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Huma Abedin: Wicked Witch Of Islam

February 12, 2016 by


By Edward Cline ~ I sometimes have the fantasy of approaching Huma Abedin as a scout for Playboy Magazine and offering her a cover and foldout deal with the publication. I’m more curious about her possible response to such a proposition. Perhaps she would cast a voodoo hex on me, or a curse, or turn […]

The Trouble With Hillary Clinton’s Aide

January 31, 2016 by


By Andrew Bolt ~ Bizarre.  Troubling. Huma Abedin is a close aide of Hillary Clinton, now a favorite to become the next President of the United States: Huma Abedin, 39, … first worked for Hillary Clinton as a college intern in the White House in 1996 when Bill was president. She is now so close […]

Muslim Group “CAIR” invited To Obama’s State Of The Union Address

January 13, 2016 by


By Steve Emerson ~ As many as 25 House Democrats are expected to have Muslim guests during Tuesday night’s State of the Union speech. It’s in response to a call from Democratic National Committee chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison, the first Muslim voted into Congress, to counter an “alarming rise in […]

New York Times Book Review Explores ‘Right-Wing Dallas’ As ‘Nut Country’

December 22, 2015 by


By Tim Graham ~ While The New York Times Book Review ignores books by conservatives from David Limbaugh to Mark Levin, they analyze conservatism by going to Sam Tanenhaus, who edited the Book Review from 2004 to 2013. One small problem: He wrote a book issued in 2009 predicting The Death of Conservatism. Tanenhaus (pictured) […]

No ‘Time’ For Balance On Connecticut’s No-Fly-List Gun Ban

December 11, 2015 by


By Ken Shepherd ~ Today liberal Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy (D) announced he is issuing an executive order to forbid gun sales in the Nutmeg State to any individual who happens to ping the federal no-fly list. Time magazine’s John Samburn dutifully reported the development but without giving any consideration to the reaction from critics […]

Even Hard-Left Politifact Criticized The New ‘Definition’ Of ‘Mass Shooting’ Two Months Ago

December 7, 2015 by


By Tom Blumer ~ As shown early this morning, the press’s redefinition of the term “mass shooting” has turned into a nearly omnipresent meme virtually overnight in the wake of Wednesday’s Islamic terrorist massacre in San Bernardino, California. Under the new, demonstrably indefensible definition which not only breaks with past practice but also pretends it never […]

$1B A Year For No-Show Jobs: How The Feds Forgot About Merit

November 14, 2015 by


By Betsy McCaughey, PhD ~ What’s the best place to get a no-show job? The federal government. Uncle Sam pays corrupt or incompetent employees not to come to work – because it’s easier than firing them. Never mind the cost to taxpayers. Congress is trying to get to the bottom of this outrageous waste. But […]


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