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Alt-Left Insanity: Raising My Child Amid My Climate Apocalypse Fantasies

July 21, 2018 by


By Matt Philbin ~ Plumbing the cesspool of the hard-left mind. To suffer through Roy Scranton’s New York Times oped, “Raising My Child in a Doomed World,” is to come away wondering how a guy so hang-dog depressing and lacking in discernable masculine qualities managed to attract a woman — sorry, a “partner” in Scranton-speak […]

Judge Tosses NYC’s Climate Lawsuit

July 20, 2018 by


By Michael Bastasch ~ A federal judge tossed a lawsuit New York City brought against five major oil companies, demanding compensation for the alleged damages from man-made global warming. “The Court recognizes that the City, and many other governmental entities around the United States and in other nations, will be forced to grapple with the […]

Climate Change Australia – Record Cold In Australia

July 16, 2018 by


By Andrew Bolt ~ But when it’s record cold, the news reports don’t mention global warming: A cold snap has delivered some of the chilliest temperatures in decades to parts of Australia’s east coast, with more frosty mornings to come. Both Parkes and Cowra in New South Wales have set new all-time coldest minimum temperature […]

Sacred Peer-Review Takes A Big Hit

July 11, 2018 by


From the team at CFACT ~ Global warming alarmists suffered a big hit this week in their effort to deify shoddy “peer-reviewed” climate papers. Stanford University medical professor John Ioannidis, in an interview with Agence France Presse (AFP), blew the lid off the trustworthiness of the peer-review process. When the alarmist community seeks to push […]

Climate Change – Remember How Coffee Was Already Being Wiped Out By Global Warming

July 9, 2018 by


By Andrew Bolt ~ Another busted warming scare – that global warming would wipe out many coffee growers. In fact, that it was destroying crops already. 2007: Global warming poses a threat to future world coffee crops with rising temperatures and drought likely to force some producers to seek higher and cooler land 2010: Global […]

Working With Green Groups, Local Governments Use This Kind Of Lawsuit To Get Cash From Oil Giants

July 7, 2018 by


By Fred Lucas ~ Cities and counties across the country are teaming up with environmental groups to drill for revenue by using public-nuisance lawsuits against some of the world’s largest energy companies. These local governments claim oil giants, such as Exxon Mobil, Chevron, and others, have caused global warming that they say is damaging their […]

Climate Change Scary Headline Of The Year

June 30, 2018 by


By Andrew Bolt ~ The more harmless global warming seems, the more hysterical the warnings. Here’s a contender for scary headline of the year: Top Climate Scientist: Humans Will Go Extinct if We Don’t Fix Climate Change by 2023. Do the alarmists making such claims truly believe them or feel entitled to lie in a […]