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Lady Justice Is Peeking

May 19, 2019 by


Burt Prelutsky ~ The reason that the symbol of American justice is always shown wearing a blindfold while holding a scale is because the ideal in this democratic republic is that all are equal under the law. The scales are supposed to be tipped only by the truth, not because the accused is black or […]

Hillary Clinton Leads The Party Of Bullies

October 27, 2016 by


By Andrew Bolt ~ Scott Adams, the cartoonist behind Dilbert, says there’s one important reason he is backing Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton leads a party of bullies: I’ve been trying to figure out what common trait binds Clinton supporters together. As far as I can tell, the most unifying characteristic is a willingness to bully […]

The American Inquisition

September 10, 2016 by


By Caroline Glick ~ The cancer of Jew hatred has taken over the body of US academia. This week we caught a glimpse of the advanced state of the disease in an email sent by a Syracuse University professor to an Israeli filmmaker in June. As The Atlantic reported, on June 24, Syracuse professor Gail […]