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Climate Change Australia – Stop These Anti-Coal Fanatics Now

October 24, 2016 by


By Andrew Bolt ~ India warns that green groups – backed with American money – are making investment in Australian mines too hard. So what is the Turnbull Government doing to save these mines and jobs? A highly orchest­rated, secretly foreign-funded group of Australian environ­mental activists ­oppos­ing the $16 billion Adani coalmine in Queensland has […]

Global Warming Hurricane Influence Is Overblown

October 22, 2016 by


One hurricane in a decade is not a trend By Larry Bell ~ No one should dispute the fact that hurricanes rank among our planet’s most terrifying and devastating natural disasters or that they are influenced by that enigmatically complex phenomena collectively referred to as “climate.” Hurricane Matthew, which resulted in the tragic deaths of […]

Climate Alarmist Leonardo DiCaprio To Produce ‘Captain Planet’ Film

October 19, 2016 by


By Scott Whitlock ~ Climate alarmist Leonardo DiCaprio will produce a live action version of the ‘90s cartoon show Captain Planet. This is the same movie star who has made extreme statements, such as calling for the expulsion of any public office holder who is skeptical of global warming. In breaking the story on Tuesday, […]

Climate Change Australia – Warmists Washed Out

October 18, 2016 by


By Andrew Bolt ~ How wrong can you be? From “permanent drought” to this washout, with below-average temperatures. Let’s compare the warmists’ predictions to this reality. The Sydney Morning Herald in 2008: It may be time to stop describing south-eastern Australia as gripped by drought and instead accept the extreme dry as permanent, one of […]

Climate Change Australia – Students Taught Sunsets “Destroyed” By Global Warming

October 17, 2016 by


By Andrew Bolt ~ Here in Australia, New South Wales (NSW) schools are telling children that even sunsets will be destroyed by global warming. Isn’t spreading such baseless fears to scared children close to child abuse? DOOMSDAY climate change lessons are being taught to children as young as eight who are concluding that human activity […]

Stormy Climate Deception

October 16, 2016 by


Continued hype and deceit drive climate, energy agenda – clobbering poor families By Paul Driessen ~ Despite constant claims to the contrary, the issue is not whether greenhouse gas emissions affect Earth’s climate. The questions are whether those emissions are overwhelming the powerful natural forces that have always driven climate fluctuations, and whether humans are […]

Climate Change Australia – The Great Barrier Reef Is Dead? What Warmist Writes This Falsehood?

October 15, 2016 by


By Andrew Bolt ~ The good news is that “leading environmentalist writer Rowan Jacobsen” has just told the world we need never again believe a word he says. The icon of the natural world is bigger than the whole of the UK and is composed of over 2,900 individual reefs and 900 islands… Leading environmentalist […]