Who You Gonna Believe? A Scientist?

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By Andrew Bolt ~

The alarmists claim to believe in “the science”, yet totally ignore it. Gerard Henderson has discovered two fresh examples.

For background, Judith Curry is a world-famous climate scientist. She has just reviewed the latest science on sea-level rises and concludes:

The appropriate range of sea level rise scenarios to consider for 2100 is 0.2–1.6m. Values exceeding 2 feet are increasingly weakly justified.

On The Bolt Report this week, she added that the rises so far seemed natural, not man-made:

There’s a lot of natural forces in play here that determine the climate and thinking that we can really control the climate by dialling down the CO2 emissions is really misguided hubris.

But don’t let the science stop the scaremongers, who are shameless.

Remember this climate porn put out to scare the kids during the Copenhagen climate summit?

On my show I noted how Al Gore had predicted sea level rises soon of six metres, Tim Flannery asked us to imagine “waves lapping” the roof of an “eight-storey building by a beach”, and ABC science presenter Robyn Williams warned of sea level rises by 2100 of up to 100 metres.

Now Gerard Henderson has dug up two more examples, including one from just the other day:

It was back on 7 April 2009, less than a week after April Fools’ Day, that Tony Jones – as presenter of the (late) ABC TV Lateline program – set the public broadcaster’s record for alarmism over sea level rises. He had a little help from the (then) Environment Minister Peter Garrett. Let’s go to the transcript of that historic moment:

Tony Jones: Here is something that is new: the report of the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research, its 23 nations contribute to this, on the impact of climate change in Antarctic…. The most scary thing it says is the upper level of those rises in global sea level could be as much as six metres – six metres – by the end of the century.

Peter Garrett: Look, I haven’t seen that report yet, Tony, but I don’t think there’s any doubt those kinds of projections and scenarios are consistent with what the inter-governmental panel on climate change [IPCC] brought forward …

But forget 6 metres.

On Friday (30 November)…. barrister Kellie Edwards put in this stunning performance when a panellist on ABC TV’s The Drum. Julia Baird was in the presenter’s chair as discussion turned on the so-called students’ strike for action on climate change …:

Kellie Edwards: …I’ve got a 10 year old. She’s going to be left with these problems. She’s going to live to a hundred. By that stage we’re looking at 5 degree change, sea level rises perhaps between – no one really knows – 50 metres? … My child’s lying awake in bed at night worried about this stuff.

Well done Ms Edwards of Denman Chambers in Sydney… Needless to say, Dr Baird (for a doctor she is) did not question the Edwards claim.

And Edwards is letting her daughter lie awake in fear over a pathetic and false scare.

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