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by Wendi Medashefski

Update on death of Luis Ramirez

Over the last couple of weeks, I have been contacted by several people who want to share the information they have but are unwilling to use their names for whatever reasons. I am attempting to piece together the story based on the information provided from these sources. The reality of what actually went down is very different from the the versions told in mainstream media articles.

Throughout the last two school years, Arielle Garcia (“eyewitness”) was teased in school by other students, presumably including the accused teens. She was taunted and picked on for being 15 and pregnant, and then for being married so young. They would say things to her such as “Isn’t it past your bedtime?” in reference to her being a baby having a baby.

The 15-year-old girl (whose name has not been published, nor will I publish it, because she is a victim in this situation), we’ll call her Mary, was also teased by other students when she was seen with the deceased, Luis Ramirez, at the school. She was taunted with similar sentiments that were used against Arielle Garcia.

Mary’s father went to the police (not sure which department yet) to report Ramirez committing statutory rape against Mary in recent months. He believed them to be having sexual relations in a hotel in Frackville. Apparently, nothing was done about this situation by whichever department it was reported to. Mary is rumored to be pregnant by Ramirez, and she is the half-sister of Crystal Dillman. She may also have been the target of Crystal Dillman’s incident of “careless driving” where she attempted to run her down in a vehicle owned by Ricardo Aviles Gomez, who also happens to have some minor infractions of his own (running a stop sign, trespassing, violating title), two of which are currently active.

Mary and Ramirez repeatedly went swimming with Arielle Garcia and her husband Victor Garcia-Cruz in the months before Ramirez’s death. The person who can verify this, and provided a lot of the information I’m giving you, will only allow me to release his/her name to the authorities and the lawyers for the boys.

On the day of July 12, the teen boys had been drinking, and Colin met up with them fairly late in the evening. One or several of the boys got into an argument at a block party with Ramirez and possibly Mary, who had spent the entire day together with the Garcias.

I am not yet sure how the boys ended up at the park at that time, I haven’t been able to verify any of the suspicions provided. Some of the possibilities include:

1. Ramirez had sold the boys crushed aspirin and told them it was cocaine.
2. The boys and Ramirez agreed to meet and fight over any number of reasons.
3. The boys happened to arrive by a stroke of fate, finding Ramirez engaged in sexual conduct with Mary and attempted to stop him.

In any essence, the boys shouted similar statements about being out past bedtimes to Mary and Ramirez, which led to a physical altercation. I do not presume to know who threw the first hit.

After a short fight, the boys walked started walking away and Ramirez called the Garcias to ask them to come back because he had been in a fight. The Garcias returned within two minutes. Instead of jumping into the car and leaving the area, Ramirez and Victor Garcia Cruz went back after the boys, who turned around when Ramirez and Garcia Cruz began a second altercation. I have been told that Garcia Cruz did indeed bring a weapon with him back to the park, that it was a BB gun, and it was recovered at the scene. The person who contacted me about this information said it was unofficially confirmed by an off-duty Shenandoah police officer. I have not to date been able to get anyone to officially confirm this, and I have read MSM reports where city officials have blatantly said Ramirez had no criminal background (lie) and no weapon was involved (possible lie).

I was also told that Victor Garcia Cruz, some days after the Ramirez death, hopped a fence from someone’s family party and jumped one of the accused boys to fight him. I was not given a name as to which one of the teens this was.

Ramirez’s background included driving infractions (common with illegal aliens) and a stabbing from 2004. The DA’s office says the photos from that 2004 stabbing do not match Ramirez, so it couldn’t be the same person. However, as yet, there has been no fingerprint match attempt that I know of, which would hold a lot more water in identification than a simple 4-year-old photo. I have not been able to contact the stabbing victim to find out what happened in that situation. I cannot even get that person’s name at this point. In any essence, he was caught driving without a license in June 2007. Ramirez used several variations of his name, Luis Ramirez, Luis Eduardo Ramirez, Luis Ramirez Zavala, Luis Eduardo Zavala, and his nickname, Caballo (which means “horse” in English.)

I am continuing the background search on Ramirez, as there are accusations that he was a cocaine dealer.

The drug issue may involve the Garcias. More on that as I get the details.

Victor Hugo Garcia Cruz also has a disorderly conduct charge, public drunkenness, and other citations in the last two years or so, but to my knowledge, none of these characters have been reported to ICE.

So, here is my synopsis:

Arielle Garcia and Mary had ample reason to create a “hate crime” out of Ramirez’s death and lied to affect that end. They were both picked on, possibly by these particular accused individuals, and they saw this as a way to get back at them for the torment in school. Dillman played along because she knew her fiancé was sleeping with her 15-year-old sister for about a year, and she had to save face somehow. She likely feared being charged with harboring an illegal alien if the death was ruled anything BUT a racially-motivated hate crime.

Some of the other RUMORS that might be worth looking into are:

1. Both Mary and a 16-year-old sister half-sister (let’s call her Jen) were having sexual relations with Luis Ramirez.

2. It may have been Jen, not Mary, who Dillman attempted to run down in the car the first weekend in August. It is of note that either or both of the sisters may be pregnant by Ramirez, and this might be an indication that Dillman is aware of her fiancé’s infidelity to her and statutory rape of her sister(s), which would make her an accessory.

3. The possible drug dealings between the Garcias and Ramirez, and whether that had any bearing on the argument at the block party or subsequent fights.

Right now, this is just about all the information I have. I hope it helps in the defense of the accused teenagers. Please know, I am in no way advocating for an unjust punishment for those boys, either way. But the way I see it based on the information I’ve been given, is that this death was at most, involuntary manslaughter, and at best, self-defense. I do not believe that “race” or “ethnicity” was a motivator in the fight, not even an underlying one. There is sufficient reason to believe the “eyewitness” Arielle Garcia is lying about what happened, and therefore her stories (she has several versions of events) should be fully scrutinized.

I also believe that the OBL (open borders lobby) crowd is using this death to further their goals of preventing the US from enforcing existing immigration laws. This incident is far beyond a simple fight that went bad, even though that was never the intention of the fighters themselves. What I mean is that the boys are being snowballed by a very powerful group that want more slave labor brought into our country for personal gain. The judge in the case is likely going to be under a lot of pressure from the anti-American groups to dish out a severe punishment for a “hate crime,” when in fact there was none.

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