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MORE “Man Caused” Global Warming ??? CRUDE OIL Compared to the size of the planet and some other stuff—

Sat 04/01/2017


  If it were possible to spread the annual world oil production (32 billion barrels) out over the entire planet (197 million square miles on planet earth) What would that look like? Do you follow?—Over the land, the oceans, the Artic, the Antartic—everywhere. If that were possible, it would be roughly 5,375 times thinner than […]

EATING BREAD CAUSES DEATH BY AUTOMOBILE? …C’mon, haven’t you ever suspected there was ”junk science” in “Man-caused” global warming?

Mon 03/13/2017


  Doesn’t it seem prudent to not take in ONLY the little snippets we’re fed about “global warming” or about anything else for that matter? We should try to see the larger picture. Haven’t you ever thought? “ : “Yeah, the science they’ve fed us is a bunch of baloney.” (You can use “baloney” if […]

“Man Caused” Global Warming ??? Human activity compared to the size of the planet—and some other stuff.

Sun 03/12/2017


This is about why humans may NOT be affecting global climate and may help you see how puny the nature of burning fossil fuel actually is and how little impact humans actually have on the planet. The only way to know the truth is to look at fossil fuel consumption as worldwide consumption at the […]

“Man Caused” Global Warming ??? Percent of our planet humans occupy and other stuff

Sun 02/19/2017


This is about why humans may NOT be affecting global climate. Doesn’t it make sense to look beyond those scary coal-fired industrial plants and those smokey diesels blocking our way on the interstate to see the larger picture? Looking at it in these ways, it may very well be possible to begin to doubt the […]


Wed 10/01/2014


THE ROAD LESS TRAVELED ~ When you saw the title of this, you probably thought it was yet another metaphor for Barack Hussein Obama. It’s not. At least not today. Not that I couldn’t have some very good fun equating Barack with a little squirrel—but then, the little squirrel is probably way too cute and […]