Lady Justice Is Peeking

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Burt Prelutsky ~

The reason that the symbol of American justice is always shown wearing a blindfold while holding a scale is because the ideal in this democratic republic is that all are equal under the law.

The scales are supposed to be tipped only by the truth, not because the accused is black or white, religious or agnostic, young or old, citizen or immigrant, or male or female.

I hesitated to mention rich or poor because, even in this land of liberty, the wealthy will always have an advantage because, at the very least, they can afford better lawyers and bigger bribes.

But more and more often, the social engineers lurking in the political arena and the legal system, are lifting the Lady’s blindfold, compelling her to put her thumb on the scales just like a crooked butcher at the meat market.

Just the other day, the newly-elected D.A. of Dallas, Texas, announced he will refuse to prosecute those who steal what he refers to as “necessary items.”

John Creuzot mentioned food, clothing, baby formula and diapers. He added that he will stop prosecuting those driving with suspended licenses.

Aside from the fact that a district attorney is being paid to prosecute criminals, not to legislate, this schmuck is encouraging scofflaws to rob grocers and drug store owners and to make their getaways in cars they have no legal right to be driving.

On top of all that, some people really, really, really need cigarettes, gasoline, booze and pharmaceuticals. Others need a whole lot of cash.

If the folks in Dallas don’t dump this jerk asap, Texans aren’t the folks I thought they were. Also, “Big D” will come to stand for “Dummies.”

Speaking of drug stores, I think it’s time I weigh in on the so-called opioid epidemic that people like Tucker Carlson are always going on about.

For one thing, I got sick and tired years ago hearing everyone being blamed for the widespread use of illegal drugs in this country, except for those guilty of creating the ever-growing market for heroin, cocaine, crystal meth, ecstasy, marijuana and all that other shit.

The scumbags in places like Afghanistan, Colombia and Mexico, are merely providing the poison. If tens of millions of Americans weren’t lining up to buy the stuff, the suppliers would be forced to start growing potatoes and selling tamales.

As I see it, there are two main problems with the over-hyping of the opioid crisis. One, it’s a denial that most of those overdosing on heroin are people who got themselves hooked on heroin, not innocent people who got hooked on pain pills for actual pain and moved on to heroin.

The other, even more serious problem, is that a great many people, many of them military veterans who are actually having to deal with war-related injuries, are being denied the pharmaceuticals they desperately need because doctors and pharmacists are terrified of being arrested on drug charges.

Having suffered a great deal of physical pain in recent months because of my torn rotator cuff, I was grateful to have meds to deal with it. I was lucky. They did the job they were meant to do. But if my pain had started up again when I finished my limited supply of meds, and my choice had been getting hooked or dealing with the constant pain that denied me the ability to sleep, I would have signed up for addiction without thinking twice about it.

The government’s time would be better spent passing legislation and building a wall that would finally put an end to the endless flood of foreigners looking to jump aboard the American gravy train and quit pretending we’re all a bunch of babies in need of political nannies.

In England, they’re taking America’s cue when it comes to pandering to the sexually bewildered. The Government Equalities Office (GEO) is going the extra mile to do away with anti-homophobic, biphobic and transphobic, bullying, (which I doubt is any bigger a problem over there than it is over here), by providing primary and secondary schools with special materials.

The program is intended to change the language and make kids more accepting of what their religion and their common sense tell them is abnormal behavior—or else!

In other words, England’s elitist flimflammers will eliminate the possible bullying of the few by bullying the great majority into compliance.

Apparently over the past 40 years, American males have experienced a 50% decrease in their sperm count. Frankly, I had assumed it was just me.

I’m not sure how they found this out, but the decline is blamed on exposure to certain pesticides, obesity, smoking, booze and an increasingly sedentary life style.

Moreover, a lower sperm count apparently leads to a shorter life span. I’m not sure how that works, as I would think that not having children would tend to increase one’s longevity.

My own suspicion is that even more than booze and nicotine, the single biggest cause for the decline is Alan Alda. I don’t think that it’s a coincidence that it was just about 40 years ago, that he became the new symbol of what an American male was supposed to be…sensitive, caring, tolerant. In short, a guy who at least paid lip service to the notion that his wife’s hobby of photography was every bit as important as his acting career.

Before that, American boys wanted to grow up to be men like the ones that John Wayne, Gary Cooper and Humphrey Bogart, portrayed: tough, decent and courageous.

Suddenly, thanks to Alda, you had willowy young men at rock concerts holding lighted candles and swaying side to side.

And—voila!—40 years later, you have Peter Buttigieg running for president and promising to make his wife, a junior high school drama teacher named Chasten Glezman Buttigieg, his First Gentleman.

According to Bob Marcks, who apparently thinks his hotel reservation in Heaven has been confirmed, claims that the Pope called all the Cardinals to the Vatican to break the good news/bad news that Jesus was returning to Earth.

When they convened, the eldest of the Cardinals asked what could possibly be the bad news about the Savior arriving in Rome.

The Pope shook his head and replied: “Word is he’s headed to Salt Lake City.”

I warned Marcks he’d burn in Hell. But, as usual, he paid me no mind.

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