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5 Responses “RULES for REPUBLISHING!” →
  1. I am not used to “Copying” stuff from other blogs but I do often leave links to them when I want my readers to get a deeper sense of something …… so this procedure is called “Hyper Linking.” Can you give me permission to “Hyperlink” to articles I might find interesting on your blog so that my readers may simply click on the link and be taken to the subject matter in your blog? All the extra steps you have talked about above seem to be a little complex given that the “Reblog” function of the wordpress platform is already supposed to accomplish most of the objectives of properly attributing stuff that others might want to use from other people’s blogs. I would like permission to make simple hyperlinks to your stuff if you think it is alright for me to do so.


    • John,

      Thank you for visiting and wanting to link to our articles.

      Yes you may link, or Re-post in part or in full.

      Re: “All the extra steps you have talked about above seem to be a little complex…”

      I agree. That info is hopelessly out of date.
      It was originally set up that way due to some radicals targeting and harassing us and using our content in a misleading fashion on their blogs. But that’s past history now.

      I’m sorry but with health issues I have a hard time keeping all the blog stuff up to date.

      If you want to re-publish an article in full or in part a simple link is all that is needed.

      Thank you for asking.
      Ed – admin

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  2. Obama will make a typical leader for a democracy. Too bad for us that we are supposed to be a Republic. The latter is based on law and equal protection of human rights and freedoms. The former is based on human whim. We, the people, decided to let this country become a democracy and have reaped the rewards of our whimsy.



  3. Maysman

    Tue 09/09/2008

    I am new blogger at and have referred to one of your posts… am not quite sure how do this trackback stuff but I will try… Pease check out my post called “Alert… McCain quite Presidential Race” and let me know if I credited you correctly. tx Semper Fi


  4. I have been following the Democratic election campaigns for some time now, congrats to senator Obama. I live in South Africa and have seen what black leaders do to countries, anybody beside white cannot rule, it is a given fact, look at the rest of the world, always wars and the people of the country suffers the most not the politicians. I truly hope that should he be elected as president, it would be different for you….he still have Kenyan blood in him so he is still an African. Cracks has already started to show, the announcement has not even been made that he won the Democratic vote to be nominated and his fund raiser is already under investigation on corruption and fraud, they are all the same….

    Yes, I think it would be nice to have a Black President but he is NOT the one. His current and past affiliations, his ideology, his core values make him unfit to be President of this Great Republic, or of any other Democracy. He really should not be in any position in our Government. I don’t know how he got elected to Congress.

    There are a great many people of various races and religious creeds that would make an excellent President. The voters are starting to realize the grave danger this country would be in if he was elected President.

    Thank you for commenting.



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