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I hope you’ll join us in our struggle to dig out and present the Truth in today’s Mish-Mash World.

Our motto is: The Relentless Pursuit of Common Sense

Common Sense seems is one of the qualities that is lacking in the world today.

Unfortunately some of us have Terminal cases of “Lack of Common Sense Syndrome“, other of us suffer only occasional lapses of “LCSS“.

Much of this LCSS was, and is, created by the tremendous amount of Mis-Information and Dis-Information being shoved our way every day. Some of it for Personal or Political Gain.

Either way it’s method used manipulate us and control our minds.

Also many under the age of 40 suffer from LCSS due to the Government School’s (Public School’s) Educational Politically Correct Teachings. Debate is stifled if you disagree with the Teachers or the Schools leftist stance.

And many Colleges and Universities are no better. It’s usually a watered down education, “Politically Correct” instruction which again discourages or penalizes Honest Debate and Inquiry.

Someone coined the phrase theDumbing down of Americawhich fits well.

We are here to Fight LCSS! And with your help we will win!

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11 Responses “ABOUT US!” →
  1. The pursuit of Truth in todays mish mash world of people out for political gain. Interesting. Here is one for you. Abington Township Pa. Commissioner Lori Schreiber, along with Josh Shapiro, and Joe (taj Ma)Hoeffel have decided it to be a great idea to take a property in Roslyn Pa., thru eminent domain and build a 3 million dollar library when the Abington Library is less than one mile away and funded with 2 million dollars of taxpayer money. How do you spell BOOKMOBILE???? This is a Landgrab for political gain and needs to be stopped!!!! Why all the millions of dollars to be spent on a couple of kids from Roslyn that can take a bus that goes by the proposed location four times a day to the Main Branch!!! This is a bigtime Government Fraud that should be nationally exposed!!!!

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  2. Wendi,

    Did you get my last 2 emails?

    1. 07/27/2008 02:53 PM Subj: Re: Reply from days ago
    To: corhanem@yahoo.com

    2. 07/27/2008 11:27 PM Subj: Test Did you get previous email?
    To: corhanem@yahoo.com
    To: noillegalno@yahoo.com



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  3. Cissi sherlock

    Sun 06/29/2008

    I am mad as hell about the oil crises and not for reasons that most people are.

    My anger was fueled when I was made aware of the true reasons oil prices are rising and America is being put in a crunch by its politicians. And how we COULD do something about it.

    I was informed that, much like the diamond industry, oil-providing nations are holding back on the productions of oil to generate a price frenzy which is then spurred by speculation. That part makes sense to me,

    What doesn’t make sense to me is how our politicians can let this happen when we have the resources here to prevent such a crises. In the case of the diamonds, it was obviously a limited market with resources and DeBeers was able to capitalize on that. The original upheaval of the diamond market cost people their lives and caused political uproar.

    People, just in case you are not aware, the cost of diamonds was driven up because they were made into a rare commodity. Therefore, the harder they were to get, the more they cost. With oil, foreign sources are making it more difficult to acquire a barrel of oil by driving the price up, therefore giving the impression that it is a precious commodity. Question – how can it be a precious commodity when we have our own? We just have to get off our butts and develop it! When we have our ow, foreign sources can’t out price us and we will be able to enter the world oil market, bypassing China, Venezuela and Mexico,

    And, Mr. Governor of California – if we had taken care of it 5 years ago, we wouldn’t have to wait 5 years from now for the results of what we do now. Actually, if we had had the best interest of the United States in tow in the 70’s and 80’s, there would not be this problem now. We had a chance back then to free ourselves from the stronghold of foreign oil – obviously an unwelcome staple in our lives then and now.

    I was always taught to take care of home first – Politicians, do you hear me???

    As prices soar here in the US, we have a recourse. We can utilize our own resources to keep our country from being driven into the ground. HELLO!!!???!!! Do I need to repeat myself. And guest what, it just might create jobs – spurring our economy. Developing our oil resources here in the US. And these are jobs that NAFTA can’t take to another country! NAFTA is a sore spot with me.

    At what point will the politicians realize (if they haven’t already) that the astronomical oil prices will be the downfall of the US. When Americans are spending all their money on gas, there may be no turning back.

    And, for those who are reading, do not comment back on gas prices and renewable energy when we know that petroleum production involves more than just gas. My argument here just involves gas. Don’t forget about the other parts to the car that utilize petroleum products and the other parts of our lives that utilize petroleum products.

    Renewable energy cannot make that hood to the car and it cannot be used to mix with the pavement to make more stable roads. Renewable energy cannot make the tires for my care, my bicycle or your motorcycle. Petroleum products can. And guess what, we have those resources right ere in the united states. Damn the caribou. And, pristine spaces can be maintained if it means giving up some land or water space for the salvation of our country.

    Arnold need to get a clue. Of course the lobbyist are having a good time with him. And, don’t get me started on Al Gore. Poor people UNITE!. He’s making millions off fueling you fears.

    Let’s talk about global warming.

    I only have one question – Does anyone have an almanac?

    Did you know that polar bears swim up to 60 miles a day and that it is the law of the land that a huge numbers of species (plant and animal) only have limited numbers of days on this earth. Yes, we as humans do contribute to the pluses and minuses of our environment, but I guarantee you that everyone alive now, will NOT die from the effects of global warming any time soon that and your great-grand children will NOT be saying “Thank You, Grandma for hugging that tree for my benefit.”

    Americans, get a clue! The quality of your lives is being threatened by the choices of a few with power who actually benefit either financially or politically from that is going on in our world today. And, getting you to rebel is what they want while they sit on their thrones and profit.

    And, don’t get me started on terrorism….. I will say this, though. How can we expect to fix a problem that has been going on since BC (before Christ? And, how can we not recognize that if a true Muslim follows the dictates of the Koran, He has to kill me?



    Let me end with this. I love my country. It has been the land of opportunity. That is why people break the law to get here. They want what my forefathers fought for. They want my future. But guess what? I want my future. too.

    And as a card carrying American, I deserve it?

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  4. While I am planning on voting for Obama I was interested in hearing what his critics have to say because I don’t get religious about my candidates.

    Your article on his plan on world poverty piqued my interest until you kept referencing “Barack Hussein Obama.” After the second reference to his middle name I stopped reading because it’s a clear attempt to evoke an emotional response instead of making an intellectual argument.

    If your argument isn’t strong enough to stand on its own (or you don’t believe it is) then I’m not interested in reading it.


    Hi Dale,
    Thanks for commenting.
    We just did an article on “Ronald Wilson Reagan”. What’s the difference?
    Obama used Barry for his first name in school, but in this campaign he chose to use his given name.
    Read more here: Barry Obama

    Could it be that you are a bit touchy about the fact that he was born and raised as a Muslim?

    Many Blacks have proudly changed their name to an Arab-Islamic ones because are proud they are converted Muslims. A famous person, Cassius Clay comes to mind.

    Did you know that he changed his religious affiliation, at the urging of Michelle, to enhance his chances in the political arena?

    But he belongs to a White Hating Church & until recently had it’s “Spiritual” leader Wright as his Mentor.

    So please keep looking and “don’t throw the baby out with the bath water”. If an article is truthful, as ours here are, then glean the gems of wisdom & overlook want offends you.

    BTW: Which article were you reading?

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  5. To Rory’s comment:

    >>It’s not as bad as not teaching core concepts of human biology and anthropology.>>

    Agreed. Obviously, since you believe that global warming – if it is indeed a problem at this time – is caused by humans, you yourself didn’t have much science. It would have been much better if you had.

    >> Yes, evolution is a fact.>>

    You’re mistaken. There’s a reason they call it “Darwin’s _Theory_ of Evolution”…it’s a _theory_. Facts are provable – evolution is not. If you can _prove_ evolution, you will probably make a mint. Just prove speciation – even once – and you will probably make a fortune!

    You probably need a refresher course in statistics too, by the way.

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  6. I’ve briefly viewed this site and everything I’ve found on it is ridiculous. We can agree to disagree.

    I haven’t spent much time on conservative or GOP blogs. Are these the issues that are actually important to the right?

    As a liberal, I’d like to point out a couple of facts.

    1. Global Warming is absolutely real and we humans are destroying non-renewable natural resources at a rate that is increasing exponentially. There is an unquestionable need for energy conservation and renewable energy sources. This issue may not currently be handled the way it should by either party, but something needs to be done. Setting goals for increased fuel efficiency included. Progress is being made by automakers so the 35 mpg standard should not be difficult to achieve (there’s twelve years to go to reach that standard…).

    Sniper One: Sorry, man is an insignificant bug. We don’t have an effect on Climate change. However, the SUN does.

    2. You say, “Also many under the age of 40 suffer from LCSS due to the Government School’s (Public School’s) Educational Politically Correct Teachings. Debate is stifled if you disagree with the Schools… And many Colleges and Universities are no better. It’s usually a watered down education, Politically Correct instruction which again discourages or penalizes Honest Debate and Inquiry.”

    Stifled debate and watered down education, maybe. It’s not as bad as not teaching core concepts of human biology and anthropology. Yes, evolution is a fact. It should be taught in our public schools. More Americans believe in angels than evolution and I find this appalling. The point I’m trying to make is that religion is good. Any religion that sets guidelines and a framework to make people better, and to follow a path of goodness is wonderful – but it should not trump scientific facts that are not taught to our children.

    Evolution is still a theory, it has not been proved. However, I would use it to show how God may of created man. Just keep in mind, a few thousand years ago it was a proven fact that the earth was “flat”.

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    • emiellucifuge

      Mon 05/04/2009

      I agree with you on almost everything – I just have one thing to say about the last little box.

      Evolution is still a theory, the earth being flat was also just a theory. No one had proved that the earth was flat, it was COMMON SENSE that led man to believe it was flat.

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      • it was not common sense, it was more to the point that they had not traveled very far even for trade.

        The fact that the world was not flat became obvious when Christopher Columbus discovered America.

        I believe this is in response to emiellucifuge —ed

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  7. Marlin Thompson

    Mon 12/31/2007

    I submitted this to the Roanoke Times and it was published on 12/30/07.

    The arrogance of the members of the United States Congress is
    amazing. This month, by a wide margin (314-100), the House passed
    an energy bill (HR 6). The centerpiece of the bill requires the
    automakers to increase their industry corporate fuel standard (CAFÉ)
    average by 40 percent to 35 miles per gallon by 2020, including
    passenger cars, SUV’s and small trucks. It won’’t happen, because the
    government can’’t force this on the automobile manufacturers and the
    American public unless we all start driving Yugos or Mini-Coopers.

    Another major requirement of the bill is to improve efficiency standards
    for lighting, appliances, and commercial and government buildings.
    Light bulb efficiency will have to increase 70 percent by 2020, and the
    Energy Department has been ordered to quickly implement the bill elements. What are the penalties if the manufacturers can’t comply with
    this mandatory conservation?

    The bill does nothing to help make the United States energy independent. There are no provisions to increase energy from nuclear plants or to promote new domestic production of oil or other fossil fuels. Since Congress has crafted a bill that is impossible to achieve, what’’s next? Maybe they could pass a bill to repeal the law of gravity.

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    • norsewoman

      Thu 09/17/2009

      You are not alone in this quagmire… I am an American living in Norway (who is NOT a member of EU) but still must abide by their rules, believe it or not, as of Sept 2009 incandescent light bulbs are “illegal”! So, it can happen that such a rule can pass. Just because the bill passes doesn’t mean the manufacturers will have to comply right away, they will have time to produce new bulbs at your expense. The fact that the new bulbs contain a small amount of mercury seems to have slipped the environuts minds!

      It is perfectly alright to expose the public to a toxin, as long as it saves energy, after all the less people in this world, the less energy consumption, right?

      Norsewoman, your last sentence sums up the “green energy movement” better than anything I’ve ever seen, so let me repeat it:
      It is perfectly alright to expose the public to a toxin, as long as it saves energy, after all the less people in this world, the less energy consumption, right?
      I was not aware that Norway was also being pushed into this psychobabble about “saving energy.” It’s tough, I know, when the powers-that-be have gone out to pasture, leading all the sheep astray.
      When you say incandescent bulbs are illegal, does that mean they’re illegal to HAVE, or illegal to SELL, or illegal to PURCHASE?

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