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The Dogs Of War

September 12, 2021 by


By Burt Prelutsky ~ Four hundred military service dogs were left at the Kabul Airport. Knowing how I feel about dogs, I’m sure you understand how disgusted I am with my government over the 400 military service dogs who were already in their cages waiting to be transported being left at the Kabul Airport. The […]

We’re Not The Only Crazy Ones

September 5, 2021 by


By Burt Prelutsky ~ Even in far off New Zealand, the politicians have the people locked down. It wasn’t that long ago that I wanted everyone in the world to be more like Americans, and for the life of me I couldn’t imagine why they all didn’t just try harder. But that was then and […]

The Swinging Pendulum

August 29, 2021 by


By Burt Prelutsky ~ Inevitably, in overcompensating in favor of one group, you wind up mistreating others. It is probably inevitable that in the process of making up for past misbehavior that one over-compensates. But it is equally inevitable that in overcompensating in favor of one group, you wind up mistreating others. For instance, because […]

Amy Coney Barrett Is No Diana Ross

August 22, 2021 by


By Burt Prelutsky ~ It’s becoming increasingly apparent that Barrett, Gorsuch and Kavanaugh are CINOs (Conservatives in Name Only). It’s true that as Supremes go, Diana Ross clearly outshines Justice Barrett. But it’s probably unfair and may even smack of sexism if I failed to mention that Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh also pale when […]

The Rise And Fall Of Andrew Cuomo

August 15, 2021 by


By Burt Prelutsky ~ The man was responsible for the deaths of elderly New Yorkers, but if he hadn’t groped those women, people would still be pushing him as a presidential candidate. There is no getting around the fact that Gov. Cuomo is a sleazebag, but the fact that he has met his Waterloo because […]

Israel Saves The Bees

August 11, 2021 by


A Dry Bones Cartoon ~ Israeli start-up Beewise is saving honey bees from extinction! Beewise developed Beehome, an AI robotic beehive that houses up to 40 colonies. Read more by Yaakov Kirschen at Dry Bones .

Better The 6th Than The 5th

August 8, 2021 by


By Burt Prelutsky ~ I didn’t get to see the entire opening day hearing held by Nancy Pelosi’s carefully selected House committee, which is a good thing. Because I was born on January 5th, I am grateful that the overblown brouhaha took place on the 6th. I would really hate to hear that the day […]

Questioning Liberals

August 1, 2021 by


By Burt Prelutsky ~ What’s in it for regular Americans in a Communist dictatorship? For eight years, I tried in vain to find something to praise in the Obama administration. I wanted to prove that I could rise above mere partisanship, but in all that time I couldn’t find even one issue that he and […]

Spelling Isn’t Everything

July 25, 2021 by


By Burt Prelutsky ~ I spotted a poster of Fidel Castro’s favorite henchman Che Guevara on Zaila Avant-garde’s wall. I wasn’t all that impressed that the first black person had won the Scripps National Spelling Bee. What had knocked me for a loop was the video of 14-year-old Zaila Avant-garde dribbling multiple basketballs and juggling […]

The Black Tail That Wags The Dog

July 18, 2021 by


By Burt Prelutsky ~ A climate in which a charge of “racist” can short circuit a career, especially that of a politician or a member of the media. If you merely went by how much attention is paid to 12% of the population, and then factored in their presence in movies, TV and, especially, commercials, […]

Current Events

July 11, 2021 by


By Burt Prelutsky ~ “It seems that black lives matter, until a black woman becomes pregnant.” When I consider all the seemingly irrational things that Democrats promote, the only explanation for which is a blind lust for power, I am reminded of an Eric Hoffer quote: “Hatred is the most accessible and comprehensive of all […]

Unmanly Men

July 4, 2021 by


By Burt Prelutsky ~ So far as I’m concerned, “transgenders” are freaks deeply in need of long-term psychiatric therapy. If life is anything, it’s unpredictable. For instance, I’m not sure when I first heard the term “transgender,” but I’m sure I was in my 80s. Now, every time I turn around, they’re in the news, […]

Seven Days In Hell

June 27, 2021 by


By Burt Prelutsky ~ My hospital ordeal was so multi-faceted, if I hadn’t kept notes, I would have forgotten some of the details. To begin at the beginning, I thought I had caught a cold. Then, when the coughing got bad, I thought I had caught a really bad cold. By the time my step-son, […]

Talking Heads

June 20, 2021 by


By Burt Prelutsky ~ When you’re out to kill a vampire, you should always use a wooden stake and a silver bullet. A word you will often hear tossed about on cable TV is “pundit.” Out of curiosity, I decided to check it out in the dictionary. The word traces its origin to India, where […]

When Did America Go Berserk?

June 13, 2021 by


By Burt Prelutsky ~ Never in the history of mankind has a disease been as politicized as the Wuhan virus, and never has the medical profession been so easily cowed and manipulated. It’s not an idle question. We can all trace the origin of the Coronavirus to a military facility passing itself off as a […]


June 6, 2021 by


By Burt Prelutsky ~ Today, thanks to BLM and their enablers in Congress and the media, we find ourselves hating each other for the color of our skin. It occurred to me how happy Charles Manson would be if he’d live long enough to see his dream come true. It was apparently his purpose to […]

Who’s Putin’s Puppet Boy Now?

May 30, 2021 by


By Burt Prelutsky ~ Biden lifted Trump’s sanctions of Russia, allowing them to complete their oil pipeline to Germany. Ever since Donald Trump came on the political scene in 2015, the Democrats have tried to convince us that there are strings connected to him that go all the way over to the Kremlin. If you […]

Biden, Beards, And Bombs

May 23, 2021 by


By Burt Prelutsky ~ Our taxes are going up, regs are being restored, we’re back in the Paris Accords, and we are again begging Iran to negotiate. If you’re a Conservatives, there is so much to hate and fear about the current administration, it’s hard knowing where to begin. By doing his best to reverse […]

Betrayed At The Top

May 17, 2021 by


By Burt Prelutsky ~ It’s not just our political leaders who can’t be trusted to represent conservative values. As a Conservative, I have to confess I see less of a problem in having to deal with Biden, Schumer and Pelosi, than in having to accept that McConnell, McCarthy and Cheney constitute my party’s leadership. One […]

Defining A Crisis

March 29, 2021 by


By Burt Prelutsky ~ Both sides see a political advantage in their positions regarding the Mexican border. Democrats and Republicans have been fighting over what to label the situation at the Mexican border. The Republicans are calling it a crisis, while the Democrats are dismissing it as a challenge. I think the word they’re searching […]

Biden Vies For An Emmy

March 21, 2021 by


By Burt Prelutsky ~ Someone should have caught Biden’s “We’ve never had a problem like this in a long time” before it went out live. The best thing about Biden’s half-hour address is that it was short. The worst thing was Biden’s performance. I’m sure that after seeing how easy it was for Andrew Cuomo […]

Pardon Me

January 3, 2021 by


By Burt Prelutsky ~ I, personally, don’t think Trump should have pardoned a sleazebag named Charles Kushner. Although I approve of the idea that a president can, all on his own, pardon or offer clemency to people in prison who have been the innocent victims of corrupt judges, incompetent juries or their political enemies, in […]

Unsolved Mysteries

January 1, 2021 by


By Burt Prelutsky ~ How healthy can an economy be if hundreds of thousands of small businesses are closed? It strikes me that there is something very wrong when, thanks to politicians using the virus to shut down businesses and intentionally derail Trump’s economy, the Stock Market is booming. It actually crashed through the record-setting […]