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Biden Orders End To Private Prisons In Package To Achieve ‘Racial Equity’

January 27, 2021 by


By Fred Lucas ~ Denouncing what he called “systemic racism that has plagued our nation for far, far too long,” President Joe Biden signed executive actions Tuesday aimed at “racial equity,” including a measure to end the use of private prisons to hold federal inmates. “We are in a battle for the soul of this […]

Systemic Racism Is Not Racism

September 16, 2020 by


By David Wojick, Ph.D. ~ Tank farms are not farms. Machine gun nests are not nests. In the same way, what is called systemic racism is not a case of racism. It might include some racism, or not, but that is not part of the definition. Racism is deliberate action of a racist nature by […]

“Systemic Racism” Is Emotional Semantics

September 11, 2020 by


By David Wojick, Ph.D. ~ “Systemic racism” and its semantic cohort “white supremacy” are very emotional names for numbers we don’t know how to change, but we are trying. Nor are these hyperbolic concepts new. They were popular fifty years ago and coined earlier than that. Despite their sound, they do not imply that people […]

MUCH PROGRESS: Scrabble Community Contemplates Removing Offensive Words

July 7, 2020 by


By Gabriel Hays ~ You would never think it possible but – and make sure you’re sitting down for what we’re about to tell you – a board game, a literal board game might have the proposal that will save the world. Yes, we kid you not. A Hasbro product, meant for rainy days and […]


February 13, 2019 by


A Dry Bones Cartoon ~ Will Smith is about to appear as the genie in the live action version of Aladdin and Leftists are attacking him for appearing in blueface. It shows how off the rails political correctness has driven us! Yikes! Read more by Yaakov Kirschen at Dry Bones .

ESPN SportsCenter 6 Co-Host Michael Smith: Every City In America Is Racist

May 4, 2017 by


By Tom Blumer ~ ESPN’s determination to dig its own grave continues to move at high speed. On Tuesday, SC6 (short for SportsCenter 6) co-host Michael Smith (pictured) intensely overreacted to the racist actions of a small contingent fans at a Major League Baseball game at Boston’s Fenway Park, using what they did to tag every city […]

South Africa’s New Plan: Be Like Zimbabwe

March 4, 2017 by


By Andrew Bolt ~ South Africa is sliding, sliding … Next step, to be like Zimbabwe and throw whites off their productive farms: President Jacob Zuma said 2017 is the year of ‘taking land back to the people’ and for this reason government will seek to change legislation to allow for land expropriation without compensation… […]

Mob Allegedly Bashes Teen For Saying Police Lives Matter

October 5, 2016 by


By Andrew Bolt ~ This new anti-white racism is growing more dangerous by the day. The US has had police massacred, and now a student almost beaten to death after saying police lives matter, too: An Alabama mother said her 17-year-old son — who had recently voiced his support for law enforcement amid protests over […]

Ethnic Judges Made A Difference Only In A Good Way, You See

June 8, 2016 by


By Andrew Bolt ~ It’s good racism when the Left says it: In 2001, Sonia Sotomayor, an appeals court judge, gave a speech declaring that the ethnicity and sex of a judge “may and will make a difference in our judging.” In her speech, Judge Sotomayor questioned the famous notion — often invoked by Justice […]

Racists, Tigers and Chickens Come Home to Roost — Oh My! + More – Daily Digest

November 10, 2015 by


The Patriot Post ~ THE FOUNDATION “In all very numerous assemblies, of whatever character composed, passion never fails to wrest the sceptre from reason.” —James Madison, Federalist No. 55 FEATURED RIGHT ANALYSIS Racists, Tigers and Chickens Come Home to Roost — Oh My! By Louis DeBroux The freshman class at the University of Missouri must be […]

Liberals Will Fuel Racial Tensions Forever

July 24, 2015 by


By Star Parker ~ So now the Confederate flag has been removed from the grounds of the South Carolina state capitol in Columbia. Governor Nikki Haley got the ball rolling and the job was finished by Republican State Rep. Jenny Horne, who stood before the South Carolina House of Representatives identifying herself as a descendant […]

Obama and Santa

December 8, 2014 by


The Patriot Post ~ Only 16 Shopping Days Until Christmas Semantics Ferguson Fire Sale The Racist Hug Meme: Mixed Messages Meme: Racism? IRS, Benghazi, Fast & Furious, Racism Gump on Welfare Quote: Charles Krauthammer Not So Miraculous Quote: Jay Leno IRS Mind Tricks Read more excellent articles at The Patriot Post Related articles Liberal Specimen Of Human […]

The Origins Of Modern Black Collectivism

August 26, 2014 by


By Edward Cline ~ I remember these scenes vividly. Sometime in the mid-1950′s, when I was about ten years old, I was in the family car with my foster father on some errand. My foster father was an Italian-American Lutheran truck driver who married into an Irish-German family. We had to stop on Perrysville Avenue […]

Race Baiting No Cure For Ebola

August 20, 2014 by


By Betsy McCaughey, PhD ~ Seeing health care workers from the U.S. and other countries rush to care for Africans stricken with Ebola is proof of remarkable progress toward achieving color blind medicine. It’s a spectacle of heroic humanitarianism. But this week, powerful voices leveled false charges of racism. Here are the facts. There is […]

Dain Bramage  Humor

May 19, 2014 by


The Patriot Post ~ Bill Promises Hillary’s Recovery Chelsea Gowdy Hashtag Diplomacy #HELP Kerry on ‘Global Warming’ Warming and the Economy Rising Premiums ObamaCare Mistake Sharia-Free Zone War Third Term Racism Voter ID Food TSA Busy? ‘Assault Weapons’ Feinstein Liberal Tears Bread A Color Problem  Read more excellent articles at The Patriot Post

The Dividends Of Racial Politics

May 13, 2014 by


By Star Parker ~ Democrats and the left wing press know that fanning these still racially sensitive flames is the way to turn out black voters. Suddenly we can’t seem to get race out of the news. Congressman Paul Ryan’s tour around America’s cities, trying to get a handle on America’s persistent problems with poverty, […]

Liberals Love Racism

March 11, 2014 by


By Lawrence Sellin Ph.D. ~ Racism has been such a successful political and money-making tool for the left that liberals are willing to invent it where it does not exist, conceive new forms of racism when it is in decline, and to sustain it, even become racists themselves. In regard to race, there are two […]

Tamera Mowry Is Not Alone

January 16, 2014 by


By Michelle Malkin ~ This made my heart ache and my blood pressure spike: Actress Tamera Mowry,  who is black, wept in an interview with Oprah Winfrey over the vile bigotry she has encountered because of her marriage to Fox News reporter Adam Housley, who is white. Misogynist haters called Mowry (pictured with Adam Housley […]

British Students Threatened With “Racial Discrimination Note” For Skipping Islamic Field Trip 

November 24, 2013 by


By Pamela Geller – Atlas Shrugs ~ Refusal to allow your child to attend this trip will result in a Racial Discrimination note being attached to your child’s education record, which will remain on this file throughout their school career. How severe the dhimmis are in enforcing, promoting dawah (proselytizing for Islam, a religious mandate). How […]

Toward a Post-Racial Society — or Maybe Not

August 7, 2013 by


– Maybe it’s time to acknowledge that we’re all too stupid to talk on the subject of race – By Frank J. Fleming ~ So a lot of people — even those who didn’t vote for him — had hoped that with the election of Barack Obama as president, we’d be moving to a post-racial […]

The Challenge Of Racism

July 27, 2013 by


By Amil Imani ~ Racism is one of a number of “isms” such as egotism, sexism, classism, ethnicism, tribalism, religionism, and so forth that reflect corruption of potentially good human dispositions. Environmental influences such as the person’s upbringing, education in the broadest sense of the term, and personal experiences combine to mold these potentialities within […]

Race Hustlers and Double Standards

July 11, 2013 by


Zimmerman, Deen and Racism in Black and White By Mark Alexander “There is in human nature a resentment of injury, and indignation against wrong, a love of truth and a veneration of virtue … if the people are capable of understanding, seeing and feeling the differences between true and false, right and wrong, virtue and […]

Australia – We Seem Awfully Nice For Such A Mean Country

January 19, 2012 by


By Andrew Bolt ~ Charles Teo and all the other Australia Day “celebrants” mentioned are right – racism exists here and racism is bad: RACISM still plagues Australia and migrants are being victimised, one of Australia’s most respected neurosurgeons says. Dr Charles Teo, the son of Chinese immigrants, who prolonged the life of Jane McGrath […]

Black Conservatives Condemn Twisted Logic, Racial Garbage of Statements by Charles Sherrod

July 28, 2010 by


The National Center for Public Policy Research – Press Release For Immediate Release: July 28, 2010 Contact: David Almasi at (202) 543-4110 x11 or cell (703) 568-4727 or Judy Kent at (703) 759-7476 or Black Conservatives Condemn “Twisted Logic,” “Racial Garbage” of Statements by Charles Sherrod, Husband of Fired U.S. Department of Agriculture […]