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Ted Cruz: Conservatives will take back the country

Tue 09/02/2014


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Ted Cruz: Conservatives will take back the country ^ | August 9, 2014 | Kellan HowellPosted on 8/9/2014, 6:02:03 PM by Tailgunner JoeSeveral GOP 2016 presidential hopefuls made public appearances in Iowa Saturday, including Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz who told conservatives to remain optimistic…

Even The Liberal Media Realize Michael Moore Is a Hypocrite

Tue 07/29/2014


From an email. –Al Dear Grumpy, It sure took them a long time to wake up and smell the hypocrisy! But it looks like even the liberal media have finally figured out that Michael Moore is a total fraud. The Media Research Center reported in a segment on NBC’s Today profiling the anti-capitalist film maker’s immense […]

Where is America on Genocide of Hamas and ISIS?

Fri 07/25/2014


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Where is America? Where is the Beacon of Light for the World? Where is religion freedom today? Who will defend that freedom? Just so sad when millions use to look up to us in America. Now we have ISIS, in Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and soon other countries, giving a mandate to…

Should Christians Support Israel?

Sun 03/23/2014


This is an excellent article for those searching for the truth in today’s ‘muddy’ issues. I couldn’t stop once I started reading. …As always, there are dedicated and godly believers on both sides of these issues and our posture must always remain respectful in spite of deeply-held differences. However, we must also be honest with […]

Dr. Frankenstein, Meet Dr. Obama

Sat 11/30/2013


By Burt Prelutsky A lot of people are saying that ObamaCare is dead, thanks to its disastrous rollout and the embarrassingly low number of enrollees. The line they’re using is either comparing it to putting toothpaste back in the tube or getting the genie back in the bottle. But, frankly, when I look at it, […]

If Obama Can Be President, Then So Can Ted Cruz

Tue 08/27/2013


by LAWRENCE SELLIN, PHD In order to understand the controversy regarding Presidential eligibility, Americans must first disabuse themselves of the notions that politicians obey the law and journalists tell the truth. As a class, neither is driven by service to the nation, but by political expediency to protect and enhance their own financial interests. Although […]

Memorial Day – A Time to Consider If We Want Our Remaining Freedom – Video

Mon 05/27/2013


Memorial Day – A Time to Consider How Much More of Our Freedoms Do We Want to Give Up I just saw this video and thought this is an appropriate video for this Memorial Day. Let’s honor those who have fought and even died for our freedom, by not giving away any more of our […]