Why Renewables Equal Death – Video

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Look closely at this graphic showing access to electrical power in Countries and Continents around the World. Access to reliable and constant electrical supply is something which we here in the already Developed World take so utterly for granted, something the people in those Countries do not have, and while you see some numbers here which may seem relatively small, the access to reliable, constant electrical power that others living in those Countries have is nothing compared to the scale that we have that access to…..TonyfromOz.

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The man who produced the following video is Paul Budline and he says the following.

First, pardon the overwrought subject heading, but I would like as many people as possible to see this five minute video that I just finished.  It focuses on the unintended consequences of Climate Change marchers demanding an end to fossil fuels.
It’s obviously shot on a shoestring and relies heavily on stock footage, but it’s an important topic:

TonfromOz adds:

This fits in closely with the article I Posted here in August, also detailing how, especially those people living in Africa have virtually no access at all to electricity. That Post has a telling chart showing how Most African Countries have less power generation than we in the Developed World would use to service a small city of barely 40,000 People, and in fact for most of those listed Countries, a lot less.

That Post is at the following link.

Climate Change Hypocrisy Exposed – New Coal Fired Power Plant For Niger In Africa