Energy And Environmental Newsletter – February 25th 2019 (Green New Deal Edition)

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John Droz JrBy John Droz, Jr ~

This is the latest Energy Related newsletter from John Droz.

This version of the AWED Newsletter is dedicated to a single topic: the proposed US Green New Deal (GND). The next issue will revert to our normal format about general Energy and Global Warming reports.

One reason the GND was chosen to be focused on here, is that it is a superior indication of how politicized scientific and economic matters have become.

The GND is also a relatively rare major blunder by the Progressive Left. There are at least two significant reasons why it is an enormous political mistake:

1- the GND is technically impossible (e.g., here) — so such a proposal reveals that the Left has a profound disconnect from reality, and

2- the GND would bankrupt the US — so this scheme exposes the Left’s true anti-American agenda.

It’s fascinating to see how many Progressive groups and much of the media are desperately trying to reframe this PR disaster. Rather than acknowledge the truth of the GND’s absurdity, their current most popular ploy is to characterize the GND as “aspirational.” Well, yes, the Left does have a lofty goal, and they have now let slip what it really is: to destroy America as we know it.

If that wasn’t enough to wake up inattentive citizens, considering point #1 above, how credible are the goals of those who are technically incompetent???

Miscellaneous Energy News — Green Manifesto (Support):

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Miscellaneous Energy News — Green Manifesto (Oppose):

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AOC would make a great poster child for Russia

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Gas Shortages Give New York an Early Taste of the Green New Deal

AOC says America should lead the world

AOC is Wrong: The World Won’t End in 2030

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Report: Partial Capital Costs of Green New Deal

The “tippy top” plan for a “Green New Deal’s” same-old misanthropy

 Miscellaneous Energy News — Green Manifesto (prior posts):

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Green New Deal: The Devil Is in the Details

Green New Deal: Looks Like A Dem Parody Bill

The Green New Deal is a Prescription for Poverty

Green New Deal Would Be a Giant Leap on the Road to Serfdom

The Democrat’s Green New Hoax

Saved by Pseudo-renewable Energy?

More Green New Deal Commentary

100% Renewable Energy Pledge Based on ‘Magical Thinking,’ Will Cost Millions of Jobs

Green New Deal Calls For ‘Repairing Historic Oppression’

Remarkable coming out for 600± anti-energy organizations

Greens want 2020 Democrats to go beyond vague ‘Green New Deal’ support

AOC = DNC (A race to the Left)

Big-Name 2020 Dems Support the ‘Green New Deal,’ but Big-Name Enviro Groups Don’t


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