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By Gary Bauer ~

Even after Dr. Walensky’s “mea culpa,” the CDC is still pushing jabs on toddlers.

After several years of bungling, Centers of Disease Control (CDC) Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky announced Wednesday that her agency needs a reset. In an email to CDC employees, Walensky wrote, “For 75 years, CDC and public health have been preparing for COVID-19, and in our big moment, our performance did not reliably meet expectations.”

That’s putting it mildly. You failed miserably!

Walensky says she wants to reform and reorganize the agency. Consider me skeptical. The Swamp isn’t known for reforming itself.

Throughout the pandemic, it seemed that the CDC’s main priority was preventing communist China from being blamed for the virus. And that wasn’t the only debate they shut down. In their persistent demand to “follow the science,” they silenced other scientists who questioned their extreme tactics.

We knew before the pandemic that quarantines and lockdowns generally don’t work. But if you are going to use them, you quarantine sick people and those most vulnerable, not healthy people. The CDC locked down or quarantined the whole country!

We had to rely on the Chinese communists for personal protection equipment and COVID tests because the CDC botched its initial testing kits.

The CDC vetted its guidance through the far-left, hyper-political teachers unions.

Remember wiping down your groceries? Yet, every indication was that it was an airborne virus.

The CDC has 21,000 employees and a budget of $12 billion. But it did not invent the COVID tracker that the whole world relied on. An engineering professor and a graduate student at Johns Hopkins University did that.

Remember when we weren’t allowed to criticize Dr. Fauci because that was “attacking science”?

Did the CDC really believe its own advice when it recommended shutting down the economy? Well, I suspect there were some swamp creatures who knew the Trump economy was booming and that Trump was well on his way to a second term. So, they took him down any way they could, no matter the cost to the country.

And, of course, all the pandemic panic was used to justify massive changes — and in some cases illegal changes — to our election laws.

Can it really be a coincidence that every major policy dictate coming out of the CDC was not only wrong, but hurt the country, hurt the economy and hurt President Trump?

But even after Dr. Walensky’s “mea culpa,” the CDC is still pushing jabs on toddlers. There’s massive resistance because: 1) the CDC has no credibility left, and 2) there’s no legitimate reason for it.

The CDC, like every other major agency, needs to be shut down, fumigated and cut back.

A Tale Of Two Tapes

It’s customary in our elections for the defeated candidate to make a concession call to congratulate the winner. Harriett Hageman told Sean Hannity Wednesday night that Liz Cheney didn’t make such a call. Cheney left a very brief voicemail that said virtually nothing.

In her defense, Cheney released what she claims is audio of her message in which she does offer her congratulations to Hageman. The Hageman campaign, however, released its own tape that backs up Hageman’s statement to Hannity. You hear Cheney say, “Hi, Harriett” and then there’s nothing else.

Who knows what happened. Maybe Hageman’s cellphone had bad service and dropped Cheney’s call. Maybe this is all just an unfortunate misunderstanding.

What isn’t a misunderstanding is that President Biden called Liz Cheney Wednesday. Yes, that’s right — Democrat Joe Biden called “Republican” Liz Cheney after her crushing defeat. Reportedly, the two are in close contact. Gee, I wonder why? Maybe because Cheney has been doing Biden’s dirty work for him.

Biden also speaks frequently with Sen. Mitt Romney, but that’s a story for another day.

Back to the Biden-Cheney calls, now there’s a transcript I would pay big bucks to see!

Maybe Biden was offering Cheney a cabinet post or a nice ambassadorship since she’s about to be unemployed.

Has Liz ever asked, “Joe, what were you thinking when you ordered the disastrous retreat from Kabul?” Has she ever asked about Hunter’s investments in communist China? Or do they just get on the phone and take turns hating on Trump?

Liz likes to compare herself to Abraham Lincoln. Well, I want to remind her that Joe Biden is the leader of a party that is trying to cancel Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison. They want to erase them from our history by turning them into villains.

Democrat rioters in the summer of 2020 defaced the Lincoln Memorial. They wounded 60 Secret Service agents when they tried to storm the White House. I don’t recall Cheney saying much about that insurrection!

Does Liz ever ask Joe to call off his fascist thugs attacking churches and crisis pregnancy centers?

Who knows — maybe Biden will drop Kamala Harris and pick Liz Cheney as his running mate!

Speaking Of Phone Calls…

How does anything get done at the Department of Justice and the FBI when so many agents are on the phone all day leaking to their media allies?

After the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago, Attorney General Merrick Garland told us that he couldn’t discuss the details of the raid, but he said they would come out “in the appropriate way at the appropriate time.”

It wasn’t long after he finished speaking that anonymous sources at the Justice Department leaked to the Washington Post that the raid was about recovering top secret information on our nuclear weapons systems.

But then we learned from leaks to the Wall Street Journal that Garland was very serious and thoughtful about this whole process — “deliberating for weeks” over whether to authorize the raid on Trump’s home.

Really? You’re supposedly worried about nuclear secrets being compromised and you take “weeks” to decide how to respond? That doesn’t make sense at all.

There were also reports of an “informant” inside Mar-a-Lago. Rep. Jim Jordan tweeted yesterday, “If there was a government ‘informant’ at Mar-a-Lago, then we now know they spied on President Trump before he was in office, while he was in office, and after he was in office.”

Yesterday, the Justice Department was in court arguing against releasing the FBI affidavit requesting the search warrant, suggesting it would compromise key details of the investigation.

Talk about chutzpah! How can they go into court with a straight face and say they can’t disclose the affidavit because it may disclose details when they are constantly leaking to the press?

Well, here’s the latest leak: According to Newsweek, the FBI raided Mar-a-Lago because the Deep State feared that Donald Trump had been collecting material throughout his presidency related to the Russia hoax which he might be able to “weaponize” against the agencies if he became president again.

Now that sounds like a far more plausible explanation for this unprecedented action. Of course, I don’t know for certain what precipitated the FBI raid, but you can see why the Deep State might be afraid.

They have been lying to the media, lying to the courts, using the tools we gave them to spy on our enemies to spy on our duly-elected leaders, including the Senate.

These Newsweek leaks seem much closer to the truth, and it is very revealing that the Biden Justice Department is resisting transparency while Donald Trump is the one demanding it.

Judge Bruce Reinhart issued a split decision, ruling that the entire affidavit should not be disclosed, but some portions can be. He has given the Justice Department one week to submit suggested redactions. I expect the suggested redactions will look something like this.

Defenders Of The IRS

If there is one thing that unites conservatives and Republicans, it’s the belief in smaller government because big government is a threat to freedom and liberty.

When a maniac blew up a government office in Oklahoma City, the left attacked Rush Limbaugh and the Republican Party because they were always railing against big government and that rhetoric, Democrats claimed, was responsible for the bombing.

Why am I going all the way back to 1995? Well, the left’s efforts to silence debate have been going on for years, long before Donald Trump.

This past week, the left accused conservatives of fomenting violence against FBI agents because we dared to speak out against the outrageous raid on a former president’s home.

Now, they are accusing conservatives of fomenting violence against IRS agents because we are speaking out against the Biden/Schumer/Manchin bill that doubles the size of the IRS.

If Democrats want to defend the IRS, go ahead. Make my day. I hope Republicans are smart enough to not fall into this trap, and they shouldn’t back down from criticizing any rogue agency, whether it’s the CDC, our woke Pentagon or the FBI.

Gary L. Bauer is an Opinion Columnist at The Patriot Post, and is one of America’s most effective spokesmen for pro-life, pro-family, and pro-growth values. Bauer is a frequent guest on a wide variety of political talk shows and a much-in-demand speaker nationwide.

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