Ted’s Bad Day

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By Gary Bauer ~

Earlier this week, Senator Cruz referred to the J6 riot as “a violent terrorist attack.”

Senator Ted Cruz said something the other day that I did not report because I was certain Big Media was distorting his remarks. But, alas, it wasn’t a distortion.

As we reported, Kamala Harris on Thursday compared the January 6th riot to Pearl Harbor and 9/11, which is beyond idiotic and an insult to veterans and the victims of those atrocities. It also revealed the left’s real agenda, which is to demonize half the country as “enemies of the state.”

But Sen. Cruz also fell into the same rhetorical trap. Earlier this week, he referred to the riot as “a violent terrorist attack.” The conservative world collapsed on Cruz’s head in response.

As a result, Cruz asked to go on Tucker Carlson’s flagship show on Fox News. Thursday night, Carlson said to Cruz, “You never use words carelessly, and yet you called this a terror attack… That’s a lie.”

Cruz answered that the way he phrased his remarks Wednesday was “sloppy and, frankly, dumb.” But Carlson interrupted him, saying, “I don’t buy that… You take words as seriously as any man who has served in the Senate… I do not believe you used that phrase accidentally. I just don’t.”

As you know, Sen. Cruz is a top choice of many populist conservatives if Donald Trump doesn’t run in 2024. But whether intentional or not, this is the kind of thing that can ruin a campaign. Calling the January 6th riot a “violent terrorist attack” is repeating a leftist talking point.

Sen. Cruz has nobly fought some tough battles. But there is the coronavirus and then there is the swamp fever that infects the minds of even good Republicans who periodically feel they must distance themselves from other conservatives. It’s almost always a bad idea, and this is a perfect example.

Not An Insurrection Either

The left’s instinctive response to virtually every Islamist terrorist attack is to twist itself into knots trying to explain why it wasn’t an Islamist terrorist attack. The January 6th riot wasn’t a terrorist attack. More importantly, it wasn’t an “insurrection” either, which is the left’s preferred term.

Insurrection is a specific legal term, and January 6th does not qualify as an insurrection. That’s why no one has been formally charged with the crime of insurrection. (You can read more at the link below.) Congress is full of left-wing lawyers. They know that the use of this term is legally wrong.

Here’s what we must understand: They have a plan, in which Liz Cheney is a co-conspirator, to issue a report on the January 6th turmoil that accuses not only some people who breached the Capitol, but more importantly, Donald Trump, Steve Bannon, Mark Meadows and others of inciting an insurrection.

I can see it now. There will be a press conference of left-wing constitutional law professors arguing that because Trump’s goal was an insurrection, he and several conservative members of Congress are disqualified under the 14th Amendment from ever seeking office again.

Passed in the aftermath of the Civil War, the 14th Amendment states that “No person shall … hold any office … who [has] engaged in insurrection or rebellion against” the United States.

That’s the purpose of all this. It’s yet another example of the left criminalizing politics.

They not only want to stop Trump, they want to stop anyone like him. They want to “brand” any populist conservative with a “Scarlet I” — I for insurrection — and ban them from running for office.

(For additional information: Stop Calling January 6th An “Insurrection.”)

Something To Think About

A reasonable person can conclude that an event like January 6th damaged the body politic, just like the uncontrolled leftist riots of 2020. But the way the socialist left and its media allies are exploiting the event is doing far more lasting damage to America.

The riot was over in four hours. At no time was the government ever in jeopardy. But the left is attempting to smash one half of the country, to make us less than full citizens. They are using that event to eliminate the checks and balances of the Constitution.

If they succeed in abolishing the Electoral College, packing the Supreme Court, nationalizing all elections, adding more states so they never lose the Senate again, fundamentally transforming the Senate itself, and allowing illegal aliens vote (which some Democrat cities are already doing), that would be the equivalent of Pearl Harbor or 9/11 because they will have destroyed our constitutional Republic.

By the way, there were virtually no Republican senators in Washington Thursday. I assume they were boycotting Thursday’s events knowing how Democrats would exploit them. Many were attending the funeral of the late Georgia Senator Johnny Isakson.

The result, however, was that the entire day was dominated by the left. There was virtually no pushback except for a few folks on Fox News, some conservative commentary and this “End of Day” report.

That’s unacceptable!

I don’t want to hear another GOP leader talk about how the party is going to win big this November because of redistricting and historic patterns. Drop it! The country is being dramatically changed — historic patterns aren’t relevant. And redistricting isn’t going all that well at the moment.

We need to be on offense against a president whose approval rating is stuck in the mid-30s and whose party is being hijacked by its socialist fringe. Instead, the GOP seems stuck on defense.

If McCarthy and McConnell don’t start fighting back every day, we’re going to wake up stunned on November 9th to the news that Democrats still control Congress.

Good News

  • Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey is providing parents up to $7,000 per child for a school choice program if their local public school closes.
  • A federal judge blocked Biden’s vaccine mandate for the Navy SEALs.
  • A federal judge blocked Biden’s vaccine mandate for teachers in the Head Start program.
  • Georgia elections officials are launching an investigation into illegal ballot harvesting in the 2020 general election and the Senate runoff elections.
  • More House Democrats announced their retirements in 2022.
  • Some companies are bringing manufacturing jobs back to the United States as the costs of doing business in communist China continues to grow.
  • Parents in Albemarle County, Virginia, are suing to end critical race theory policies that teach students to “affirmatively discriminate based on race.”
  • Illinois became the fifth state to divest from Unilever over the Ben & Jerry’s boycott of Israel.

Gary L. Bauer is an Opinion Columnist at The Patriot Post, and is one of America’s most effective spokesmen for pro-life, pro-family, and pro-growth values. Bauer is a frequent guest on a wide variety of political talk shows and a much-in-demand speaker nationwide.

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