Faith Under Siege

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By Gary Bauer ~

WaPo is leading the charge to gin up animosity against Catholic hospitals.

It’s not enough for the left-wing establishment that pro-life ministries and churches are being firebombed and vandalized.  Now the Washington Post is leading the charge to gin up animosity against Catholic hospitals.

The attack, as you might expect, is largely focused on the reluctance of these faith-based facilities to destroy innocent babies through abortion.  The Biden Administration is also trying to force religious doctors and nurses to mutilate children through so-called “gender transitioning” procedures.

Some leftists are demanding that the hospitals, which do care for the sick, be denied federal funds, including Medicare reimbursements, or even be shut down if they don’t agree to kill babies or sterilize and castrate children.  (Who thinks like that?!)

But I hope you’re getting the big picture here.

While many conservatives and libertarians believe in a “live and let live” philosophy, the left does not.  It has absolutely no intention of allowing conservative Christians or even normal Americans (see Tulsi Gabbard) to live our lives the way we desire.

When leftists say, “You can’t legislate morality,” what they really mean is, “You can’t put your values into public policy, but we will impose ours!”

As men and women of faith try to carve out parts of life that are outside the reach of the left’s nuttiness, the left is increasingly using every means at its disposal — cancel culture, social media censorship, even the full weight and power of the government — to impose its will, no matter what alternatives we create to try to protect our values.

Do not be confused about this.

So many Christians have told me, “Gary, I don’t care about politics.  I know the public schools are terrible.  But I run my own business and send my kids to Christian school.”

That’s great.  But the left is coming for religious schools (here and here), just like it is coming for Catholic hospitals.  Any alternative we set up, they will smear as bigoted, hateful and a threat to democracy.

And, the left is also coming for our kids in our homes!

The bottom line, my friends, is that we cannot sit out the culture war.  The barbarians are inside the gates of virtually every major institution, and they are banging on the front door of your home!

We must be involved in the political process.  That is the only way we can stop the left from using the brute force of government as a battering ram against our values.

Conservatives Demand Reform

The House Freedom Caucus, a group of solid conservatives in the House of Representatives, recently sent a letter to the leadership and to all GOP candidates demanding reforms and transparency.

“Republicans ran to fix Washington,” the letter states.  “We cannot continue to govern in the same way that broke it.”

It goes on to tell current members and those who will soon be newly-elected members that the status quo is unacceptable, and serious changes are necessary to provide greater input and transparency in the legislative process.

The House Freedom Caucus urged candidates who prevail on Election Day to be ready to hit the ground running.  Very soon after the election, they will have to make independent decisions in critical votes on leadership races and the new rules that will bind the chamber for the next Congress.

I am encouraged by this letter, and I look forward to working with more conservative allies on Capitol Hill next year!

More Reforms Needed

Congress isn’t the only thing that desperately needs reform.  Many Americans are deeply concerned about the integrity of our elections.  But already Democrat election officials at the state level are warning that we may not have results on Election Night.

It seems they are preparing the public to accept the fact that just like there are weeks of voting before Election Day, there will be weeks of counting after Election Day.

And just like absentee and mail-in balloting are susceptible to fraud and cheating, prolonged periods of counting are also susceptible to fraud, cheating and plain old incompetence, and there’s plenty of that!  (Here and here.)

How did this happen?  How did we go from a nation with an Election Day and quick results to taking days and weeks to count ballots?  Why are so many states voting weeks before the election and counting ballots weeks after the election?

Republicans should not blindly accept these lame excuses by Democrat elections officials.  They should say that any Democrat who suggests it will take weeks to count ballots is undermining democracy — because they are!

Nothing undermines democracy more than uncertain results and waiting around while ballots get lost or mysteriously found.  The longer it takes to determine the results, the more concerned about the results people will become, and justifiably so.

A Sign Of Decline

Great Britain and Australia have recently announced that several retired air force pilots were paid six-figure salaries to train fighter pilots for communist China.

So, the men willing to risk their lives to defend England and Australia were willing to take money to train foreign fighters to take British and Australian lives if the Chinese Communist Party gets its way.  And a top U.S. admiral just warned that could happen a lot sooner than anyone previously imagined.

Maybe they saw all the CEOs of globalist companies getting rich off the communist Chinese and decided that they wanted a piece of the action.  Vladimir Lenin allegedly said, “The capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them.”

I have warned many times over the years that communist China isn’t a trading partner but an enemy.  Donald Trump recognized the danger.  Others are slowly coming to that realization.

Personal Note

I have spent the last few days in Colorado Springs with my good friend, Dr. James Dobson, and hundreds of Christian conservative activists.  We are discussing the state of our country and we’re praying for our country.

We heard disturbing but powerful addresses Thursday night from former congresswoman and GOP presidential candidate Michele Bachmann and from Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin.

As you know, I am continuing my work leading American Values and Campaign For Working Families in Washington, D.C.  But Dr. Dobson has also named me senior vice president of public policy for the James Dobson Family Institute.  I am honored to continue Dr. Dobson’s influence in this great national debate to save our country.

Good News

  • Nineteen states are investigating big banks for pushing radical ESG (environmental, social, and governance) policies harmful to American workers.
  • Five states — Arkansas, Louisiana, Missouri, South Carolina and Utah — have pulled $1 billion-worth of pension fund investments from financial giant BlackRock over the firm’s commitment to the woke ESG agenda.
  • The Biden Administration is so committed to open borders that it ordered Arizona to remove the large shipping containers it was using to plug holes in the border wall.  Gov. Doug Ducey said he’d think about it when he saw the federal government’s plan to secure the border.  Until then, the containers are staying!
  • Elon Musk plans to clean house at Twitter.  He’s reportedly going to fire 75% of the staff, clearing out the anti-free speech, left-wing radicals who dominate the social media platform.
  • Muslim parents are now showing up in large numbers at school board meetings to protest obscene books at school libraries aimed at children.
  • The Republican National Committee deployed more than 1,000 staffers across the country.  It already has made more voter contacts this year than it did in 2018, and it has signed up more than one million volunteers.
  • Yet another poll shows Republicans dominating key issues important to voters.

Gary L. Bauer is an Opinion Columnist at The Patriot Post, and is one of America’s most effective spokesmen for pro-life, pro-family, and pro-growth values. Bauer is a frequent guest on a wide variety of political talk shows and a much-in-demand speaker nationwide.

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