Rangel, Waters To Blame For Dem Failure

Posted on Thu 08/05/2010 by


Rangel and Waters, exclusively responsible for Democrat’s poor performance, (whooping) in November’s Mid-Term elections.

I hear a lot being said about these two democrats unwise decision to forego the slap on the wrist in lieu of a public trial. How hard this must be on poor Nancy Pelosi. I think there have been back channel communications urging them to be the sacrificial lambs on the altar of the Progressive agenda.

When the Democrats get their butts handed to them they can say, it’s for the sins of the few or two, rather than because the American Electorate has no stomach for our big government schemes. It’s not because we went against the will of the American people. It’s not because despite being loudly, forcefully, sometimes scarily made aware of just how much the “little people” did not want Obamacare, we passed it by sleight of hand. Noooo, that’s not it, got nothing to do with that.

It’s not because the more we learn of the mess that was ramrodded through under the guise of reform, the more we understand just how incredibly incompetent the President, and the leaders of both houses of congress are.

It’s not the bail outs.

It’s not the massive deficits.

It’s not the muddled foreign policy.

If there is any blame left over when we’re done pinning it all on Rangel and Waters it’s probably Bush’s fault.