UN Youth: Ready To Bypass Democracy!

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By Craig Rucker ~

The talk swirling around the UN “Civil Society Conference” in Salt Lake City has been radical throughout, with the youth contingent vowing to take to the streets if voters don’t give them their way.

“We are willing to make these demands known at the ballot-box, or, if necessary, in the streets.”

How civil.

That’s what it says in the working draft of the “Youth Compact” that was in use throughout the conference. The UN sanitized the final version. CFACT’s undercover operative witnessed a large group of youth turn their backs in protest as the slightly less radical version was released.

This little gem survived to the final version. They took their demand for an end to single use plastics way beyond banning plastic straws, to banning plastic tampons and other female care products. That should be interesting.

They also demand that we “shift our diets to plants… reducing meat consumption.”

The working draft included a ban on genetically modified plant strains. Reduced crop yields will certainly make the world more just. Pity about the kids in developing countries who will be denied beta carotene intensive “Golden Rice.” They can just go blind, a small price to pay for “sustainable” justice.

The UN’s outcome documents are littered with the kind of baseless alarmist rhetoric you would expect, labeling normal weather extreme and the rest, followed with demands for inefficient renewable energy, including burning biomass. Biomass, you know, grinding wood and plants into pellets. Which is more “sustainable,” saving trees or burning them? It’s hard to keep up.

CFACT undercover captured video of U.S. Representative Barbara Lee proclaiming, “the children have been crying out, do we hear them? Now even the rocks are crying out!”

Barbara Lee can hear rocks… Hope she can “sustain” that.


The main takeaway is this. The Green-Left has captured the United Nations and is using “sustainability,” the way they used “climate change,” as pretext for obtaining every destructive item on their wish list.

The Left’s science, math and economics do not work out. They never have. They are a recipe for massive societal decline. It is no accident they they never want to make their alterations to our lives voluntary.

The Left’s desire to shift power away from the individual to the “collective” is misguided.

Freedom is not only our unalienable right. Freedom is the only way to organize society to yield the prosperity that can genuinely sustain people and our planet.

Craig Rucker is the current President of, and the co-founder of the Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT).

Read more excellent articles at CFACT  http://www.cfact.org/

One Response “UN Youth: Ready To Bypass Democracy!” →
  1. More Socialist-Communist propaganda.
    End result, hijacking the Economy, and making citizens slaves to the State; with no say-so.

    Yep, it’s the Communist Manifesto; destroy Free Enterprise (aka capitalism), Democracy, and belief in God!

    Then just like in Hitler’s Socialist-NAZI Germany and his Death Camps in WWII, Stalin’s murderous Russian Communism, Mao’s Communist China and up to today’s Evil horrific regime, North Korea’s deadly regime, Vietnam, Venezuela, and many more.

    Do you really want this here?
    Them speak up, protest, call your Congress man/woman!!!



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