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Sexual Orientation – Nature Or Nurture

Wed 10/21/2015


By Marlin  Thompson ~ 1. God Chooses Whom He Uses God doesn’t make junk. He creates beautiful people. We are all wonderfully made. We were made for good works. When God creates each individual, He creates each one with special gifts and has a plan for each one. He formed us, He knows every hair […]

The Day The Music Died

Wed 05/27/2015


By Marlin  Thompson ~ In his iconic 1971 song, American Pie, Don McLean wrote the line “The day the music died”. The day the music died for the United States of America was June 15, 2012. On that day, President Barack Obama announced that his administration would violate the Constitution and stop deporting young undocumented […]

Muhammad In Court

Fri 05/08/2015


By Marlin  Thompson ~ ISIS appeared to declare war on controversial blogger Pamela Geller on Tuesday in an ominous online message claiming it has fighters across America ready to attack “any target we desire.” The threat, posted on an anonymous message board, singles out Geller, who helped plan a Prophet Muhammad cartoon contest that was […]

Harry Reid – Americans Are Stupid And Selfish

Fri 11/01/2013


By Marlin  Thompson ~ Senator Ron Johnson’s (R-Wisc) has proposed legislation, the “If You Like Your Health Plan, You Can Keep It Act.” He said, “it merely implements President Obama’s promise. We’re seeing millions of customers notified by their insurers that the Affordable Care Act requires the cancellation of ‘non-conforming plans.’” Senate Majority Leader Harry […]

Say The Words, Mr. President

Fri 06/28/2013


By Marlin  Thompson ~ When President Obama took his oath of office, he said, “I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic”. In Obama’s definition, that seems to exclude Muslims. Since 1972, there have been 70 Islamic terrorist attacks on American soil that resulted in the […]

What Is Obama’s Motive?

Tue 04/02/2013


By Marlin  Thompson ~ The centerpieces of President Obama’s initiative to lower gun violence are in danger of stalling in Congress. No legislation has been introduced to expand background checks and a proposal for a ban on so-called assault weapons will be introduced that will probably be defeated. Gun control proponents were frustrated when Vice […]

Selective Outrage – Muslim Hypocrisy

Tue 03/12/2013


In 2005, there was a story circulated that American guards at Guantanamo Bay had ‘desecrated’ the Koran by flushing it into a toilet. The absurdity of the false charge, which would have resulted in plumbing problems, and been technically impossible, was never raised. Instead, US officials showed great concern and squirmed while decrying the (unproven) […]