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An Important Victory

January 16, 2022 by


By Gary Bauer ~ Because Donald Trump won in 2016 … the three conservative Trump justices voted to stop big government overreach. As you know, Supreme Court Thursday blocked Biden’s vaccine mandate on American businesses in a 6 to 3 vote. Whether you’ve taken the vaccine or haven’t, whether you want everyone to get vaccinated […]

Ted’s Bad Day

January 9, 2022 by


By Gary Bauer ~ Earlier this week, Senator Cruz referred to the J6 riot as “a violent terrorist attack.” Senator Ted Cruz said something the other day that I did not report because I was certain Big Media was distorting his remarks. But, alas, it wasn’t a distortion. As we reported, Kamala Harris on Thursday […]

Biden Lied And People Died

January 2, 2022 by


By Gary Bauer ~ What happened to Biden’s plan? It’s been “quarantined.” Joe Biden said repeatedly throughout 2020 that he had a plan to “shut down the virus.” But according to the CDC, nearly 427,000 Americans died from COVID this year. What happened to Biden’s plan? It’s been “quarantined.” In a call with the nation’s […]

Cancel Thanksgiving? + Biden’s Agenda + Anti-Semitism

November 19, 2020 by


Plus: Biden’s Agenda and Anti-Semitism  ~ Gary Bauer  ~ As we approach Thanksgiving and Christmas, I hope more churches will resist these outrageous shutdown orders. First they came for Easter. Just before Palm Sunday and Easter, liberal mayors and governors shut down churches while allowing big box stores, marijuana dispensaries, and abortion clinics to remain […]

A Colossal Embarrassment

November 16, 2020 by


Gary Bauer  ~ Under the criteria we have used to judge other countries, we have not met our own obligation for free and fair elections. For decades, the United States has pressured former rogue nations that want to be taken seriously by telling them, “You must have fair and transparent elections. That is how you […]

Debate, My Reaction + The Voter Fraud “Myth”

October 2, 2020 by


By Gary Bauer · ~ (He wrote this yesterday) I was in six televised national debates during the 2000 Republican primaries. I know how difficult these debates can be. With that perspective, here’s my overall reaction to Tuesday night’s presidential debate. I don’t know whether Chris Wallace will vote in person, by mail-in balloting or […]

Selling Socialism

September 8, 2019 by


Plus two more: Aiding the Recovery ~ Kudos to McConnell ~    Gary Bauer  ~      Anyone who tuned in to CNN Wednesday witnessed an incredible spectacle. Ten progressives engaged in a “marathon town hall” on climate change, of course, using Hurricane Dorian as the backdrop. One thing was abundantly clear from the hours and hours […]

Fighting for Faith, Family and Freedom

August 18, 2019 by


Gary Bauer  ~     One of the left’s big themes is that the president and his supporters are racists. If you need any more evidence, check out the latest column by Byron York detailing how the New York Times is shifting its coverage of the president from Russia to racism. Trump addressed this absurd […]

The Healer-In-Chief

August 9, 2019 by


Plus: Democrat Dividers Impeachment Insanity America Defamed   ~    Gary Bauer  ~      President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump were in Dayton, Ohio, and El Paso, Texas, yesterday to meet with some of the victims of the recent mass shootings and their families, as well as first responders. Before he departed the […]