Climate Party! African Delegates Swamp Conference

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By Andrew Bolt ~

It’s a feeding frenzy at the UN climate conference. There’s the excuse for taxpayer-paid travel, of course, and the excuse to extort huge donations from the guilty rich: 

An analysis of delegates by Carbon Brief found Guinea topped the list with 406 delegates, down 86 from last time. The Democratic Republic of Congo is second, with 237. Host nation Polan­d is third, with 211 delegates, followed by Ivory Coast, whose delegation this year has more than halved to 208 people…

Those huge delegations from these poor nations are actually down on last time? Wow.

Graham Lloyd puts it extremely diplomatically:

While some African countries give delegate tickets to non-governm­ental organisations, the make-up gives an indication of how important they consider the talks for securing development and mitigation funds.

Or as our Environment Minister Melissa Price memorably said to a former Kiribati Prime Minister who’d come on his warming crusade:

I know why you’re here. It is for the cash. For the Pacific it’s always about the cash. I have my chequebook here. How much do you want?

Oink, oink:

According to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, 22,771 people have gone to Katowice. This includes 13,898 people representing specific part­ies, 7331 from observer organisations — such as scientists, business groups and various NGOs — and 1541 journalists. In terms of delegates, at 13898, it is the biggest number since Paris in 2015.

All that carbon pollution to fly in nearly 14,000 people! It’s a menace to the planet.

And what’s this about 7331 “observers”? Is this like a sports event for salvation seekers? Do they cheer? Pass the popcorn?

But I can see why journalists love this global warming scare. There aren’t many excuses to get 1541 jetting off to an exotic location on business expenses.

Our delegation is 30, and that’s already more than required to say “no”. President Donald Trump has cut America’s delegation to just 44, less that half the number that Barack Obama sent to the flop in Copenhagen.

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