Cardinals’ Rookie QB Rosen Predicts Climate Doomsday, Wonders If Humans Can Survive

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By Jay Maxson ~

He can’t save the Arizona Cardinals from a losing season, but progressive rookie quarterback Josh Rosen wants to save the world from so-called global warming. In Frank Schwab’s Yahoo Sports story, Rosen is an Al Gore sound-alike who says the debate on climate change is over and the only question is if the earth will survive with humans on it. Schwab ignored Rosen’s politics, but the tactless athlete has also been seen playing golf while wearing an “F Trump” hat — at the Trump National Golf Club.

Schwab says Rosen doesn’t care about being outspoken as a rookie. The Cardinals drafted him 10th in the first round of this year’s NFL draft, and though he’s won only three NFL games and stands 44th in quarterback rating, he said the nine teams that passed on him made “mistakes.”

Schwab writes, “It’s part of Rosen’s desire to bring attention to climate change, something that he discussed at length in a story with the Cardinals’ website with the headline, ‘Josh Rosen Wants To Help Save The World.

“Rosen seems to want to take everything head on. If he has something to say, he’s going to say it. Rosen told Kyle Odegard of the Cardinals’ website that climate change is the issue that has his attention above all others.” In Odegard’s blog, Rosen said:

“Objectively, it is the most important. We’re getting close to a certain point where there is no turning back.”

Climate change is “not even close to a question,” said Rosen, who drives an electric car and hopes he’ll inspire “other people who are a little more powerful and important than me” to take action. Echoing alarmist Al Gore, Rosen predicts a doomsday climate change scenario:

“Something crazy like 75 to 80 percent of the world’s population lives in coastal areas, so there’s going to be massive, massive mass migrations. You think the refugee crisis is bad now? It’s only going to get worse. Famines are going to get worse. Island countries off the coast of Africa, they are literally going to disappear.

“The Earth will be fine. It’s just whether the Earth will be fine and have humans on it.”

Rosen has also pledged support for his teammates’ efforts to reform criminal justice, and the busybody/struggling quarterback is also trying to save the oceans. In an interview with Yahoo Sports last summer, Rosen revealed his plan to pay college athletes, too. He worked with Tye Gonser, a partner in the Southern California business law firm, Weinberg Gonser LLP, and USC law student Bryan Bitzer, to develop a plan with the working title, “The Modernization of College Athletics as an Incentive for Graduation.”

Rosen said, “I’m not against the NCAA. I do strongly believe in the student-athlete experience, and I don’t think the free market is the way to go. I also don’t want a system that was created in the 1950s to stay the way it was. I want it to be like the iPhone, constantly updating to stay current with the times.

“I want this idea to get people talking. I want this to sort of be the WD-40 that unlocks the stuck gears of how to compensate student-athletes.”

Their plan would allow college athletes to profit from multiple revenue opportunities after they graduate, providing they earn a diploma. There would be a nonprofit clearinghouse working with the NCAA and acting as an intermediary between the players and potential endorsers.

It’s no wonder that Jim Mora, Rosen’s coach at UCLA was concerned about his distractions from football. One wonders if Cardinals’ Coach Steve Wilks and conservative owner Michael Bidwill are feeling the same thing. And how long will conservative ticket buyers tolerate a distracted rookie whose top focus is global warming, rather than football?

Jay Maxson is a Contributing Writer for MRC  (Media Research Center)  Culture.

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