Coming Soon: The Shenandoah Incident And Trial

Posted on Sun 05/17/2009 by


What the Media Doesn’t Want You to Know

    Learn the facts about the so-called Shenandoah Racist Attack and Murder Trial, and how the media deliberately creates racial problems for their own social-political agenda.

    The left in this country is  desperately depending on manipulating and controlling “Hispanics” for their obviously planned communist/socialist takeover.  Nothing recruits and rallies “minority” groups more for being good, compliant leftists, than these created racial incidents where the pretended racist aggressors are white “republican/conservative types”.   (Archie Bunker revisited.)  “Liberals”, among the most bigoted, racist people on earth, are then there to step in and “help” these so-called oppressed, persecuted peoples.

    ENOUGH IS ENOUGH OF THIS SICKENING NONSENSE!  Help expose and counter the leftist media elite’s racism, deception, and troublemaking.  Understand why the Shenandoah defendants had to be exonerated of the most serious charges: it was neither an attack, murder, nor racially/ethnically motivated.  (If anyone wanted to kill that night , it was the deceased who wanted to kill the defendants!)  Read and distribute: THE SHENANDOAH INCIDENT AND TRIAL.   (Revised, expanded version of “Another Media Created ‘Racial Incident'”, with meticulously documented facts concerning the incident and trial.)

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