Biden’s Bilk Back Better Boondoggle

Posted on Thu 08/18/2022 by


You have to ask yourself: Whose side is Joe on? Just kidding. That’s not a question; it never has been.  ~

Joe Biden has been in politics for over 50 years. He’s amassed an incredible record of accomplishing absolutely nothing noteworthy during his entire career! I don’t know if that’s some sort of record for politicians, but it sure helps explain where we find ourselves today as a nation.

With both the Senate and the House passing the so-called Inflation Reduction Act, our economic woes will not get any better. A Biden economic advisor, when pressed by Fox News, recently admitted the legislation would only reduce inflation by 3/10 of a percent! I’m shocked — shocked — this is all this legislation will do to get America back on its feet, and at a cost of only $750 billion!

$350 billion is being thrown at climate change, and we’re all going to be saved from the doom prophesied by AOC and her band of merry social justice warriors. Or until the next climate crisis arises; you know it will, and more money will be needed to save the planet.

Biden, having never run any business, has found the most incompetent people to run our government. Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg still has not worked out the supply chain problems. But Pete and his “husband” have enough formula for their kids, so…

Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm is doing her best to kill our own energy supplies while Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen is leading the economy off a cliff. Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas claims the border is “secure” while millions of illegal immigrants, including known terrorists, have made it into the country.

Our military is going “woke” while China brings a new conflict in the South China Sea, threatening Taiwan with invasion. That’s what happens when bullies see weakness. Putin saw a weak Biden when he abandoned Afghanistan, so he invaded Ukraine. Iran and North Korea are watching!

A lot of what Biden does seems to benefit countries Hunter Biden has/had business relationships with. Many were astounded when we dumped $40 billion more into Ukraine to fight Russia. I’m guessing that by keeping the fighting going, those pesky Burisma files are history by now. Joe sent a million barrels of oil from our Strategic Oil Reserves to a company Hunter does business with — in China! Wasn’t that oil supposed to lower prices at the pump? Asking for a friend.

I’m curious. The things Joe has done to damage our economy seem to benefit China. Electric vehicle batteries and solar panels come from China. Joe destroyed our energy independence, so he now turns to Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Venezuela for oil. Apparently, only America’s oil is dirty, but theirs is good?

Biden is considering lifting sanctions on Chinese goods, and the new legislation will impose taxes on oil we import. Goodbye to that temporary drop in prices at the pump. You have to ask yourself: Whose side is Joe on? Just kidding. That’s not a question; it never has been. Joe is on the side of whoever will put the most money into his family’s pockets. What’s best for America was never a consideration for Joe!

Something to think about!

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