knew a car shot over in front of him. He said the car shot over so fast he did even have time to hit the brakes.

Later the afternoon of October 18th a nurse supervisor came in his room and asked him if he remember what happened and he told her the same thing and she replied back to him “no you murdered Senator Rhoades”. Mrs. Senavitis immediately went out to the hallway and asked someone to help her get him calm as this comment was absolutely uncalled for, completely unprofessional and got him very upset. Just a little while later this same woman was in the hall talking to others about Senator Rhoades’ death and how much she knew and liked him.

Mrs. Senavitis stayed at the hospital the entire time Mr. Senavitis was there.

Upon settling in at home as the home had been completely changed around to accommodate Mr. Senavitis’ injuries and inability to go up and down steps being wheelchair bond they received a call from Nationwide, Senator Rhoades’ insurance company trying to settle with them. Mrs. Senavitis spoke with them explaining the severity of Mr. Senavitis’ injuries and didn’t feel it proper at that time. They inturn were insistant to at least pay for the vehicle and Mrs. Senavitis then explained she would feel more comfortable getting an attorney to handle everything. Nationwide told her there was no need for getting attorneys involved and it could be settled without. Settlement was declined by the Senavitis’.

A couple days later the Fernridge State Police went to take a statement from Mr. Senavitis who gave them his account of the accident in that he was just driving down the road and the next thing the front end of a car came at him as well as a full account of his days events. They continued with several questions, were you on your cell phone (did not have it on him), were you playing with the radio (was listening to a CD) and who was the woman with him (he was alone).

Mrs. Senavitis then questioned them about the time of 7:30pm which had been continually reported and they stated the time was irrelevant. She then questioned why she was not contacted after they accident and they told her it was not their responsibility maybe the hospital should have contact you. Then who gave his name to the media before knowing if I was contact. They couldn’t answer her. She stated and showed them in his wallet his license with change of address card around it, an emergency contact card with home and family members numbers on them and that Nationwide had put their card information in his wallet also.

After speaking with these Officers and contacting the hospital about their position on whose resposnible to contact the family members, each said it was the others. When the media was contact about them disclosing his name before family was notified and they claim they report the information given to them and if family wasn’t notified they should have been aware of this.

Who is responsible for dropping the ball on this one or was it Mr. Senavitis and his family were just not important enought to be contacted.

After being questioned by the State Police and having them pursue questioning along the lines of things they could use that would have distracted Mr. Senavitis. They had nothing there to on the families’ suspicion started growing. When did it really become clear the Fern Ridge State Police were up to no good. About two or three weeks after the accident Mr. Senavitis received from the State Police the Application To Obtain Copy Of The Police Crash Report as well as Driver Notice and in close reading of the drivers information Mr. Senavitis was the only one that had a violation (3309 which is driving on roadways laned for traffic). In the box for driver charged (yes)

In Senator Rhoades and Yamila Yafar’s box for violations it stated (none), box for driver charged (no).

All the original news reports stated Senator Rhoades’ vehicle struck the pickup truck head on. That also slowly started to change.

Just a day or two after coming home from the hospital Mr. and Mrs. Senavitis ran into a neighbor who knows family or friends of Yamila Yafar who had been telling everyone the account of the accident as Mr. Senavitis stated it happened, Senator Rhoades crossed into the oncoming lane going around her. As time went on the same people said Yamila Yafar had young children and she has to do what she needs to as a mother to protect them.

Their suspicions of something funky going on was all but coming true. What was a cut and dry accident on what had happened with the evidence in hand the State Police drug on their investigation for three months putting together a Police Crash Report that defies the law of physics.

Accident investigations do not take three months, they are usually complete in a few days, weeks at most. As Ctp. James Murtin had stated it took this long to be sure they did a thorough job, yeh at getting an escape goat for Senator Rhoades and Yamila Yafar’s negligent acts on the roadway that cause this horrific accident.

Part II of the nightmare that wont end was sometime in early November when their son-in-law Christopher went on a balistic rampage and was fighting with his wife Regina. He then went for a gun, it was a shot gun or a rifle with a full box of ammo. Christopher with the weapon was walking around the house and outside going in and out. Mrs. Senavitis tried despirately to calm him down and have him put the gun down to no avail. She repeatedly told him she would have to call the police if he didn’t get rid of the weapon.

Before calling the police she called Christopher’s father to see if he could talk to him and calm him down enough to get rid of the gun. This did not happen but his father drove there and picked up Christopher’s son. While Christopher’s father was on his way Mrs. Senavitis had no choice but to call the police for help.

While on the phone with the police who were not being helpful and Christopher continued going in and out the front door Mrs. Senavitis explained to Christopher she was on the phone with the police and he kept stating good if they come it will be suicide by police. As Mrs. Senavitis was not getting cooperation from the police Mr. Senavitis called them and told them they needed to get out there he couldn’t do anything he was immobile. He was not getting through the them either. Mrs. Senavitis had called again for help and while on the phone with the police who did not really seem to care, Christopher had gone into the room Regina was in and they had started talking. With the police not wanting to help she then told them to just forget it they didn’t have the time or need for the run around they were getting.

Minutes later the police called back and asked who was all still at the house. She explained her seriously injuried husband, granddaughter, herself and that the daughter and son-in-law were calmly talking upstairs for the moment.

At this time she was informed she needed to get her granddaughter, husband and herself in the car and go the the stop sign at the corner. She explained her husband had a metal cage around his leg with pins going through it holding it together, in a wheelchair and how difficult it was getting him in the car.

They then explained to her to put him in a corner on the porch and to just go with their granddaughter. Mrs. Senavitis told them they would all wait outside as they were calming down now and talking, Mrs. Senavitis did not want to leave her husband alone on the porch. Being told she had to, she left with her granddaughter after placing Mr. Senavitis in a corner on the porch.

Mrs. Senavitis made specifically sure she told them the pain her husband was in and how being moved is really bad for him. When the police got to the home they yanked Mr. Senavitis in his wheelchair over the porch railing and drug him down the bumpy driveway to the road not caring in anyway they could possibly be doing more injury to him. In the meantime other officers where evacuating the neighboring houses and closed the roads.

Quit some time later after the police had Christopher in custody and taken him away Mrs. Senavitis returned back to the home. There were officers upstair talking with the daughter about what had been going on and Mrs. Senavitis was approached by Officer Bonnin who told her she had to write a statement. At this time Officer Christopher Bonin also made a very inappropriate remark to Mrs. Senavitis about her committing suicide. She then told him she was not up for writing the state right then and he explained she had to right now. All shaken up she was writing it out taking some time, not finished Officer Christopher Bonin pulled it from her and left.

Regina, Christopher’s wife was telling the police that Christopher had vertigo and that is what was wrong with him that night. Stating he didn’t know what he was doing, he had not been taking his medication and needed it.

About five or six hours later the police called to have Regina pick Christopher up from the station. He was not checked at a hospital or charged with anything. He should have been placed in the hospital for an evaluation and held for 72 hours. The actions he made were not of the right state of mind whether physical alment or mental unstability. I quess the only blessing here was they removed all weapons Christopher had from the home.

When they had him at the station they didn’t discuss in any length the ocurrences of that night nor what his intentions were with the gun, but instead continually questioning Christopher about Mr. and Mrs. Senavitis. They obviously cared nothing of what he had just done but wanted to pick him for information on Mr. and Mrs. Senavitis.

Another statement that was made by Officer Christopher Bonin to Mr. and Mrs. Senavitis was that his barracks was working with Fern Ridge State Police in the on going investigation of the accident on October 17, 2008 and that if they came out again they were going to shot the two dogs they have which the police never had to encounter as they were put away the entire time.

Part III of the nightmare that wont end was on the evening November 21, 2008 just around 6:30 pm when their house phone rang, it was Officer Bonin for Christopher about getting his weapons back minus one which was not registered to him but infact to Timothy Senavitis a long lost brother of Thomas Senavitis.
Christopher and Regina in speaking with Officer Christopher Bonin were being told they needed to contact Timothy right away to get his permission to transfer the gun into one of their names or he would have to have it destroyed.

This particular gun was given to them after the rescent death of Regina’s grandfather and this had them irrate to think they were not getting it back. While they were on the house phone with Officer Christopher Bonin, Mr. Senavitis got a call on his cell phone from a co-worker who had indicated to him that the State Police were down at his place of employment earlier that day and went through all his inspection records and books.

On Mrs. Senavitis’ cell phone a call had come in from someone (unknown) letting them know that the State Police had also been to the yard where the vehicles were towed to after the accident and had the pick up truck Mr. Senavitis was driving torn apart. At some point the pick up truck and Senator Rhoades Cadillac were moved by another tow company with police escort to the Fern Ridge State Police Barracks where they were placed behind the building in an secluded spot not to be seen.

Mrs. Senavitis was getting very upset knowing the State Police and who ever else involved with this accident investigation were doing everything the could to make sure the accident was in one way or another going to be Mr. Senavitis fault. The timing of the two barrack making waves with the entire family the same day which fell upon the at the same time just seems a bit odd, doesn’t it.

Mrs. Senavitis on disability for several injuries as well as suffering depression, anxiety and panic attacks. With Mr. Senavitis not working due to his disabilities from the motor vehicle and needing so much medical care, supplies and medication Mrs. Senavitis had gone without hers for some time. At this point she was really not feeling well and explained this to her husband who told her to take her meds and lay down. She didn’t have her meds so she just dressed for bed and lied down (remember their bed is now in the livingroom).

Not being able to relax with the ongoing calls and commotion she put pant on over her nightware and left the home. She went up the road to the Wildcreek where a friend works who she knew should be just getting off work. Once there her friend was off duty and awaiting a take out order so Mrs. Senavitis sat with her to talk, she also got a shot and a beer. After a while her daughter with her step son entered and went over to her telling her to come home. She explain she was very shaken up, wanted to calm herself, they needed to calm down and let everything go for the night. Her daughter explained they all calmed and would let it go to just go home with her. Mrs. Senavitis explained when her friend got her the take out she was wanting for and left she would go also. The daughter was not happy she would not leave right them.

Her daughter walked out with her stepson and Mrs. Senavitis had got another beer. Just as she was taking a sip the patrons in the Wildcreek told her someone was outside with the hood up on her car doing something under the hood. Mrs. Senavitis then went out to find her daughter under the hood of her car trying to disable it. She asked her what she was doing and she told her she wanted her to come home now with her. Mrs. Senavitis had her leave and she went back inside. When she got inside the bartender had already dumped her beer thinking she was leaving so he got her another and she asked for another shot.

Mr. Senavitis was then calling her friends boyfriend who was there to pick her up and asked them to send Mrs. Senavitis home everything was alright there. Mrs. Senavitis then talked to Mr. Senavitis on the friend’s cell and told him she would be home in a little while. She drank about half her beer didn’t drink the shot and left as they continued calling.

As she got home she was confronted right away by her daughter who was mad at her for leaving. Mrs. Senavitis explained to her that if everyone there would stop carrying on and just let her go to bed she wouldn’t have to leave. Also letting her know she really didn’t want any of the weapon back in the home and if they police said they were going to have to detroy one, let them. That really had Regina and Christopher mad as they started yelling it was from their grandfather and wanted it back. Mrs. Senavitis walked away and lied back down.

It didn’t take long for Christopher to start yelling at Regina that she better do something to get that gun back it was her mother’s fault it was taken to begin with. (No Christopher it was yours for going balistic with a weapon to have it taken to start.) So, Regina came back downstairs telling Mr. and Mrs. Senavitis they had to find a way to contact Timothy to get the transfer done so they could get it back.

In disagreement with that Mrs. Senavitis got back up and went to made a call on her cell phone, the battery was now dead. Mr. Senavitis was still on his and Regina had the house phone in hand. Mrs. Senavitis then asked her for the phone and she ask her why. Mrs. Senavitis explained she just wanted to make a call. Her daughter walked away and was standing on the third or fourth step going upstairs. Mrs. Senavitis then told her that she was the one paying all the phone bills and she wanted the phone. Regina standing on the steps with phone in hand continued telling her she was not giving it up. Mrs. Senavitis told her she wanted to talk to her mother or son but Regina felt she was going to call the police station to tell them to destroy the gun.

Standing in front of the steps, Regina still on her step, Mrs. Senavitis told her to giver her the phone and before she knew it was kick directly in her throat. As this kick also pushed her back just as she got footing again another direct kick to the throat. On the third or fourth kick Mrs. Senavitis was able to catch Regina’s foot and pulled her down so she couldn’t kick her again. As Regina was going down she grabbed both hands full of Mrs. Senavitis’ hair. Mrs. Senavitis was trying to get away from her but couldn’t as her daughter wouldn’t let go of her hair. Christopher ran down the steps and also grabbed a handful of Mrs. Senavitis’ hair tugging on her in another direction while punching her. Mrs. Senavitis so despirate to escape from them she wripped herself away so hard she had three large bald spots on her head. The second she was free from them she took off to go to her friend’s which is between the Wildcreed and their home. To the wildcreek it is a distance of .03 miles. Driving to the friend’s she noticed their vehicle was not there yet so conintued to the Wildcreek as she was injured, frightened and very upset.

At this time all she want to do was get a call in to her son to pick her and her husband up and get them away. Mr. Senavitis had called the police and as Christopher and Regina were standing in the kitchen, in his wheelchair he went in asking them what the heck is going on Mr. Senavitis also yelling at the for laying their hands on Mrs. Senavitis, Christopher knocked him out of the wheelchair to the floor.

When the police arrived they spoke with Christopher and Regina but never spoke to Mr. Senavitis. They told the Officer Christopher Bonin it was Mrs. Senavitis who attacked them and threw Mr. Senavitis out of the wheelchair.

Where Mrs. Senavitis was assaulted was directly in front of the front door where she exited immediately upon release from them. Where Mr. Senavitis was pushed over was a different area of the home about 30-40 feet away and again was not even near the home at that time.

Mrs. Senavitis arrived at the Wildcreek and parked right by the doors in front, walked in a waved to her friend to come out. She then went back out to her vehicle to hide it in the back from Christopher and Regina as she was afraid of the still coming after her. Just as Mrs. Senavitis put her vehicle in reverse and started to move a police cruiser pulled up behind her with their lights on. She pulled the vehicle back up 2 or 3 feet and put it in park.

In fear of the police for their previous statements, actions and being so shook up she went back in to see if her friend was coming out, she didn’t want to be alone. She was on her way and they both walked out together. They then walked up the the officer and Mrs. Senavitis identified herself showing him that she had no pockets and was without ID. He then asked her if she knew why he was there. She stated that she believed so.

The officer, Officer Weller, then got on his radio and called in their location as she waited to speak with him. Mrs. Senavitis at this point noticed Officer Weller’s eyes glance downward and as she looked to where his eyes moved too she noticed his hand on his gun and pulling it upward. At this point the anxiety, panic and fear took over like never before and she turn from him stepping away. As she was moving away her friend yelled “Dee”. She stopped, looked at her friend who had her hand across her mouth and Officer Weller tazed Mrs. Senavitis with a direct hit in her side.

To her she thought Officer Weller was there for her protection but in soon became clear to her that was not the case. As Mrs. Senavitis turn away from him her thought was if he’s was going to shot her he would have to shot her in the back.

Lets note this, she stood directly in front of Officer Weller waiting for him to get off the radio to speak with him with bald spots on her head, clumps of hair hanging, swollen bruised neck/throat and obviously shaking and upset and he starts to pull his gun out on her.

This part is not so clear to Mrs. Senavitis as she was probably still so stund, Officer Weller went at her and she did in deed struggle not knowing what he heck was going on. Officer Wellers had her on the ground and told her to put her hands behind her back so she did and with that he so kindly tazed her again. She commented to him “you a__ hole!”

Several other police cruiser had gotten there in the meantime and Officer Wellers told them to put the cameras on her and she replied to that “yes, do that”.

Now during all this time the patrons of the Wildcreek were trying to observe and the Police blocked the doors and told them if they came out they were going to be video taped and would have to go to court as witnesses for them.

Officer Weller slamming his knee into Mrs. Senavitis’ lower back and yanking at her arms behind her back to put the cuffs on her while she continued to tell him he was hurting her and that shoulder was broke (clavical or collar bone) he just pulled on it.

Officer Christopher Bonin and Officer Weller stood together in a some what of a confidential conversation as Mrs. Senavitis sat on the ground cuffed in the back trying to breath and calm herself. Continuing to tell them she had her throat kicked in.

When they stood her up and she proceeded trying to tell them what happened to her ever showing them the clumps of hair that had been wripped out and hanging all over her. They had no interest in listening to her just discussed how many charges they could get on her.

Officer Weller the proceeded to have two other officers transport her to the State Police Barracks on 209, one of which was a female. (Officer Weller testified at the preliminary Officer Bonin and himself transported Mrs. Senavitis). Before getting the in cruiser Mrs. Senavitis asked it they could please put the cuffs in the front as it was pulling her collar bone apart, Officer Weller said NO, she asked for a double set so it would stop pulling the bones apart again said NO. As she was trying to sit in the cruiser the cuffs were so tight they weren’t alonging movement of the wrists. She then asked the officer putting helping her in the vehicle about loosening the a bit so they weren’t crushed in her wrists and this officer locked them so they would tighten any more. Officer Weller and Officer Bonin drove to the station together.

Upon arrival at the Police Station Mrs. Senavitis was brought in finger printed, photographed and sat in a chair just inside a doorway where Officer Bonnin and another Officer where discussing, writing up and looking for as many charges in the books they could find. This whole time she was having great difficulty swallowing and asked for a drink of water, she was told she wasn’t aloud to have anything. Sitting there in the chair yet Officer Christopher Bonin commented to the other Officer (unknown) how great it was they were going have them both in jail at the same time and for a long time. Mrs. Senavitis hearing this as they made sure these words were spoken loud enough for her to hear the commented to them “what you think I can’t hear you” she wanted them to know she knew all along what their intentions on all this was.

Also while sitting there Officer Weller paced around her on his cell phone telling those he was speaking with about his great bust of the wife of the guy that killed Senator Rhoades. He also spoke to a girlfriend or wife (unknow) explaining his great bust and letting her know he was going to be late. In all his calls not only did he boast about his great bust but he also gave everyone he spoke to their address with identifying landmark in front of their home, for what reason?.

They needed to take her to the hospital for alcohol blood work but before they did the had to make sure for some reason 1 full hour went by, the officers specifically spoke of this and to have the tazer spikes removed.

Once at the hospital she again asked please for just a sip of water as her throat was really bother her. One of the transport officers got her a little cup of water just enough to moisten her lips and mouth. She was greatly appreciative. She also needed to use the rest room which they allowed except in dropping her draws and sitting the spikes wripped out painfully.

Officer Christopher Bonin had told the family they were taking her to the hospital to get checked out medically for her injuries and stress. The only thing done at the hospital was the blood work and never even checked out where the spikes pulled from then she was taken to the Magistrates for charges and bail. Once bail was set she was then transported to the Carbon County Correctional Facility.

Being left at intake at the Carbon County Correctional Facility by the transport officers she had to get registered in and changed. In the time she was with the intake officers they could not believe the horrible condition she was in and that she was the one that was there. One of the intake officers did have concern for Mrs. Senavitis’ condition and helped her the best she could.

Mrs. Senavitis was seen by the prison nurse at which time they documented as many bruises and injuries they could keep up with. The nurses couldn’t believe the condition Mrs. Senavitis was in either.

The next day Mrs. Senavitis was brought back to the prison nurse where they had brought in an x-ray machine and took x-rays of her neck as it was swollen, bruised and she was having difficulty swollowing.

Late that evening she was bailed out and her daughter was there to bring her home, Mrs. Senavitis sat in the back seat with her granddaughter not speaking a word. Mr. Senavitis who was in the front passenger seat asked her if she was going to talk him and her reply was what do you want me to say, I get ____ kicked out of my by those two and I get charged for it as well as being charged for assaulting you.
Her daughter in turn told her no one pressed charged on her she was wong, then the silence continued.

Arriving home her granddaughter made a comment about her bald spots. Her husband then told her that he had cleaned up the clumps of her hair off the floor, he didn’t want her seeing it and getting upset. The proplem her was that once she used the rest room she saw in the mirror just how bald and bruise up she was not like she didn’t feel it.

Part IV of the nightmare that wont end was January 14, 2009 when Mr. Senavitis accompanied his wife at her preliminary hearing. Just before walking out the door to go Mrs. Senavitis’ attorney called to tell her he was too sick to make the hearing but he had called the courthouse to left the know and she had to still show up. Mrs. Senavitis check in and was told she needed to sit and wait while a continuance was discussed with the judge.

Mr. and Mrs. Senavitis sat and wait for long time seeing the judge in and out of his chambers as well as alot of others, they were the only people waiting no one else was around other than the officers. One of the officer told them that the extremely long wait was normal.

Another officer who apparently just got off his shift and was dropping off his paperwork for the day stop to talk to Officer Weller. He said something to him about not seening him in some time and how buff he was and another officer explained yeh, Officer Weller, he is always at the gym working out.

Off the elevator just around the corner appears a news crew who stated they were there for the Senavitis case. The officers quickly turned them away from the Senavitis’ putting them in a corner and speaking with them. While the new crew waited around the corner out of the elevator came more officer with paperwork, a leather arrest belt and cuffs in hand. They handed the paperwork to Mr. Senavitis and told him he was being placed under arrest.

The picture became clear why Mrs. Senavitis’ attorney had just become to ill to show, why the news media was so pursistent on filming them actually approaching and arresting Mr. Senavitis and the extremely long wait they seemed be been going through.

Trying to read over the large stack of paperwork handed to him, problems finding their glasses the officers had Mr. Senavitis get up, go to a holding room where they search him, strapped and cuff him up.

Mrs. Senavitis was very upset and alone so she looked around for a public phone and couldn’t find one one that floor so she went to get in the elevator to check downstairs and the Police won’t let her leave to make a call. They told her if she left before getting her issue taken care she would also be arrested.

Finally a woman can out from the back to discuss Mrs. Senavitis’ issue and she explained she had been waiting for the okay on a continuance as her attorney fell ill and couldn’t show. She also explained that the attorney had told her that he called the courthouse to verify his representation, his illness and the need for a continuance. At this time Officer Christopher Bonin approached the woman stating they did not want it continued that it had already been continued twice. The woman brought Mrs. Senavitis into a room, looked over the charges and paperwork and agreed to give the continuance as she said an attorney was definitely needed. Mrs. Senavitis was now allowed to leave that floor to find a phone.

When Mrs. Senavitis got downstairs she asked where the public phone was and was told there was none in the building but she could try neighboring stores. As she exited the building upset and crying a worker outside asked her if she was alright. She explain she wasn’t and need to find a phone. The gentlemen offered his cell phone to her and as she was shaking so bad couldn’t get the call to go through so the gentlemen got the call through for her. Their family at home had already found out by media calls and let her know they were on their way.

Upon their arrival Mr. Senavitis was already being taken away to be seen in front of Magistrate Debby York.

They got back in their cars and followed the Chanel 69 News van when Mrs. Senavitis decided it would be best to go home and make calls. Immediately upon arriving home she contacted her son, bail bondsman and several others.

Mr. Senavitis was brought before Magistrate Debby York who held him on all counts and set bail at $25,000.

As Mr. and Mrs. Senavitis had know from the beginning when the State Police were taking so long with their report from the accident of October and the subsequent incidents that they were taking very severe actions to go after them but in their hearts and conscious new of his and never expected this would come about. But they did and did it well using the media to put out the brain washing information they wanted the people to believe, falsifying the reports, coercing witnesses, name it they probably did it.

Mr. Senavitis was bailed out that night and obeyed every bit of his bail conditions.

His first prelimiary hearing was scheduled for 1-23-09 and were called by several people that it had been rescheduled. Mr. and Mrs. Senavitis felt the needed this verified by the Judge herself, she told them that it was and would be notified by mail. With everything else the police and judiciaries have been pulling they felt it best to show up anyway and get proper documentation of it’s continuance.

When they showed up in Magistrate Judge Debby York’s she was not pleased and they explained they wanted to cover their backs and show as they had nothing in had to prove it. While with Magistrate Debby York they brought a Subpoena Duces Tecum and asked her to sign it for them so they could get an important part of their evidence. Debby York then took it from them to give this information to the prosecuter DA David Christine. Before leaving Debby York asked Mr. Senavitis who his attorney was and he explained he was representing himself. Debby York told him he was not representing himself and he better get to the Public Defenders Office immediately and that she was going to call personally to be sure he obtained counsil there. If this was not done she stated she would have him picked up. She state the case will be heard once and only once.

Mrs. and Mrs. Senavitis left there and did go to the Public Defenders Office as they arrived there and checked in they were told Debby York had already checked to see if he was there. A few other people went with them just in case they had more tricks up their sleeves. They felt the Senavitis’ needed extra sets of eyes and ears for their protection.

The preliminary hearing now on 1-30-09 and yes Mr. Senavitis had representation, a Public Defender. A preliminary hearing is for the Judge to decide whether there is enough evidence to force the defendant to trial, probable cause and reasonable amount of evidence for a jury. Let’s see what they had.

Will start outside the Magistrate Debby York’s office when Yamila Yafar (the driver of the minivan) showed up and DA David Christine and Officer Jason Beers saw her coming and ran to intercept her. They turned her from the cameras and stood there speaking in short lenght when she then quickly went back to her vehicle, the DA and Officer were telling her to hurry. She did, quickly got back in her vehicle and took off.

Let’s get inside to the courtroom. Prosecution is DA David Christine and ADA Colleen Mancusso. Their witnesses PA State Trooper Officer Beers, Coroner Scot Grim who performed the autopsy on Senator Rhoades, Yamila Yafar was there but they sent her away, she probably wasn’t brushed up enough on what they wanted her to say.

PA State Trooper Jason Beers sworn under oath on the stand stated the crash report was true and completely accurrate, even though just looking at the diagram and reading the so called accident events they defy the laws of pysics in every was possible. He was asked by the Public Defender about the other vehicle and driver he stated “he did not recall her name” Yamila Yafar you J A you just sent her away remember. Let see is that perjury, withholding evidence or hiding it until you have it on the right track.
He was also asked for his video cam of the accident scene, he claimed he did not put it on. He was asked for pictures that should have been taken immediately, he did not take pictures either. Were these balls dropped accidentally or on purpose? I mean, he did state at the very beginning he was the first officer on scene. He was also asked about where the information from the EDR was. Trooper Beers stated he did not know what that was. He was told an Event Data Recorder from the Cadillac, he claimed to know nothing about it.

As for the Prosecutions second witness Coroner Scot Grim who performed the autopsy. Sworn on the stand stated Senator James Rhoades died Saturday October 18, 2008 due to blunt force truama to the chest with internal bleeding. Death Accidental.

Then the Prosecution handed out medical records with Mr. Senavitis apparent over four time the legal limit.

DA David Christine turned to ADA Colleen Mancusso and as her what else they had and she quietly reply back “that was all”.

Mr. Senavitis asked that the charges be dropped as all the evidence they had was circumstantial and irrelevant.

The Prosecution insisted that the evidence they brought forward was enough to get it to trial.

Magistrate Debby York order it to trial.