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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

Background from TonyfromOz:

In perhaps the most astonishing way, Australia is following this election closer than for any other Presidential election in history. Three of the four major TV networks are taking the counting live, for all the day. Here in Australia, where we are 15 hours ahead of the U.S. in time, it is now 3PM  (the Post time for this Post) on the Wednesday afternoon. In earlier years, the count barely even made it to the radio news bulletins during the day, and was usually the lead off story on the 6PM news bulletins, but this time, it’s wall to wall coverage on the count. Not only are people watching it on TV, but also on computers, logging into the major count sites. Right now, it’s almost 2PM here in Australia (11PM U.S. Eastern) as I write this, and I’m listening to the mid day current affairs program, and it also is just on the election coverage. Most of the commentary here in Australia is how the media seems to have gotten it so wrong, as they also have here in Australia, where virtually all the pre-election coverage was pro Clinton, and she was expected to win the Presidency very very easily. All the commentators interviewed so far are scratching their heads, wondering what is happening. Even so, they are still predicting, even now, that Hillary Clinton will win. I am watching the count, not on TV, but on the Politico Site where results are updated quite quickly. All I can see at that site is the vote for Trump is doing well across most States. If I can pick just one single take out from this election it is the result in DC, as shown in this image. This shows exactly why Americans are so disenchanted with the system, with Clinton at 93% and Trump on 4%.


My main interest for the last hour has been on Florida, where it is so close, and just now, they have given Florida to Trump, and he is now pulling away on the Electoral College vote. On the radio just now, they quoted sources from the U.S. and not one, but three of them, which actually are predicting that Trump will win, with some as high as an 80% chance. That’s just astounding. No matter what the result is, I feel that the biggest loser in all this is the Media, both here in Australia, and also in the U.S. which has got it all just so wrong. Andrew continues, with some earlier results…..TonyfromOz.

Voting has closed in the first three tiny polling booths of New Hampshire.

I suspect this will be the best news Donald Trump gets today.

So, in the three New Hampshire towns with midnight voting, Trump came out ahead 32-25.


Hmm. But he has an early lead in must-win Florida. (12:24pm) 48:6% to 48:4%.

In the Senate, the first Republican seat has fallen to the Democrats. Four more and the Democrats take over. Rubio, though, has won.

Results here. Tim Blair’s excellent guide to where the election will be won here. The key states:

Florida: 29 votes. Biggest margin in recent years 5% to Bush in 2004. Aside from Florida’s panhandle, polls close at 11am. Gap: Trump +0.2

New Hampshire: Four votes. Backed Bush in 2000, but Democrat since. Polls close (generally, because cities and counties in this state have different rules) at 11am. Gap: Clinton +0.6

Georgia: 16 votes. Republican unless a Southerner is on the ticket. Carter in ’76 and ’80, Clinton in ’92. Polls close at 11am. Gap: Trump +4.8

South Carolina: Nine votes. Republican since ’64 (Barry Goldwater) except for Jimmy Carter in ’76. Polls close at 11am. Gap: Trump +4

Virginia: 13 votes. Republican from ’76 to 2004, Obama in past two elections. Polls close at 11am. Gap: Clinton +5

North Carolina: 15 votes. Republican in every election since ’80 except for Obama in 2008. Polls close at 11.30am. Gap: Trump +1

Ohio: 18 votes. Since ’44, Ohio has only once voted for a losing candidate – Nixon over Kennedy in ’60. Polls close at 11.30am. Gap: Trump +3.5

Michigan: 16 votes. Democrat since ’92, but polls this year are within single figures. Aside from counties on the Wisconsin border, polls close at midday. Gap: Clinton +3.4

Pennsylvania: 20 votes. Democrat since ’92, but numbers are currently tight. Polls close at midday. Gap: Clinton +1.9

Wisconsin: Ten votes. Democrat since ’88, but margin in single digits this year. Polls close at 1pm. Gap: Clinton +6.5

Arizona: 11 votes. Aside from Clinton in ’96 solid Republican. Polls close at 1pm. Gap: Trump +4

Colorado: Nine votes. Twice voted for Bush, twice for Obama. Polls close at 1pm, but mostly a vote-by-mail state. Gap: Clinton +2.9

Iowa: Six votes. Usually Democrat but backed Bush in 2004. Polls close at 2pm. Gap: Trump +3

Nevada: Six votes. Went with Clinton in ’92 and ’96, Bush in 2000 and 2004, Obama in 2008 and 2012. Since ’80 has voted for the winner every time. Aside from Jackpot and West Wendover on Mountain time, polls close at 2pm. Gap: Trump +0.8

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