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Obama White House was privy to FBI spying on Trump campaign

June 6, 2019 by


Those in Obama’s White House, Department of State, Attorney General’s Office and Department of Justice may not be so lucky as Page–when current Attorney General William Barr concludes his own investigation ~ By David Singer  ~   Evidence that the Obama White House was privy to the FBI spying on the Trump 2016 Presidential campaign is […]

Only in Duryea, Pittston, Pa.

September 12, 2017 by


Only in Duryea, Pa. If you are in a jazzy wheelchair you cannot get into the Duryea borough council meetings because the lift they use for people who cannot use the steps is not even close to CODE or size needed for an electric wheelchair. Only in Duryea do you scan the morning classified to […]

Name 4 a Borough that is causing extreme pain to #CRPS #Veteran?

June 30, 2017 by


May 9th I asked Duryea Borough to place a no truck turn around sign at the entrance of this tiny dead-end road. I also begged them to stop backing the garbage trucks up to my home three times a week. They could drive in and then back up with very few black up Alarms. I […]

President Donald Trump

November 9, 2016 by


Get used to it.

Hollywood Channels Resignation, Revenge: ‘Revolution Is Coming’

November 9, 2016 by


By Sarah Stites ~ By midnight, things were not looking good in the Clinton camp. After their earlier expressions of panic and disbelief, many stars seemed to resign themselves to the probable outcome of a Trump presidency. Actress Mia Farrow called the result with the pointed tweet: “A racist President.” Seemingly assuming such an outcome, […]

Following The Vote In Australia – Trump Can Win This Thing

November 9, 2016 by


By Andrew Bolt ~ Background from TonyfromOz: In perhaps the most astonishing way, Australia is following this election closer than for any other Presidential election in history. Three of the four major TV networks are taking the counting live, for all the day. Here in Australia, where we are 15 hours ahead of the U.S. […]

Mother Jones Pundit: When It Comes To Honesty, Hillary ‘Is Mother Teresa Compared To Donald Trump’

November 8, 2016 by


By Tom Johnson ~ Conservatives are unwilling to let Hillary be Hillary where transparency is concerned, and “it drives them crazy,” believes Kevin Drum of Mother Jones. In a post last Wednesday, Drum argued that whenever the right has “forced…openness on Clinton in an effort to destroy her,” it’s “done nothing except paint a portrait […]