Hollywood Channels Resignation, Revenge: ‘Revolution Is Coming’

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sarahstiitespicture-475-1433529645By Sarah Stites ~

By midnight, things were not looking good in the Clinton camp. After their earlier expressions of panic and disbelief, many stars seemed to resign themselves to the probable outcome of a Trump presidency.

Hillary with Katy Perry

Hillary with Katy Perry

Actress Mia Farrow called the result with the pointed tweet: “A racist President.”

Seemingly assuming such an outcome, avid Hillary supporter and actress Connie Britton tweeted: “Dear Muslim, Mexican, immigrant, refugee, handicapped, black, gay, female human beings, & also dear Earth…you are not forgotten. Promise.”

Lacey Rose – TV Editor for The Hollywood Reporter – wondered: “What the hell are we supposed to tell our daughters tomorrow morning?”


Late Show host Trevor Noah commented: “5 steps forward. 10 steps back.” Mark Ruffalo appeared to accept defeat, even while promoting a positive outlook. “You know what we do now?” the actor queried. “We finish building what we started and we FIGHT BACK! Lift your heads up brothers and sisters.”


Actor Don Cheadle took a similar approach. “Goodnight, tweeps. Real work starts tomorrow,” he tweeted.

Transgender star Laverne Cox responded to a follower’s description of her grief with the counsel: “Get it out darling. I am thinking about the 3 A’s. Awareness, acceptance action. And the stages if grief. We must feel our feelings tonight.”

But Katy Perry—likely the most exuberant Clinton supporter of all—was not ready to give up just yet. You could almost hear the singer roar: “THE REVOLUTION IS COMING.”


Sarah Stites is a writer and research analyst for MRC (Media Research Center) Culture and she is a contributing writer for NewsBusters

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