Climate Change Australia – Liberal Party Pays For Saying Me Too On Warming

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By Andrew Bolt ~

The last two Liberal environment ministers pushed global warming and now reap what they helped to sow.

Greg Hunt (left) and Josh Frydenberg

Both are being challenged by warming crusaders – Greg Hunt by Liberal deserter Julia Banks, and Josh Frydenberg by Oliver Yates. Lesson: the Liberals can never outflank the Left on warming, and should have challenged this scare instead.

And the Liberals will pay double for dogging yet another fight – the one to make the ABC obey the law that says it should be unbiased. Listen today to the ABC. Yet again it is in full flight to promote these challenges against Liberals and push their global warming faith.

Listen to Fran Kelly, repeatedly chanting how the Liberals are seen as “climate change deniers”. Listen to Jon Faine, saying they are in the pocket of the coal industry.

When will the Liberals learn that they will always lose an argument that they never dare to put? And that caving in – even appointing a warmist like Malcolm Turnbull as their leader – just leaves them looking weak and sneaky.

They claim to believe in the warming religion, but then quibble about doing enough about it. They seem neither serious nor sincere.

Right now they should be in full cry about the blackouts in Victoria last week, caused in part by the collapse of wind power and the closure of the coal-fired Hazelwood station. This could have been the Liberals’ Tampa moment, but they’ve squibbed it.

Rather than go for the throat of the Victorian Government or the warmists in charge of our supplies, Energy Minister Angus Taylor is handing our bouquets:

“We understand the frustration of the many Victorian families and businesses who are without power,” Mr Taylor said.

“Action taken by the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) has been targeted to maintain electricity supply and support the grid as Victoria deals with extreme weather conditions, high demand and reduced supply.

“The Australian Government thanks AEMO for the job it has done managing a difficult situation in collaboration with the wider energy industry.”

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