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Confronting Communist China

June 4, 2023 by


By Gary Bauer ~ I am a big fan of Elon Musk’s strong defense of free speech. It’s a pillar of freedom and fundamental American value that the left has completely abandoned. But right now, Musk is in communist China demonstrating what’s wrong with far too many corporate CEOs today. Musk has a huge problem. […]

FBI Corruption On Display

May 21, 2023 by


By Gary Bauer ~ For having the courage to report clear abuses and the politicization of the agency to their superiors, multiple FBI whistleblowers were all severely punished. The House Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government heard critically important testimony from multiple FBI whistleblowers yesterday. These men are heroes and patriots. They […]

So Hang In There, President Biden

May 8, 2023 by


By Michael Reagan ~ As bad as President Biden has been for America, I’m secretly hoping he remains in office until he’s defeated in the 2024 election. Haven’t we seen this never-ending story before? It’s just that the politics have flipped. When we had Democrats in power in the House, all we heard were bad […]

Biden’s Influence Peddling

May 7, 2023 by


By Gary Bauer ~ Charles Grassley and James Comer are demanding that the FBI release records from 2020 that implicate “then-Vice President Biden in an alleged bribery scheme with a foreign national.” Joe Biden’s decades of influence peddling make him the epitome of the Swamp’s pay-to-play political corruption that the American people utterly despise. “Middle […]

The Neo-Marxist Left Versus Parents

May 2, 2023 by


By Gary Bauer ~ Biden wants us to think America’s parents are Nazis. Of course, it was Joe Biden who ordered the FBI to spy on concerned parents. There’s something bizarre going on in the fevered minds of progressives and leftists these days. I know that doesn’t surprise you. But consider this: Today’s left is […]

America Loses The Democrats’ Dirty Game

April 10, 2023 by


By Michael Reagan ~ Bragg and the Democrats are making our visibly shaky and untrustworthy electoral system look like something you’d see in a corrupt banana republic. Everyone knows the felony charges against Donald Trump for paying hush-money to a porn star are ridiculous. Everyone knows that charging Trump with 34 counts of falsifying business […]

Israel Under Fire

April 9, 2023 by


By Gary Bauer ~ Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is convening an emergency meeting with military chiefs. On the first day of Passover, dozens of rockets were fired at Israel from Lebanon, which borders Israel to the north. As one report noted, it marks “the most serious escalation” between the two countries since the 2006 war. […]

Neo-Marxist Tyranny

April 2, 2023 by


By Gary Bauer ~ A grand jury has issued a formal indictment against Donald Trump. Late Thursday evening, news broke that a Manhattan grand jury, under the direction of Soros-funded District Attorney Alvin Bragg, has issued a formal indictment against former President Donald Trump. America is in dangerous, uncharted territory. Never before has a former […]

President Biden Leads America To Defeat

March 27, 2023 by


By Michael Reagan ~ We’ve abdicated our position as the world’s only superpower and we’re allowing a partnership of two tyrannical countries to begin replacing us. Everyone in the national media this week was worrying about whether Donald Trump was going to be arrested in New York. Not me. In a radio interview with San […]

Nothing To Bragg About

March 26, 2023 by


By Gary Bauer ~ DA Alvin Bragg is “having trouble convincing the grand jury on potential charges due to the ‘weakness’ of the [Trump] case.” For the second day in a row, the Manhattan grand jury hearing the case against Donald Trump will not take any action on it. Wednesday’s meeting was abruptly canceled, and […]

Joe Biden’s America

March 15, 2023 by


By Gary Bauer ~ It’s the left that is attacking innocent people, shutting down free speech and threatening our constitutional Republic. “Everything, Everywhere, All At Once.” That’s the title of the movie that dominated Sunday night’s Oscars. It also happens to be a perfect description of the disasters resulting from Biden Administration policies and neglect. […]

A Marine’s Tears

March 12, 2023 by


By Gary Bauer ~ Tyler Vargas-Andrews is a Marine who was on duty at the Kabul airport the day 13 of our heroes were viciously murdered. The House Foreign Affairs Committee heard testimony Wednesday from Tyler Vargas-Andrews. He was one of the most heartbreaking witnesses I have ever heard. Sadly, he’s just the latest in […]

Garland Gets Grilled

March 5, 2023 by


By Gary Bauer ~ He was repeatedly confronted about the overwhelming evidence of politicization at the DOJ. Republicans generally did a great job grilling Attorney General Merrick Garland Wednesday during his appearance before the Senate Judiciary Committee. He was repeatedly confronted about the overwhelming evidence of politicization at the Department of Justice, and his answers […]

Defending Communist China

March 2, 2023 by


By Gary Bauer ~ What would Beijing have to do for some American “capitalist” CEOs to feel guilty about making money in communist China? The reaction from Beijing to the latest U.S. intelligence assessment that COVID-19 emerged from the Wuhan lab was predictable communist bluster. A spokeswoman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry huffed and puffed […]

Trump Delivers

February 26, 2023 by


By Gary Bauer ~ Trump delivered Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, who finally showed up in East Palestine Thursday morning. As we noted in my most recent report, Donald Trump delivered desperately needed water and cleaning supplies to the beleaguered residents of East Palestine, Ohio. He later visited a local McDonald’s where he bought lunch for […]

Biden Takes A Victory Lap

February 19, 2023 by


By Gary Bauer ~ He delivered an address to the nation yesterday, stating how he got really tough vis-à-vis the Chinese spy balloon. President Biden is really proud of himself, and he wants everyone to know it. He delivered an address to the nation yesterday, stating how he got really tough… after watching a communist […]

Pence Fights For Families

February 14, 2023 by


By Gary Bauer ~ “We cannot stand idly by as the Radical Left attempts to indoctrinate our children behind parents’ backs.” Former Vice President Mike Pence and his organization, Advancing American Freedom, are launching a major campaign to support Iowa parents fighting radical indoctrination in our schools. In a statement announcing the new effort, Pence […]

More ‘Balloonacy’

February 12, 2023 by


By Gary Bauer ~ Joe Biden didn’t want to risk offending his Beijing benefactors. Earlier this week, we reported that General Glen VanHerck, the commander of NORAD, admitted that he had been tracking the Chinese communist spy balloon as it approached the coast of Alaska. (This was no run-of-the-mill “weather” balloon.) But the Biden Administration […]

Hunter Claims His Laptop

February 5, 2023 by


By Gary Bauer ~ Hunter Biden has finally admitted that the “laptop from hell” is in fact his laptop. There’s an extraordinary story involving Hunter Biden’s “laptop from hell.” As you know, Hunter Biden, Joe Biden and the entire left-wing political and media complex spent months telling us that Hunter’s laptop was “Russian disinformation,” and […]

Free Speech Under Siege

January 29, 2023 by


By Gary Bauer ~ The right of free speech doesn’t depend on whether we like the person who is speaking or what they are saying. Wednesday’s announcement by Meta, otherwise known as Facebook, that it is lifting its ban on Donald Trump and allowing him back on the platform is long overdue. How in the […]

Justice Under Siege

January 26, 2023 by


By Gary Bauer ~ The pro-abortion mob returned to Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s home. Leftist protesters took to the streets of Washington, D.C., Sunday. They were there to mark the 50th anniversary of the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision legalizing abortion on demand. That night, the pro-abortion mob returned to Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s home. They […]

It’s All About Joe

January 22, 2023 by


By Gary Bauer ~ The Chinese communists, through multiple front companies, compromised the Biden family. I want to bring to your attention perhaps the most comprehensive analysis that I have seen recently regarding the severity of the Biden scandals. And I want to reiterate that this has never been about “getting” Hunter Biden. It’s all […]

More Biden Documents

January 15, 2023 by


By Gary Bauer ~ He must be “shocked” to find out that classified documents were in his garage, too. We no sooner sent out Wednesday’s “End of Day” report when news broke that Joe Biden had a second batch of classified documents in a different location. Those initial reports did not say where the documents […]

China Does It Again

January 1, 2023 by


By Gary Bauer ~ It is once again seeding the world with sick “tourists.” As communist China struggles to contain a massive COVID outbreak, it is once again seeding the world with sick “tourists.” Half of the passengers on two recent flights from China to Milan, Italy, tested positive for COVID. As a result of […]